Swagbucks Offers Much Entertainment–But Is It Worth It?

 Hi, Rick Bell here again from downhillmoney.com. Welcome back to our ongoing series on revealing the truth behind various online affiliate and other marketing programs. We look for programs that are outright scams, great opportunities and everything in between.

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Today, I’ll be taking a look at Swagbucks an interesting new product from Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson. And we’ll get to the bottom of… Is Swagbucks legit of a scam.

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swagbThe Swagbucks Product — What Is It?


First, I’ll have to admit that Swagbucks is extremely innovative as a concept. It is an online rewards program that gives users the ability to win actual awards based on various ways of interacting with the program. The most common ways to gain points in Swagbucks is through the search function, but you can also accrue points by playing games, shopping and various other avenues.

There are various types of awards you can earn through Swagbucks, including clothing, games, restaurant coupons, books and electronics, among other things. And while most people accrue points in the lower end of the spectrum, there is the opportunity to earn in the $1000 range for most more aggressive users of Swagbucks.


The Positives And Negatives Of Swagbucks

There are some good things and a few drawbacks to the Swagbucks program. Here’s a rundown at a high level.


  • No sign-up fees. It is free. You can search, learn, sign up and join to take advantage of swagbucks
  • Most of the rewards in Swagbucks are for things you are already purchasing
  • Myriad ways to earn points in the system
  • Different ways to use your Swagbucks — including gift cards at popular retailers
  • Signing up gets you 30 Swagbucks right out of the gate.



  • Rewards with the search function are somewhat unpredictable
  • Slow to build up a lot of points
  • Gift cards limited to 5 per category
  • Weird searches in your Swagbucks history can get you banned.


swaSwagbucks Training


Most of the Swagbucks program is pretty self-explanatory. There is an in-depth video to get you started and if you still have questions, there is a forum and a Q&A that should help most users get up and running.


Support And Pricing

Also, Swagbucks features a really nice and enthusiastic community of fellow members.  You can readily interact with them via forums on the home page, or on your mobile device and Facebook page.The guys who started Swagbucks are pretty good at posting regular videos to interact with members. And typically, they are fairly short, and that makes them somewhat more digestible then long drawn-out information. One of the things I really like about Swagbucks is the direct and typically fast response I receive from my email queries.

As far as pricing goes — Swagbucks is free, so it’s hard to argue with that. This goes for the regular site as well as the mobile download.


Swagbucks Codes

The Swag Codes™ program hides messages or specific strings of text throughout Swagbucks.com, which can then be found by its members to redeem for Swag Buck rewards.
Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network.





My Final Thoughts — Is Swagbook Legit or Scam?

Rewards programs as a concept aren’t particularly new, but Swagbucks makes it fun with all of the games and the search functionality.  The games are really fun at first, but it does get a bit annoying with the deluge of ads you are constantly bombarded with. But, of course, that’s why it is free.

Also, earning rewards is a bit of a slow process, and you can only redeem around $25 of each type of gift card you are interested in. There are random drawings for larger prizes, but as you might expect, I would not suggest holding my breath on them. The odds are pretty long on getting them.

Bottom line — I think Swagbucks is a fun program and one worth pursuing if you keep your expectations in line. And it’s nice that promoters don’t build false hopes with claims you’ll be an overnight millionaire. So, if you’ve got some extra time, go check out Swagbucks today. Join for free. Swagbucks Login Page


Look at all you get
Sign up for FREE – click image.

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Please leave a comment below on Swagbucks and what you think about the review here on them. 

12 Responses

  1. Kasun

    I haven’t heard about Swagbucks. It seems it is worth trying. Have you joined with Swagbucks?

    And what about Wealthy Affiliate? Have you earn money through that?

    • Rick

      Swagbucks is a mess really. It is just nickels and dimes for ya. A real program would be Commission Miner or perhaps you need more marketing skills like with Wealthy Affiliate.

      I am a member of Swagbucks and it is set up to bring in a few coins on automatic.. I can show you how to do this, or you can check out CMC or WA. I offer only programs I can make money with. And that I’m working. I make money with Swagbucks, but not much. I would rather see you focus your attention on a program where you can earn a decent amount.

      So, I research the programs here on this site. I join them to research them and make money from them. Then on the ones that do well, I begin to promote them to help others make money. I only work the programs I earn money from. So you can be assured it is legit.


  2. Nick

    I have heard of Swagbucks from one of Kyle’s websites. It is something to do to pass the time, I believe. I do like how you promote Wealthy Affiliate. I think that is the best place to go if you want to succeed and become wealthy. Great review and awesome website.

    • Rick

      Thank you Nick I appreciate your comments on Swagbucks. I tried them and even a affiliate of theirs, yet I don’t make any money from them.

      I did start making money in 2013 when I moved to Wealthy Affiliate. Their program showed me how to make money! I’ve been fortunate I found them and try to help others get there!

      Hope this helps anyone seeing this.

      Rick Bell

  3. Milos

    This really seems like a nice program. Naturally not a thing where you can earn a full income but if someone has some free time, why not use it and earn some side money. Like how you pointed out the negative aspects just as the positive ones. Speaking for myself, I have tried some similar programs and they are not bad, only take some time to get fully going. If I sign up, I’ll use your referral link guaranteed,

    • Rick

      Well, the programs we join are someone else’s. To make the most of online marketing you would have to have your own program or product. We get away by not having one when we use affiliate marketing techniques.

      Thanks for the comment!


      ps. Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 recommended program I try to help people with to make money online.

  4. Vincent

    Great post, people need to understand that online marketing is the future.
    I have heard of Swagbucks before and the feedback was positive.

    • Rick

      Thanks buddy. Yes, Swagbucks is not the future! LOL But if you are looking to make great money like I do here online then you need to sign up for the free course on my website http://Downhillmoney.com


  5. Jay

    Wow, what a great review! I’ve used Swagbucks in the past, and I have to say that everything you’ve talked about here is indeed accurate! You’re definitely right, its hard to live off of a swagbucks income, bout near impossible, but it is nice for some pocket change.

    • Rick

      Well many do not wish to just have pocket change and that is why I show them this short video! Over $2000 dollars made last July with 3 easy programs. https://youtu.be/8Na42smnLLg Thanks for the comments and keep them coming. I try to help newbies in the situation I used to be in!


  6. Emily

    hi Rick
    I had heard of Swagbucks once before and remember thinking it did seem quite innovative. I like the fact that it is free and that you can get money (giftcards) to buy things you would normally buy anyways. I am not quite sure I totally get what it is though. It is a site where one can answer questions or play games to earn points? How can one earn points while shopping? The process is not quite clear to me. However, it does not seem too complicated once you sign up. Although it does suck that you can only get up to 25$ per category. Aren’t they 5$ giftcards for places like Amazon?

    • Rick

      Its actually pretty simple once you get going with it. Not the best way to make money however! Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to promote products and we can make way more money doing this. I have left links below to just two programs I’m really rocking with of late, and just launched in May 2015. I can show you thousands of dollars in proof these work!

      Commission Miner

      My Email Mentor

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