Jobs@Home That Are Not Scams

A List of Scam Programs


Can I send you the top 100 known scam programs still out there and taking your money?

Compared to all the scam programs out there which are illegitimate, you will find only a fraction that you are able to actually make money from.  Example: Jobs@home that are not scams.  There are so many scamming programs out there that the few legitimate ones become hard to find as there are only about 2 percent.  But there are a few good ones.

My dedication to bringing program scams to the attention of the public came about 3 years ago when I tried a program called:  The Elite Success Team


how to make money on ebay
You can make money selling on eBay

The Elite success Team starts you off selling on eBay as a learning tool to opening your own eCommerce Store.  Of which I fell victim to and spent $1,800 dollars before canceling the program after 6 months. 

This program taught me how hard these (training programs which advertise on the web), are to spot initially.  I did make $22.00 dollars in sales but was paying out hundreds each month.  Even though I wanted to believe, I soon realized I had been scammed by a company which makes their money on training, whether the student makes it or not.  They get as much money up front as they can, of course.  Probably knowing you will bail soon.  Oh, and later they told me only 5 percent make it and become successful.  I wonder why they don’t tell you this at the start.

They said I would be able to make $3,000 to $6,000 each month just starting, with no other experience or expenses other then program fee of 3,499.00  Which I paid $500 down and $199 per month.  They didn’t mention the part about only 5 percent succeed.


eCommerce Opportunities


how to find the best drop shipping company
Not as easy as you think

eCommerce opportunities do exists out there, but you need to be careful who to trust.  The Elite Success Team used a training program they picked up from an eBay seller over 15 years ago and was using this dated information to get you started selling on ebay. 

When they should have taught loading products into the back door of your e-store and started the training on how to market, instead of having you list items on an over crowed auction site where eBay charges around 15 percent for each item you sell.  Causing you to almost fail before starting.

The Success Team allowed one mentor call each week for eight weeks.  You could hardly call this a great support network.  They rushed to get off the phone each time.  Of course the succeeding part they based selling the program on up front was that everyone and anyone could do it, and would be successful!


 Starting eCommerce and Marketing


One common problem with starting a store though is that they require a great deal of marketing research and cash upfront to purchase platforms, hosting and other services.  Which everyone seems to leave out about the time you are signing up.  It takes years to get key words and products into view of those who are searching them online.  It is much easier to get traffic to a brick and mortar store as there is only a geographical problem to deal with.

I’ve still not become successful with eCommerce.  Even though I have a small store on eBay.  It Seems like a venture that could easily get off the ground though if you had thousands of dollars to put into marketing each month.  However, for myself, and others, just starting out it is very difficult to come up with that kind of dough.  Most of venture into working at home for ourselves because of our life changing experience, or needing to make extra money, due to the high cost of living.  And many other reasons.


Affiliate Marketing Key


A Program That Works.
A Program That Works.

That is why I myself got into affiliate marketing.  I wrote an article here, “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies.”  And I have written many other helpful articles on affiliate marketing and how I used the training program below to get started with no investment, and no fees. 

It literally turned my life around and has allowed me time to help those who are not in the position I used to be in.  So remember affiliate marketing and check it out below.

Today as a bonus of reading this article I am going to send you a huge list of program scams so you will never ever lose money to these individuals or groups, again.  I want you to pass these around too.  And for the privilege of getting the names of over 100 top program scams which have been identified as such…all you need to do is sign up with the program I use myself, called Wealthy Affiliate.  At no cost.  Check out their free training and free websites, hosting and 24/7 support.  Did I mention it was free?


Working Home Jobs That Are Not Scams


Simply sign up for the free at the toilet paper money roll above by clicking on that picture. Then just leave your name, including a photo of you, are something you like, your dog or your bird.  This enables me to get a one dollar credit coin which I turn in at the end of each year for a free trip to Vegas!  300 coins are needed for the free trip and this is the first year I’ve been able to go.

Before you head over there, just leave a message below in the comment box and I will send the list of over 100 identified scam programs to you as your gift.  Please leave me an email address and your name.  “Rick please send me your list of 100 program scams!”

My name is Rick Bell and I’m the founder of Downhill Money.  Check out my about me page.   My website is dedicated to helping newbies learn the art of making money from home.  Without losing their own money in the process.




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  1. Bryan Ducote

    Rick please send me your list of 100 program scams!
    Kind Regards,
    Bryan Ducote

    • Rick

      I no longer have the list. But you can go through my site and others, like it and see the ones that are scams. We tell you. But to be honest, don’t look for scams. Look for legit programs.
      Get your mind off getting scammed.

      One way to proceed the right way to make money online is join a reputable program that has been here for over 12 years helping members to sign up for only legit programs. They also tell you how to earn money online by creating a website in just 30 minutes!

      You can even join for free. Wealthy Affiliate. Read the review.

      Or just go there and find a link to join for free! I will then help you learn to earn money from home like I do. Are you needing $3000 dollars per month? or lots more? I can help you at WA.


  2. Dawn Brotherton

    Affiliate programs are very successful. You have the right idea, but it does take hard work to keep up with everything. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Rick

      You are welcome… this is my job!:) To help others find success without falling victim to fraud and scam programs.
      Glad you enjoyed the website. See you next time. Hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon!

    • Rick

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope the list of scam programs help you to succeed in the future!
      Rick Bell

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