Learn Affiliate Marketing Step By Step-Why So Many Are Failing!

Recently I’ve had like a bazillion questions about making money online and why others are struggling. Why so many have failed and why others are successful? Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step!

What I’m about to tell you comes from years of research, coaching, training, and real-world results. Stop failure and become successful today.

Step By Step Affiliate Marketing Training Course

One of my most passionate parts of my day is helping newbies make money online. I’ve helped hundreds of people I never knew before today. And to do this all you have to do is follow me. To do this just take a quick look at the course below.

It is a top opportunity that many never find before failing online. The quick ten lessons help you along so you can gain knowledge and get your free website up and running fast.

You can also read this review that I personally wrote which still holds true today. /wealthy-affiliate-review/ Look for a link to the free course while you are there.


The key to making money online without detrimental failure is to first have a passion.  And a knowledgeable community assisting you along the way. This means you don’t have to be an expert to make money. You just have to start the lessons!

You will learn how easily it is to get the right traffic and have a unique approach. This is all taught within the community of WA. If you already have a passion and want to quickly get started click the image above. Which is where I got my start. In fact when you sign up today just reply below in comments and I will put you on the list for our weekly free gold giveaway. 

Find Your Affiliate Niche With Our Help

So whether you are raising chickens, restoring cars, or are in the health industry niche…it matters not. The training will have you loving the results and you will quickly have a free website up and running and be able to start sending your traffic great info about your products. You will learn how to inform them just how they can benefit from your knowledge. To get your free website click the link below in blue.

How To Get A Risk Free Head Start 

Click on this LINK —-Create My FREE Website so I can get started making money!

Now most people think it takes years to become an affiliate. But this is wrong. It takes a matter of a few weeks to get things set up and once you do, you are then in a position to receive money from most any affiliate program you’ve joined. The community will help you with any questions you may have as you roll along with your brand new online business.

Failure As An Affiliate 

Most people will undoubtedly fail at being a successful six-figure earner simply because they choose to follow the wrong people and listen to the wrong information. This happens every day and it is a shame to see so many follow the wrong coach or program and end up going down the wrong rabbit hole every time. It is why I’m here trying to save you!

A few big reasons for affiliate failure online.

Many people are way to impatient and expect to make money the same day they start. They’ve read about how others have become an over night success. Which are few and far between, but it does happen.

Many spend way too much money before they test the waters fully to see how deep they are, and get frustrated and quit before they ever recoup their investments. The trick is not to spend so much money at first until you’ve worked out all the details and have decided on a great product people are wanting. 

If you went to work for someone today at a plant or factory. Would you expect payment today? NO.

Another reason for failure is that marketers do not test strategies at all, or ways to promote their products. They try one thing and if it does not work, they quit. This is called failure to test different strategies of marketing. Not all strategies work for the same niche. So it means if someone tells you to go buy paid traffic from Facebook, it does not mean that you will make any money.

There are many things to purchasing traffic and having a funnel and proper set up in order to break even on just ad spending. That is a whole new learning curve for many. 

Relying solely on FREE TRAFFIC

Is probably the biggest problem newbies face with becoming an online affiliate failure. There is more to it than just using free traffic if you want to build an empire! Even WA teaches this for newbies to start out and it is reasonable of course so that no one spends more than they can afford initially on learning the ins and outs of marketing.

So free traffic strategies do work but they take an awfully long time to build a business. And using free traffic only can really slow your roll!

So my recommendation is when you have things set up, as in your funnel and pages and your traffic is coming in slowly. Take some time to experiment with paid traffic and do some testing and research…Dip into some strategies that allow you to get way more traffic much much faster.

But don’t just try one strategy and or traffic method and then quit and tell everyone it is just not working! Try many. Also, test and learn to change up your advertising in many ways. TEST! TEST! TEST!

This is another reason people fail in bunches when it comes to online marketing as an affiliate. They fail to make small changes in copy, images, text and how they come across to their traffic. They don’t compare there funnel and system with other marketers who are successful.

At first you don’t succeed, try, try and keep on trying! That is the difference between failure and success. But yes. MIMIC other programs that are successful and you will become successful too!

Taking Risk Like Rich People 

Anything new to you takes a bit of a learning and research curve. Most are not willing to research or to dedicate much time to the overall understanding of advertising online. And then many are unwilling to spend a dime to get traffic coming to their site because they don’t want to fail. But by not wanting to risk a small investment…One will never know if that would have worked. 

Rich people risk their family ties, their entire bank roles, and their health to get where they are today. I’m not suggesting going to extremes. But if you are unwilling to spend $5 dollars a day for a paid ad to test it for a few weeks, you will likely never make money online. Because it all comes down to putting everything you got into your business. And that means EVERYTHING! More importantly time. 

Paying The Price For Success

It’s a big misconception on the internet. Most people have read the success stories and think there is nothing to making money online. Meaning they’ve read where it is super easy.

And it takes very little effort and very only a little time to suddenly become rich. Wrong. The rich people you see here today who have made fortunes may speak of it like the outcome of positive cash flow is easy and quick. But if they take a closer look at their efforts they will see a much bigger picture.

They themselves could have spent years building their portfolio to where it is today. And often times somewhere after that or along the way something really catches and they are rapidly becoming wealthy.

We don’t see the full size of the iceberg that is floating by. The part we see is just the money and success on top of the water which is visible ice. The part that is below the surface of the building blocks and the time and investing that has gone along for perhaps decades is not seen.

Rick Can I Make Money By Next Week?

Yes. I get that question a lot. But I for one was not interested in making a few dollars here and there…I wanted a system that did the work for me. But yes, it is possible to talk to family and friends and sell them on your new product.

But making money and having success is not about just making money. If you try to solely make money…You will always be trying. But if you build a machine that makes money for you…

The machine will make the money and you will have the result you want. Cash flow is the result of your efforts. 

Making money is about creating a business first. Without a business or machine, money will not be the results you get. If you have to struggle to make sales you each and every time you get online…you will soon quit as it is just too much work. Might as well get a regular job and work for someone else. That way there is no investment of our heart and soul or our bankroll.

But having a system and a website that easily routes the traffic to a conversion page that has a dollar amount at the bottom, makes it all worthwhile. And takes only a little while to set up.

You don’t have to do the selling every day. Your business will be designed to do that for you as a super system. And all your marketing efforts, in the beginning, will eventually become an engine that runs on its own and creates you more and more wealth as the days go by. Called passive income. Then you put a portion of that positive cash flow to work to make more income!

If you really want to earn income online then you need to follow those that are making the money. Get the number one step by step affiliate marketing training course today. And I will see you on the inside. If you have questions leave them below so I can help you personally. My joy in life is to help you make income you can enjoy asap!

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