Keywords-Simple to Understand

What is a Keyword?


imagesSome people are confused on what a keyword really is, why its used and why its important to have in your website.  A keyword is a word or phrase that goes within your content topic. Keywords help search engines such as (Google,Bing and Yahoo) to find what a you are looking for.  A keyword planted in your content will allow these search engines to place your topic within the top relevant ones allowing others to find you on the internet.


Example of a Keyword Search 


Say for example you want to start your own website, you start looking for specific step by step information. You would then go to Google and type in “Create My Own website” and Google will then pull up the best results based on the key word you entered.  The search engine looks for the keywords entered on highly ranked websites that have quality and engaging content needed to help you.  A website that has the best content on “how to make my own website” would come up first, as it has the best ranking.

KeywordResearch1To get ranked based on your key words  its best to write quality, keyword rich  content. This includes making your keywords longer, this allows for specific and variable searches.  Focus on making content that covers more than one perspective, giving the searchers a broader spectrum of information.   The key word phrases in your content are more likely to come up when searched because search engines bring up results that have relevant and engaged content that gives searchers the information they are seeking.


Why do you need keywords?


Keywords are like building a house. Before you can start putting the furniture in your house you have to start by building the foundation of your house. Keywords are just like that in a website they are the foundation to your website. without keywords your content can never be found in a search.  Leaving you without the needed traffic desired. Each topic to every page in a website is tied directly to a keyword or a keyword phrase and is there for a reason.

indexKeywords are also prevalent to helping visitors and possible customers to your website understand the purpose of your page. When reading your page searchers might scan for the keywords they searched for. Keywords also help search engines to understand the purpose of your page. This gives your website the opportunity to obtain traffic and increases where your website eventually ranks.  Your ranking grows over time allowing more searches, more credit by google, and much more traffic.


Different kinds of Keywords


Their are two different kinds of Keywords: Long tail keywords and broad keywords. Long tail keywords are keywords that are longer and more specific to your websites content. Broad Keywords are short phrases that apply to your websites content but also applies to many other websites content as well. Broad keywords tend to have more competition getting ranked, and getting traffic due to the similarity in the keywords.  For example: Adding “What is” before your subject keyword has a huge mass of traffic built in, however it is highly competitive and may take longer for you to build your domain authority.

matcha-design-what-are-keywordsWhen you are first starting up your website and building content its best to use more long tailed keywords as they are easier to rank for and bring in the most relevant and qualified traffic as searchers are looking for specific and unique information. 

Like “Loose Belly Fat Instantly” instead of using just fat, or belly fat.  One trick many use when applying keywords to their content on a new website is to use a much lower QSR.  This number is the competing pages within the search engine that you have to make it through to get your content to page one.  You can read more about these critical numbers inside the number one tool many use and enjoy.


Keyword Research 


To find key words to use in content, website owners sometimes use a keyword finder. Keyword finders help to determine specific words and phrases that you might want to use in your website. The keyword finder helps you to pick the keywords, and even domain names that have built in traffic numbers,  sure to help searchers find your content when you’re keywords are typed in any search engine. Their are lots of great keyword finders out there that help you to come up with the keywords that go along with your content like Jaaxy.


Come to the right Tool.
Come to the right Tool.

This is a keyword research tool that helps to give you the perfect keyword and phrases just for your content. Often times the problem that website owners have finding the right keywords is that one keyword has too much traffic and competition for their content to be successfully found.  On the other hand it has made it very simple to find valuable keywords and relevant keywords that pop out of these searches.

 The tool also allows you to create and find your domain name, and still get a great keyword for your website.  Sign up for free at this link to Jaxxy and experience the best keyword software tools in the world.

My name is Rick Bell and I use this program which has been my most cost effective program for keywords in my affiliate marketing success! If you would like to try it for free, sign up by clicking on the photo right above us.  They give you 30 free searches to try it out, experience it brilliance and instructions.  I could not do what I do daily without it. 

Cheering You on!

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  1. chuck berry

    Once I got the keyword thing figured out I understand more now of what I need to do. I signed up with the program Wealthy Affiliate and will probably need your help with it as I don’t know much about online marketing. Thank you for your article. I will share it with my friends. Hopefully they will join and I can become a premium member.
    thanks very much!

    • Rick

      Good job Chuck. I know you will like it and the program is Stellar! Meaning it won’t let you down. Give me a call when you need to ask a question. But you can also look me up on the site once you turn premium and you definitely want to do that!

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