Kartra Review-What Is Kartra? Is It Just Another Platform Or Is It The Holy Grail?

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Founders: Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime


Are You Ready To Become A Top Marketer? Read my Kartra Insiders Review…
Why you might need to consider Kartra as your next Marketing Platform Tool. 

Kartra…here we go. One dollar for a 14-day trial is not a lot to pay to check out this software platform. You’ll want to try Kartra out. But is it right for you? My insider Kartra Review speaks volumes.

Is Kartar the Holy Grail Or just a so-so platform builder?

Hi, I’m Rick Bell and I purchased the Kartra Trial for one buck…However, after looking over the entire package platform I realized I was already too far along with my experience for Kartra to be of help to me. Where are you in the online marketing world? 

Do you have an online business? Researching to Build One?

My Number #1 Recommendation

Are you already using professional pages? Is Kartra the answer? Or do you even need a whole packaged platform already done for you? 


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What Is Kartra?

One thing that Kartra has done is certainly advertised that Kartra is the best platform out there. But is it? So what is Kartra? Is it the best software platform out there.

A bit boastful I think, but they do have tons of features. Which includes their touch of a button marketing campaigns. Pages, templets, funnels, sign-in forms, thank you’s pages…and much more all sacked and packaged to turn your marketing skills into Guru Master!

Kartra creators say it’s like having top marketing gurus working for you full time for just a few dimes a day. In fact, Frank Kern, the legendary marketing genius is backing Kartra and is behind this Software.

He has created exclusive elite funnels within Kartra and used many of his top producing copyrighted titles and content.

Within Kartra you’ll find some of the most popular marketing assets around which are powerful yet simple to copy and paste anytime you need them.


What’s Inside Kartra:

  1. Help Desk With Live Chat
  2. Affiliate Management
  3. Email Marketing Automation
  4. ShoppingCarts
  5. Integration Tools for Other Marketing Software
  6. Membership Sites
  7. Landing Page Creation and Hosting
  8. Online Course Hosting and Member management
  9. Video Hosting
  10. Email Marketing Automation




Kartra Converting Pages In Seconds

If you know how to drag and drop Kartra is your software you’ll want to be using. Or so they say.  What it is really is some ready-made templates that have worked for others, in different niches.

Now you can customize all that but after your redirection or recreation of these pages, it does not mean you will have the same positive conversion ratings. 

If you build your own pages just using your own ideas, then perhaps split-testing is necessary.

Which does require more effort and more money just to see if the copy ou created or change is going to be worthwhile? We all know that most often someone else’s copyrighting and pages and even funnels will not solve such a unique and specialized niche that you’re in.

It most often always has issues because it was not you who created such. It was someone else who created it for their unique situation. 

Why would you think what they are doing is anything or uniquely like what you do for a living or what you are promoting?


The Problem With Kartra Templates

Now if you’ve ever used online marketing content of someone else’s’ someone else’s…You will need to customize it a bit for your audience.

Some marketers may try to use the exact copies, but seldom will you see great conversion results from such. After all, it is not your unique copy. And you may not even feel good about it, afterward.

When a guru gives you their best funnel, pages, conversion stats, it does not mean it will have the same conversion rate for your niche products.

You will really want to make some big changes with the templates provided and make them your own. Personalize them. 

Now just because you have the main idea behind a promotion page, squeeze page or offer page of some type…It will not mean that it is all you need.

Testing is then needed to find the best-converting pages. And testing pages are serious and expensive work. Almost costing more than if you had some top-ranked guru create them for you in the first place. 

Just don’t think this is the magic key to your future success. It is not.

A beginner? Advanced Marketer? Your level of marketing expertise will determine how critical the need for such a software package like Kartra, will be to you.


Kartra Funnels And Campaigns

Yes, you can create your own setup, funnels, campaigns, pages… Are you trained as a professional marketing and advertising professional? If so you may want to pass on this software.

Yes getting Kartra will help you make better pages if you don’t know anything about making them. 

But it also ties you to their system and once in, you are then stuck IN LIKE FLYNN.

You have to keep paying the monthly fees. AS long as your business allows that by being able to pay for it monthly…Great news! Continue!

However, if you’re someone just starting out perhaps it might be best to go it on your own and get page builders that are purchased that do these things just like Kartra, only are a one-time payment of $30 to $150 dollars.

Instabuilder is one of the best page building software platforms for the price. 

Thrive Architect works well with WordPress sites and has a top page builder and training within their one-time pay software. Or you can become a member.


Big names and Big personalities have created a complete system that
supposedly beats out all competition. But I think they all say this…Right?

Click Funnels is said to be a top Software Marketing Platform as well…


The Kartra Software System was Developed by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins.

With Frank Kerns doing the copywriting for preset templates and campaigns. Which is cool actually because most people fail at creating their own copy when starting out.

So this would be a gigantic leap forward and great news for newbie marketers.

I say such because as a marketer we are like fisherman upon the vast ocean. We basically go fishing each time we seek more traffic. Whether generic copy or something that fits your reader perfectly, that is what is in question. 

So I decided to purchase the trial to find out for myself what they are saying:



Kartra Reviewed From The Inside Out

Kartra does have the ability to create full-blown campaigns in a quickly. With a fully integrated autoresponder at your fingertips. Since I was once a member I’m giving you the Kartra Review from the inside out.

This keeps lots of pain away from your gain. What I found interesting is the done for you list builder campaign set up. As you know we all need a list, and the bigger the better.

The tools seem super high quality and easy to use. 

Kartra actually builds you a custom set up by putting everything in place by simply copy and pasting. Remember that the autoresponder is actively a part of Kartra’s system and the size of your list will reflect the cost of your monthly membership.

