Is Success System Revealed a Scam? Or Is It A Big Money Making Payday?


Product Name: Success System Revealed


Price: Not Specified

Owners: Dennis Seifert

Recommended: No

Verdict: Although not a scam, it is something we will take a closer look at here… 

is success system revealed legit





Is The Success System Revealed a Scam?

When searching for making money opportunities (MMO), you may come across this opportunity, and wonder is Success System Revealed a scam? The website looks professional and claims to show you the #1 income plan. It tells you there is no hype, just results.

So, do they deliver on that promise? Or is it simply another scam? It’s time to quit playing the guessing game: ( Read the #1 Recommended Review Before Moving on, WA System Provides Real Cash!)

It doesn’t seem like a scam, but there isn’t much to it that will show how to bring in any income. As you will see from this review, it is more of a lead-generation system.

Pros vs. Cons


  • There’s probably only one pro and it’s a stretch to call it that. It’s that you’re not getting scammed. Hooray! Except, so what! It’s a waste of your time. Depending on what offer they send you to (more on this below), eventually, you will be taken to a directory of online multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities.


  • As already mentioned in the Pros section, there is no real opportunity here. You will be directed to an MLM directory. This directory is used by Responsive Data (Lead Generation Company) on behalf of its clients.
  • While there is nothing illegal or scam-based about this, it is not as forthcoming as it should be. In the review world, this is what is commonly referred to as Gray Hat techniques.
  • It’s not quite Black Hat, but it’s not White Hat either. When a company engages in business with integrity and adheres to ethical business practices, it is considered White Hat. Black Hat is appropriately the opposite. Gray Hat obviously falls somewhere in between.
  • Since this website is a front for capturing leads that will be given to the clients of Responsive Data, the company is not likely to report the truth about the MLM companies it lists.
  • This would be biting the hand that fed them, so to speak. This means there is no value in having this list of MLM companies to choose from. In fact, it is likely to be filled with fluff. If you are fond of MLM companies, you would be better served to do your own research on these types of companies.


Is Success System Revealed a Scam? 

What The Success System Revealed?

It is part of an umbrella company, called Responsive Data ( This company is a
lead-generation company for MLM’s which is very
telling. In essence, Success System Revealed is
nothing more than a lead capture page for Responsive
Data and uses those leads for its MLM clients.

I tried using a different IP address to see if I was brought to the same website. What is interesting is when I did this, I was taken to a different website called It should come as no surprise that this is owned by Responsive Data as well. After you subscribe to the opt-in form on Success System Revealed, you will be brought to


My Review: Success System Revealed

You can probably guess that I am not going to give a thumb’s up on this company or website. Your time is too valuable to waste on even checking this out for yourself. For me, it’s always a big red flag when a company is not what it seems.

If you have experience as I do you would see how quickly and easily it is to determine if a program is a scam. Lots of redirects and links change pages and you end up where you never expected. Based on the initial landing page. The set up should not appear so deceptive as it does.

This is not a review on MLM’s, and you can check those out for yourself. Some people believe in them while others feel they are close to being a Ponzi Scheme. Whether you choose to believe in them or not, consider the tactics used by this website. They are less than savory and should leave you suspect. 

Wealthy Affiliate Program Has No Deception just fact. Click here to see how simple all this really is set up for you.

Read My Review About Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate Group.

Other Interesting Facts

If you take a look at Responsive Data’s website (, you’ll notice at the bottom of the home page is links to its social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn). The last update on the Facebook page was back in December 2014. Most lead generation companies keep their social media accounts active. Even its LinkedIn pages are not what one would expect from a lead generation firm.

I set up a disposable email (always advisable) to sign up using the opt-in form on I didn’t receive any confirmation that I signed up. I checked to make sure that it was the right email.

Even after a few days, I still did not receive the email. To make sure, I even tried opting in once again with the same email and there was no confirmation sent (or anything for that matter) to my email. This is strange behavior for a lead capture business.

Is Success System Legit or a Scam?

As you have seen from my analysis, Success System Revealed is not a scam. But, you should not involve yourself with it. If you feel like you want to check out the website, you will see that the problems I focus on are real and have little chance of making any money for you.

is success system revealed a scam






Conclusion: Success System

Instead of wasting your time on Success System Revealed, why not try a system that has proven to work for thousands of people? Each week, you see more and more people revealing how they started making money by using this easy-to-follow system. Jump right to the source of for a simple earning potential at my #1 recommended program review on WA. 




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