Is The Dumb Little System A Money Factory Or A Scam?


is dumb little system a scam

Product: Dumb Little System (DLS)


Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: $10, $20/month, $197

My Rating: 8 out of 10 points



Dumb Little System Review:

I thought I’ve heard it all, but obviously I was wrong. Of course, I am talking about Internet Marketing in general, and ‘make money online programs‘ in particular. How they come up with the silly names for some of their products is beyond me. You’ve heard of most of them, I am sure…Empower Network, My Online Business Empire, The Rich Jerk, etc.

Almost all of these ‘dumb name products‘ are dubious, to say the least, some are outright scams. So, whenever I come across a new offer with a real funny name, I am very skeptical. However, the Dumb Little System is brought to us by Bryan Winters, a straightforward guy with a pretty good reputation.

Bryan is an Internet marketer for over 13 years now and launched some products that really make money; not only for him, but also for his affiliates. Just last fall (2015), I promoted a Bryan Winters product with a funny name..,Commission Miner YEEHAA.., that made me over $4,000 in just 6 weeks AND STILL pays me recurring commissions in excess of $500 every single month.


What Is The Dumb Little System?

In short, it is a pre-built funnel system that is supposed to make affiliates money on auto pilot, and is actually a 2-tier affiliate program. Some would call it MLM, which is utter nonsense because you WILL NOT be required to build your downline to infinite levels. Yes, it is a networking system, if you want to call it that, because you DO receive commissions from the sales ‘your affiliates‘ are making.

I’ll let Bryan explain to you what exactly his Dumb Little System is; he is way better qualified to do this than I am. Watch this short video…it’s quite interesting:



Now you have an idea what it is all about. Let’s take a look on the inside.


How Does The Dumb Little System Work?

Step 1: Activate Your DLS Membership.

Log on to the Dumb Little System website. On top is the video you just watched, so you really don’t have to spend another 10 minutes listening to Bryan. If you already have a Clickbank account, enter your CB ID in the appropriate field, if not, use the link provided to create an account on the fly. Click on the button below and activate your free DSL Website.

Step 2: Monetize for Direct Commissions.

Choose one of 3 products to promote as affiliate. For each referral you will receive 100% of the purchase price in commission. Your cost will be $10, $47 or $67. The choice is yours.


is the little dumb system a scam


Step 3:Monetize For Autopilot Commissions:

This is the heart of the DLS; you heard Bryan explain how your affiliate link will be ‘hard wired’ to Clickbank products so you will get 2nd-tier commissions. Join Cash at a cost of $20 per month.

Step X: Monetize for $90 High Ticket Commissions:

This is optional and not really required, but for a cost of $197 you qualify for $90 commission on auto pilot.

Step 4: Schedule Your Traffic:

This DLS is based on email marketing, meaning running email campaigns to YOUR LIST. If you are a newbie and have no list yet, or a small list, you will need to invest money in buying solo ads. Bryan will teach you all about solo ads and provides email swipes, graphics, banner ads, opt-in forms etc. to you.


OK, you are done with the preliminaries; now the hard work starts. You see, all the ‘big guys’ making the ‘big bucks’ on the Internet, have their own product(s), and a big army of affiliates promoting said products; and Bryan Winter’s Dumb Little System can help you to build your own little army of affiliates.

You need to promote, promote and keep on promoting; every person you refer to DLS and buys the product you offer, will become YOUR affiliate, and you will earn commissions of their promoting efforts. And this is where email marketing comes in. It is beyond the scope of this review to explain in detail how list building, email marketing and solo ads work, but if you want some detailed info before you join me at DSL…,

You can contact me at my FB. (will help send leads to your affiliate link. (I’m Mr. Solo)

and I will answer all your questions. or you can take a look at my 
sales page and prices for Solo Leads…


Does The Dumb Little System Really Work, or…

dumb little system review…is it just some Dumb Little Sh*t?


The verdict is still out. I have just joined DSL about 7 days ago, and I am in the process of running my first email campaigns.

My prior experiences with Bryan Winters have all been positive, and as I mentioned earlier on, I did make some serious money with Commission Miner.

So, I have no complaints so far, and I am positive that my efforts with the Dumb Little System will pay off as well.

If you want to give it a try, jump over to the Dumb Little System website, watch the videos on above every step, and then decide if it is for you.


A little bit of CAUTION though! Bryan Winters claims that DSL is for total newbies, and it is so simple that even his mother-in-law could do it. 

I was an absolute beginner myself when I started out many moons ago, and terms like List Building, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, PPC, CPA and many more, really confused me. I dabbled around in many different things, with little success, UNTIL I joined a membership program where I learned the fundamentals about Internet Marketing I needed to know. AND was then soon able to build a solid foundation for not one but two online businesses. Thanks to the #1 recommendation I was shown below…

If you are a total newbie, make it easy on yourself and check out MY #1 Recommendation. I am not saying that this will be the right thing for you, that is for you to decide, but I suggest you take a quick look. It won’t hurt and it won’t cost you a dime.

That’s all for today folks. I hope you enjoyed reading my review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Leave a comment below if you have questions. I would like to hear your opinion. So, don’t be shy and chime in before leaving.



2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I just want to stop you at the part where you said you get 100% commission yielding what the programs are worth. I activated step two purchasing the $10 program and I’m getting $4.12 every time, obviously I know why.

    Please contact me if you have any tips on making this system better. It’s working slowly but it’s not $10 everytime.

    Thank you.

    • Rick

      Yes the system pays partial percentages depending on where and what you are promoting. If you are earning income then you are doing okay. The trick to marketing online is learning how to market effectively. It does not mean you can promote anything and be profitable. It all depends on the ROI and how interested people are in joining a certain offer. If you are looking to make small change you buy into small change offers. If you want to make millions, well you have to invest into making those millions. 🙂

      Yet any time you are buying into a product and you are offered 100 percent commissions, it could mean you are going to get recurring commissions which would even be better than 100 percent. If another customer buys from your original customer you would make more, if the rules are set up as such. Be sure to read all fine print and such. And understand very well the information provided in the course. I no longer promote this product as it just never did pay enough for me to do so. But it is working quite well for many.


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