The image below depicts the number of subscribers based on your membership. And this can add up to lots of money. 


Do You Need An Autoresponder?

Like most online software full package deals such as Kartra, you’ll find the cost is based solely on their autoresponder packaging system.

For instance, if you believe you will suddenly get thousands of leads to your website by using Karta, you’re going to be more apt to need their Gold package. Which allows up to 25,000 leads. $299 per month.

Which may be a bit expensive for those starting out.

Leads are subscribers if you don’t know what I meant here by leads. Autoresponder cost goes up due to data being stored. The more subscribers one has the more cost there will be. Same with using Aweber, Ger Response or any other Automatic Responder System. Or (AR).


How Much Does Kartra Cost?

Kartra’s Silver Package

The Silver package. This package is their in-between auto responder pack. $149 per month is perhaps where most people fall. At least those marketers that have created a website for special niche products and they are growing their list slowly but surely. 

What About Kartra’s Starter Membership?

Starter pack for $89. I believe most people would get this package as you can surely upgrade when the time comes.

Normally you hear that prices will not be the same, and they will go up…Never being low ever again. But this seldom happens. 

 Such software these days has more of a tendency to become less over time. Not more. So get the  Which is a great price compared to the other two.

Marketers most assuredly need to be making more money in order to offset the cost of such a membership. Start low. Grow large.

What About Kartra’s Gold Membership?

The Gold Membership. For just $299 you can have as much as 25k leads. And I’m sure if you are making the kind of money I do with having just 20k subscribers, you will easily be able to afford the Kartra Gold Pack!

However, remember you get much, much more than just an autoresponder. You do get live chat, support and many other things you may or may not need.

The question is often put, do you need everything they offer? Or just looking for a page builder to solve your issue? 

I will stop with the $299. If you have a business which you can afford to pay more than that per month for a page builder and autoresponder system. You probably won’t be reading this review! 🙂


The starter is $89 with up to 2500 leads
Silver is $149 with up to 12,500 leads
Gold is $299 with up to 25,000 leads
Platinum is $499 with up to 50k leads
Diamond Plan $699 up to 100k leads

If that is the case may I suggest such products as…

Thrive, Architect
InstaBuilder 2.0



What Is Kartra Leads?

If you depend on clients signing up to your promotions via an email list, Kartra’s list builder is possibly for you. It seems they have created an inside opt-in campaign which helps you drive clean traffic.

Their funnel really is unique as it does launch your new product almost hands-free. Fast and very profitable conversions then complete your success.

Just copy and paste your sign-in forms to just about any location or page. You can even upload your own button image to use as your action subscribe.

And you can also put just the form onto any page you’ve built with Kartra. Lots of features for leads and email subscribers.


My Number #1 Recommendation


What Is A Kartra Affiliate?

Want to promote Kartra as an affiliate? Here’s How: Become a Kartra Affiliate.

Well if you are affiliated you would be connected to that particular program. If you use a product like Kartra, you can become an affiliate to where when you spread the word you could also get a paid commission that is recurring if someone signed up and is also a Kartra member. 

I’m not here to sell you on Kartra you. As I did not sign up as an affiliate nor did I buy the product. But just to by reviewing it I am hopeful it will help you and others decide whether you really need it or not.

What I do is help new online marketers make the right decision on what tools you may need and how significant would if you had that tool in your arsenal.

But if you’re paying for it, you might as well promote it with ads and such to earn a commission. That means you get paid when you refer a member who signs up.

The commissions could easily offset or pay for your monthly membership fees. That is exactly how many online marketers earn from several different income streams.

They are taught this as online marketers to take advantage of affiliations with whatever tools they are using. As an affiliate to many programs which provide tools one needs anyway, why not get the offset cost each month? Save or even earn a profit.



Conclusion To Kartra

Kartra is more than a campaign or page generator that people use for marketing. It’s a full stack of integrated tools that you have at your disposal for future business growth, education, and marketing skills.

Yes, it has a drag and drop page builder. Like most. Their order form templates they have available they say have been split tested against other pages in the thousands and thousands.

I’ve heard lots of folks say this…but they never seem to have the stats to show such results. Their best-designed pages are included of course…So maybe these have really been tested.

So that you make more money from each of your customers. Kartra comes equipped with upselling, down selling, and cross-selling pages. Along with the ability to do order bumps. 

But you are locked in. You are paying for an auto-responder. If you already have one are you prepared to import your list? Will they let you? Sometimes this is not as easy as one would be led to believe.

Surely you already are using GR, AW, SL, MC, or others…Right? Surely this is not your first rodeo. 

If you’re new to online marketing and want to learn about affiliate marketing…Take a look at how I got away from the 9 to 5 workday:


kartra sign up page
One Great Guy Who Knows Marketing!


Conclusion To Kartra

Believe it or not, there are many ways to achieve your own funnels, pages, and marketing system that works magically without ever buying into a pre-made, prepaid, software program such as Kartra.

But if you need the reliability of already built pages and templates that have been pre-tested Kartra could be for you.

For me, if I find I’m paying for services I’m not needing or that I already have a source for, I find I won’t pay more just to get one or two plug-ins. Don’t buy a membership site full of things you won’t ever use. 

Marketing in this day and age is more time consuming than most marketers think. And most will always try to buy their way to the top with new shiny packages and promises from leading marketers. 

But clutter can also slow your process. Can slow your website down to a crawl. Overbuying, or over thinking marketing is a big problem today. Less is best in most cases. If you just need one plug in, don’t let yourself get sold on ten more you will likely never use.

Before you get sucked into buying a package deal such as Kartra, why not take a look at other sources where you can pay just one time and keep using something that does not keep costing you money every month. 

Also if you are new to online marketing why not check out my

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