Is The Aspire A Scam?

Aspire: 6 Steps to Six Figures
Is This Digital Business System Worth Your $$? 

Product Name: Aspire: 6 Steps to Six Figures
Price: $1.00 + Upsells that can cost over $2500.
Owner: Michael Force
Recommended: ???
Verdict: Lots of added costs…

what is the aspire online program. is it a scam?





Aspire: 6 Steps to Six Figures, Just Another Pyramid Scam?

Let’s face it; the internet is a great equalizer when it comes to financial opportunities. Anyone can make money online, once you know what to do. But while everyone can access the fantastic opportunities online, all online opportunities are NOT created equal.

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This brings me to Aspire and the 6 Steps to Six Figures. Created by Micheal Force, a former Marine, with no previous marketing knowledge, Aspire’s Digital Business model does not exactly inspire me. 

Now I am not disputing the fact that you can make six figures and more online, but there is something about this Aspire opportunity that just does not sit well with me. I don’t know how much experience you’ve got with online opportunities, but when I look for an online opportunity, I want something with a bit more substance and I want to know exactly what I am about to get myself into.

Once I have a clear view of the opportunity and what’s involved, then I can make a more informed decision as to whether I want to get involved with it or not. Sounds fair, right?

Now being an experienced online marketer, coach and trainer, I find myself in a bit of a pickle here to even recommend Aspire 6 Steps to Six Figures.


What Is The Aspire Online Program?

Let’s help you to understand more. What is the Online Program called Aspire? Its of course, a way to make income online by buying into someone’s system. You promote them, and get paid commissions off traffic who signs up to them and pays them to do the same. A Pyramid? Some say yes.

One of the problems here is that you have to pay to find out what the opportunity is all about. Granted it’s just $1.00, the question is why? Why? Why? Why pay a single dollar to find out what the opportunity is all about? It’s all a hook.

But you know what? Some people won’t mind doing that. I think that’s part of the catch because if one thousand people signed up for $1.00 to find out what the opportunity is all about, then that’s an easy $1,000. Easy money if you ask me. After all, it’s just a buck.

Okay so that’s one problem, here’s the next problem.
The one question you’ll see people asking time and time again with Aspire is “What’s the product?” “What’s the service?” To which there really isn’t an answer. What? No product or service? So what the hell are you offering your customers? 
Well that’s where it gets very interesting and starts resembling the old Multi-level marketing (MLM).

Let’s delve a little deeper into Aspire and the 6 steps to six figures shall we?


The Price of Aspire Is Not Really $1.00

First things first, $1.00 will buy you a 14-day free trail and a coach. But if you want to make some serious bucks, then this opportunity can cost you upwards of $2500.00 easy. The six steps really are six levels, and the higher the level you “Aspire” to make more money, the more it will cost you.

The six levels are Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex which is the highest level. The higher the level you are, the more money you make.

Pros vs. Cons

• No long term commitments. Well that’s good because I don’t want to be in a long term commitment where I don’t have a clue about what I am getting myself into.
• Compensation plan seems fairly straight forward.

• No idea what you are getting yourself into upfront.
• You have to pay to find out what the opportunity is all about.
• You have to take advantage of the upsells to make more money.
• Multi-level income strategy: you have to upsell your downline to make money.
• It seems somewhat like Empower Network, all hype and no real substance.
• Is there a product or service? No. All you are doing is getting people to sign up and trying to sell them marketing materials that will allow them to sign up more people.

The Costs to pay monthly for Aspire will set you back plenty, and there is no way of knowing just how well you will do. But if you are willing to burn through your cash for a chance? Why not play the lotto? Or you can take a look at what real online training skills will do for you. But you need real skill first. Not just a way to promote Aspire to help them earn money.

But hey, if this sounds like something you might like to get involved in or check out for yourself first hand, then you can definitely do that. Or, you can go for serious value! Click this link to read something exciting:

WA Rocks! In fact, I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself so that you can have first-hand information.











What’s Offered At Aspire
Take a look at the products and their description. ASPIRE has three levels of its own. 

Now if the Climber level is costing you $127/MTh, then I think you can get a pretty good idea as to what the other levels might cost you, since the higher you go, the more money you make.
Here are the remaining product levels and their description.

Conclusion: Is Aspire A Scam?

Here is the kicker, “On all sales, you must have reached the level that you’re selling in order to get paid the commission. Otherwise it passes up to your sponsor.” So if you’re at Base and your prospect comes in at Rise (Climber), that $1200.00 commission goes to your sponsor. 

Yikes! It seems like you are working for someone else here. What’s the difference between this and your day job then? A sale is a sale shouldn’t you be rewarded for your hard work?

Even so, it seems to be working for some people. Most likely these are the ones who have invested heavily into the system.

Making money online is not complicated and that’s the simple truth. All you need is the right opportunity. If Aspire’s Digital Business seems like the right opportunity for you, then by all means go for it?
But if you are looking for an opportunity with:
• a lot more substance
• that would cost you a lot less and
• give you everything you need to make it a success,
• including 24/7 help and support when you need it, and
• access to industry experts

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