Is Survey head Legit?

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Product Name: Survey Head

Product Creator: Vizu Panel

Price: Free

Upsells: None

Rating: 35/100

The main question people have been asking about this program is whether or not Survey Head is legit. While I would call it an outright scam, there are a number of factors which should make you very concerned and cautious when looking into this survey site program. It is possible to use it to make some money online, but there are far better, easier, and faster ways to get your start earning online.


What Is Survey Head?


Very simply put, Survey Head is a site where you can go and complete surveys. The idea is simple: fill out surveys and then get paid for doing so. Unfortunately, things in the online world are usually not that simple (except at a few recommended programs). Certainly, complete surveys and paid offers is nothing new. This form of ‘work’ has been around for a number of years.

There are usually a lot of details and technicalities regarding survey sites, and Survey Head is no different. While signing up is completely free, they play a little fast a loose with some of the details. For example, you are told how simple and easy the whole thing will be, but not that for many of these surveys you will need to qualify…and not everyone qualifies. So, there is an issue of wasted time and effort.


What is it?
What is it?


How Survey Head Works:


Once you sign up for the program, it will present to you a number of different possible surveys. But don’t get excited just yet. Before picking one to go after, be sure and check it out. Each listing should give you the amount of pay and the approximate time it should take to complete. What you will notice immediately is that the pay is extremely low. In some case, they are only going to offer you $0.50 cents for 15 minutes of your time. If you’re interested in working for $2 an hour, go for it!


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You should also keep in mind that the time estimates they give are probably a bit on the low side. In other words, if you see a survey listed as $2 for 20 minutes, figure this will take about 30 minutes. Even just going through a few giving random answers (so as to improve my speed), the best I was able to do was hit right at the listed time guideline. Sad.

On top of all this, you can’t just simply take out the money earned. Nope. You will need to have your money accumulate to between $20 or $25 (the site rules were not very clear on this point) before you get your money. Even then, some surveys require you to paid with company rewards or a credit rather than a check or cash to your PayPal account. Some only offer an entry into a sweepstakes or contest. Sad again.


Who Is Survey Head For?


A program like Survey Head is really only worthwhile to someone who is sitting at home and bored out of their mind, with tons of free time on there hands. Oh, and they don’t care much about being efficient, either. Or someone who doesn’t mind getting their ‘pay’ in rewards cards and / or through contest and sweepstakes entries. Yes, you can get your money through PayPal, but be careful, since this is not an option for every survey.


What Is Online Scams?


Online scams are programs designed to simply take your money without offering any real value. There is not much real value. Some are really not a scam….for the founders! Nope, because it does deliver just what is promised the answer to is Survey Head a scam, is no. Of course, my recommendation is still that you be very careful and avoid this program. And all others that appear simple and easy to use. FAIL to avoid them and you waste what time you have. I sometimes give up trying to steer people in the right direction. They fail to make the right choice even when it is right in front of them. Like Wealthy Affiliate! Or Six figure Mentors.

Why waste your time? I’m sure you have better things to do than stare at some computer screen and wonder why you weren’t approved for the last 10 surveys the site presented to you. Those were surveys the matching settings decided were best suited for you, and you have just wasted 45 minutes. Move on to something else that gives you a reasonable chance of earning.

SurveyHead B

Bottom Line:


Survey Head is a waste of time and effort. It would seem the company is legitimate and that they do pay out. At the same time, with such low offers per survey and high time commitments, it would take forever to reach the $20 to $25 minimum payout amount.

Countless programs out there are worthless. Until you stop looking for them and hook up with a proven one, you are always going to be lacking in finances and friends! If you see a program offering you very little, then you should know by now you are getting very little in return. Find a program where you can make thousands of dollars in commissions. And whether you know it or not, all the big money profits today are in affiliate marketing. Not some press a button and look at a thousand surveys for .25 cents each!

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6 Responses

  1. Paul

    Dear Rick,

    Wow what a thorough review on SurveyHead. Thanks for the great review. There are 1000’s of online program claiming they can help you make money online but at the end of the day they are not. Because of the increased number of online scams it is always advisable to do our own research before buying any product. Here comes the great help from your review making my job easy I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

    • Rick

      Yes Paul.

      It is always advisable to take a look and research first things that you don’t understand, for better understanding. This is the way of life. Baby steps, then bigger steps once we are more confortable with where we are at. Never jump in the deep end with anything as their may be a sharp rock waiting for you.


  2. John

    Right on the nose Rick. But it’s not only Survey Head. There are many more like it out there. I used to do surveys some time back. One of these was “Only Cash Surveys”. What a joke that is. Payout threshold is $50.00 if you really want ‘cash in form of a visa card”. Below $50.00 you get useless stuff like magazine subscriptions and stuff like it.

    I reached $47.00 in about 9 months and then I never qualified for any of the surveys. There are better ways to make some extra money.

    • Rick

      Survey Head? The sound of it doesn’t do anything for me either. Yes as I agree with you surveys suck basically. But people sign up for them daily and try to make money. I think some are even bewildered when they don’t make money!
      Just because someone says you are going to make money doesn’t mean you will. It depends on many factors. Like the programs I use didn’t make money for me on the first day, or even the 15th day. But on the 21st day I did make money. So making money happens but it is something we have to build.

  3. Rufat

    Hi Rick, You’ve done a great review.Pais survey is of course legit opportunity but as you exactly mentioned is a waste of time. It’s really hard to make any serious money with paid surveys. But it’s a good opportunity to make some extra money if you have some time. Anyway,instead of wasting time o this opportunity I would recommend everyone to join a community you’ve mentioned at end of your article -really a life changing experience.

    • Rick

      Thank you Rufat. I guess it really depends what people are willing to to. I myself am making full time income where others may not need this or have time for it. So that could explain why some people are more interested in a little change in their pocket then a lot of change in their pocket. I myself have to have plenty of change to buy high ticket items that I’m use to.
      Thanks again and talk to you soon at Wealthy Affiliate or Six figure Mentors!

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