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Why Use A Top Keyword Research Tool?

What is the best keyword choice in use today? Does it matter?

If you do a quick Internet search on the term “keyword research tools”, you will soon discover there are dozens of programs claiming they can give you the inside track on picking the right site name and keywords to quickly rise to the top of the “natural” search results in Google.

Bing and Yahoo matter as well, but it is Google, the 80-percent-10,000-pound-market-share gorilla, that everyone is keying in on and watching incessantly for any sign they have altered their search algorithm.

As confusing as the world of getting it right with Google is, it’s even more confusing to choose a keyword research tool that can keep up with Google and the other search engines. Or more importantly, has the ability to provide you with keyword data that is ACTUALLY USEFUL to you.

Enter Jaxxy Enterprise. It’s one powerful tool, and I’ll be reviewing it here today.


My Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

 First, I want to point out some of the typical problems with other keyword research tools. You may have heard of some of them, including WordTracker, WordStream, Market Samurai and many others. In a nutshell, what they all to purport to do is:


  • Help You Find Market Niches To Build Product,
  • Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Sites
  • Help You Find Niches And Keywords Where There Is Low Or Reasonable Competition
  •  Making It Easier To Get Noticed and Ranked Well By Google
  • Give You Related Keywords That Tie Into Your Site Theme and Main Keyword

 BUT there are problems you will encounter with most keyword tools. Many of them produce a lot of data and metrics that you are left trying to figure out. Many of them produce a trove of data, but you quickly find out that there is so much of it and it is so POORLY DEFINED that it is practically worthless in your real-world endeavors. Here are some markers that tell you that you should stay away from a particular keyword tool:


  • Anything you have downloaded to your local machine. Right off the bat, you’ll know that the system is outdated as soon as you purchase it. Keywords that real humans enter into search engines are not static. They may look similar over time, but they are always changing to a degree based on trends, what’s happening in the news and with technology.
  • Anything that promises pay-per-click estimates (PPC). It’s bogus. Google does not provide this information up front.
  • Based on Alexa. Alexa is a sampling system that purports to provide a snapshot of web trends and traffic based on people who have downloaded Alexa to their browser. No one uses Alexa anymore, so again, this is bogus info.
  • Tools that don’t pull info from many different search engines. Google is the big dog, but it is not the only dog on the block.


 Jaxxy-My Keyword Research-Ranking Tool Of Choice

 I have been doing keyword research for over 5 years now. And with some of these tools, the amount of information they produce is staggering — and frightening. In my experience, there are only three metrics that really matter:

How much competition does the keyword have?

How much traffic does the keyword get?

Does the keyword make any sense at all?


Jaxxy, I have found answers to these very important questions using Jaaxy. For most folks, the greatest fear is running into keyword after keyword with way too much competition to successfully make any progress.

However, Jaxxy has made it so simple to find valuable keywords and related keywords that pop out of these searches.  You have to be careful though, it is so fun to use that you can end up spending too much time in your research.

I can now create successful campaigns at will because of the dozens of easily attainable keywords within a niche. Jaxxy does what no other keyword research tool can do.


My Best Online Tool
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Domain Name Research Is Simple With Jaxxy

I own dozens of domains, and there are a couple of good reasons for that. First, Jaxxy has the built-in ability to find exact match domains for all the great and attainable keywords it produces. So, my first thought is whether I want to build a niche site around the domain and keyword. The reality is that there is simply not enough time in the day. BUT, if I don’t get around to it, then I still own a domain that may potentially be worth thousands of dollars in the domain selling market later on. So, I win either way. And so can you with Jaxxy.


Picking The Right Jaxxy Plan For Your Needs And Budget

In this article, I’m really just touching the surface of what the Jaxxy tool can do. As I mentioned, I’ve been involved in keyword research for years now, and this tool simply blows me away. A few of the other things you can do with Jaxxy —


  • Easily find yourself ranking on Google
  • Find great affiliate programs
  • Analyze your competitors’ websites
  • Create Keyword Lists


There are three levels of Jaxxy. The free version will get you acquainted with the tool and is good for 30 free research sessions as to try it before you buy it. The Pro Version is available for only $19 per month, and the Enterprise version runs $49 per month. That’s the version I use and recommend, but again, I am a power user. If you are only dabbling, the Pro versions should suit you fine.

Check out “Jaxxy” today  


Sign up for the free version or go ahead and sign up for the Pro Version. You will be glad you took advantage of Jaaxy’s 30 FREE SEARCHES!

 My name is Rick Bell and I’ve been enjoying the Jaaxy keyword tool for years now, and it is without a doubt, what I would call my best friend and best Key Word Tool in the world.  Experience the free 30 searches and see if I’m right. Click the blue text above…

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