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How To Learn While You Earn Online in the USA


3d word SolutionThere are a few select programs online where you can join for free and start earning money within a short time. Learn-Earn-Online in the USA is an article that will take you to the top ranked program found online.

Meaning you can actually make money as you learn from this program as I’ve witnessed thousands of new people each month signing up and have talked with them one on one where they have shown revenue even after two weeks time.

Let me talk to you a moment about affiliate marketing and explain how quickly and easily it is to get started with an online program which will generate an income as you learn it. 

The most lucrative programs advertized  today have thousands of members learning and making money there.  You will read pages of reviews that tell how great this program is.  And, with a free sign up there is nothing to be skeptical about, because it costs nothing.


Make Money with a Key Word Lesson


You won't need one of these for long
You won’t need one of these for long

Did you know that key words are the key to making money even with a simple website that you create in ten minutes?  Yes–even with a basic fundamental website you create the first day you can target your niche keywords which will get you to page one of a google search.  Meaning, you can have traffic immediately!

Many people do not realize this and can get frustrated at first because they don’t get ranked on page one of google.  It is simple so let me share this with you. Go to this key word lesson to learn more….


A quick Lesson on Key Words You need to Know


First of all go to google search engine and type in a topic you are interested in–for example: Flashlights.  The method I use is called, Alphabet Soup Technique. 

So you type in the word flashlight and want to see how many key words and variations you can come up with. In front of the word flashlight put a letter “a” then “b” and so on. Handheld flashlights, tactical flashlights, diver flashlights.

Start by adding letters to the front of the word flashlight and you will get plenty of key words that become searchable by thousands of people, allowing you to see what people are searching for.  And getting you to page one of google.

Another quick trick is to use a key word tool such as jaxxy.  This program has a free sign up where you can test your keyword search out with 30 free searches.  Sign up and read their information which will show you about QSR, and other terms which will skyrocket your efforts to the front page of Google each time you use it.


Key Words Are Not All There Is…


click on this button NOW!
click on this button NOW!

There is the important niche areas as well.  You will want to read about What is a Niche in this lesson which will explain the importants thereof.  The right niche will give you instant success within the first few weeks if you choose it carefully. 

And then using the key word tools above, you will catapult yourself to a an unbelievable revenue.  Many people start to make money quickly, and many who are not working smart and do not have all this information take a long time.

Which would you rather be? Someone knowing all the tricks, using free program training software, or someone who strikes out on their own having to figure out each step along the way. 

My advise. Use other peoples training on niches, key words, content, and building websites.  It is free at the program called Wealthy Affiliate.  So click on the WA and read the review everyone is talking about.


Making Money Can Be Fun, Quick, And Easy


Think success!
Think success!

Making Money is easy using the program I mentioned above.  There are also other programs of which there is money to be made. 

But if you want the fastest way, and a way to make the most money in the shortest time possible, I recommend the program Wealthy Affiliate.


My name is Rick Bell and I am a helper, mentor, and trainer for newbies in the business of learning a business online.  My recent path has turned to helping others succeed as I have, while not falling victim to the thousands of other programs out there that will remove your savings from your pocket book. 

To get a list of almost 200 scam programs to stay away from, leave a comment below and say, “Rick, send me the scam lists!” You will be amazed.

Seek advice from those that are successful, and one day soon you will be successful also.


Rick Bell


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  1. John Worthy

    I learned a lot from this post and it makes me feel more comfortable about moving further into my online marketing journey. I love the keyword tricks and the effectiveness of them, I’m definitely trying them out with my site. I never heard of the jaxxy program before, sounds interesting. I’m going to try that as well. I know keywords aren’t the only thing to learn, this is a great start. Thanks!
    ps. I signed up for the free course!

    • Rick

      Great job! I will let you know right now you’ve made a very good choice in the matter and it will be great to have you aboard. You will receive two bonuses when starting and I want to welcome you with these. Good fortune on your own road to success!
      ps. Message me anytime from WA and I will be there to answer questions you might have as well.

  2. Dan Brothers

    Thanks for the great information about keywords. I’ve been wanting to build my blog, but haven’t been near as diligent about it as I should. This may be the motivation I need.

    • Rick

      My job is to show others that this program Wealthy Affiliate works and you can earn revenue from it. So give it a try and you will receive two free bonuses I will send you with sign up! To your success!
      thank you for the comment.

    • Rick

      niches need to be of an interest to you so you can continue helping others with them. Basically we create a niche where we see others are needing help. Then we get our site, write content, and talk about the niche as we research it and we end up bringing this information to others, thereby assisting them. Once you help others, you receive the rewards! Usually they purchase whatever you are showing them on the site. And you earn a revenue from that product or service you offer.

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