The Chris Farrell Membership Scam-Reviewed

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Name:  Chris Farrell Membership


Price: $4.95 -7 days, $37 monthly

 Chris Farrell

Overall Rank:
85 out of 100 points


People are asking me if Chris Farrell is a scam. I joined Chris Farrell’s program and began working through his course. So I can honestly say that what the Chris Farrell Membership Scam, is not a real scam at all.

Chris has a membership site that is pretty good and is designed for newbies or those new to internet marketing. Actually, I joined the Chris Farrell membership for two months to see what all I would learn. But it never compared to the program I got my start with. The #1 Ranked Program.

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What is The Chris Farrell Membership Scam?

Chis Farrell is a bubbly and easy to listen to salesman. I wish I had his talents film and video skills! I’d be wealthy.

And he does offer a legit program, or course that does help teach newbies how to get started online. Chris Farrell is hardly a scammer in that sense of the word. However, he does make it all sound like pure heaven and does try to tell you that everything he does is super easy.

Which is dead wrong. Because he has been doing marketing for years. I can see how some might think it to be a scam. He tells us to do a video on training and shoot it in our office and put it up in an hour. Not happening! Takes several hours as an experienced person doing video training.

Trouble is he explains internet marketing to be much easier than it really is. I failed to have any luck using his teachings. And I’m an experienced marketer! So think what it would be like for a brand new student.


Pros Vs. Cons



Gives newbies an opportunity at low cost to check the course out.

Has easy to follow templates to help you get started with building websites

Lessons broken down into easy to follow video training segments

Has an okay support system set up…at least his team does answer emails



He makes it sound much easier and less time consuming than it really is

He does have bonuses that makes you feel as though you are getting plenty of value.

But you cannot sign up for free, like you can at My #1 Program

There is no community to really interact with..which is almost critical today

Who is The Chris Farrell Online Program For

Well, you cannot beat his system as far as being professionally set up to help the newbie get going online. But even as a professional marketer, I saw some issues that would give newbies some problems.  

If you are someone not good with techie stuff and are not familiar with the workings of internet pages and how they are connected, you may have some issues here.

I did find the program even better than I suspected. Yet I had some problems with a few of the lessons. And had to look elsewhere for help. I did in fact send in quite a few support tickets of which I had a difficult time getting the answers I needed.

is the chris farrell membership a scam

What You Get With Chris Farrell 

You get exactly the information you need to start online. You learn about marketing and what you need to be doing to get traffic. He helps you create and build websites in minutes…however it takes longer than he says. You can build sites quickly, yet they need time to rank and grow…

He has a traffic course and goes over how to get this needed traffic. Not my methods, but some that work.

And he is always talking about Facebook and how to interact there to build your traffic base. There is also a exclusive members area forum which you can speak to members, if you can catch anyone there that has the answers your looking for.

He says his program is voted number one, not sure who voted it though.


Chris Farrell’s High Ticket Upsell

He basically teaches mentoring as well for a cost of $997. This is a move that most guru’s make sooner or later. Meaning if you are a buyer of his products once, and you are having issues making it work. The mentoring would be your next step. 

I didn’t bother with paying him $1000 dollars to check this out, but I assume it is a 15 minute coaching call you get to help you move forward. These generally don’t help anyone. It’s merely a way to put more money in his pocket is all. Most mentorship programs are designed like this, anyway.

chris farrell join or sign in form

Chris Farrell Online Course Membership Costs

It’s $37 monthly and you can cancel anytime. You can also get the yearly at a reduced cost of $297, a 33% savings. But most newbies don’t have $300 dollars to spend on something that might work and might not. One thing I recommend is a proven training that does work which you can join for free and check out…

You will get way more when you do read about this course, and you can decide whether it is worth the ten dollars a month extra. Learning to market online means you need the best money can buy. Not the cheapest. 

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Is The Chris Farrell Membership a Scam Program? 

Most of the course is extremely well done. Quality all the way. He hires professional camera crews to do his videos. He will tell you that it is important to be professional at all times. The program is a legit one. He also has other programs that he teaches. Like how to build a membership site. You can contact me if you are wanting to build one of these. I do this for a living myself.

Chris Farrell does reach a much higher rank here than most. I give him a 85 out of 100. And I can prove his membership site and course material is all LEGIT. If you have had any recent experience with Chris Farrell, please leave a comment below for questions or just comments!

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