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Make a Website for Free


wordpress-logoIn today’s world everybody needs their own website. Now you can easily make a website of your own for free. Completely free. It will take you just a few minutes, and you do not need an advanced degree from MIT to get it done.

Imagine that just a few minutes from right now you could be sending an e-mail to your friends with a link to your new website. And it won’t cost you a penny. There are several businesses out there that can make this possible for you. The one I chose is called


Create My Own Website For Free


This morning I went to the WordPress website and created my own free website. It was quite simple, and it really did take just a couple of minutes. There is a little required information. You have to give them a real working e-mail address. Then you pick a name for the website and a blog address. Once you put in that information they send you an e-mail with a confirmation link, and they send it right away.

Create My Own Free Website

Today, when I clicked on the confirmation link, it took me right to my website which was already created. That quick and it was done, and I never had to enter any credit card information. Well, at least the first part was finished. The next step would be for me to customize the blank website that WordPress had created for me.

Of course, before you go make a website, you should probably spend a few minutes thinking about what you want the website to look like. What are you going to use the website for? Who is your target audience?

There are colors, lots and lots of colors. There are many, many shapes. You will most likely want lots of words showing up on your website, and the webpage can display those words in many different fonts and sizes. Do you want a banner across the top of the webpage, or perhaps the bottom, or even one side? Should you put a picture of your dog on the website, or several?


Pick a Theme, Any WordPress Theme



Be successful Join Wealthy Affiliate and Learn Online Basics.
Be successful Join Wealthy Affiliate and Learn Online Basics.

Choosing a theme will help you lay it all out in a nice professional looking manner. WordPress has hundreds of pre-programed themes for me to choose from, so I did not have to know any HTML at all to select one.

Some of the themes were WordPress Free themes, and some cost money. Using the editing tools that WordPress has you can pick to see just free themes, just the ones that cost money, or a mixture.

This morning, I chose to look at just the free themes. This is actually the part that took the most time. It was not WordPress’ fault, it was mine.

It would have taken a few seconds to just pick a theme and hit “select”, but there were so many to choose from. I kept picking a favorite, and then on the next page there would be…another I liked.


 More WordPress Themes–That Work



Become a member and earn your own way in life! Creating Success....Yours.
Become a member and earn your own way in life!
Creating Success….Yours.

So finally I settled on a theme and in just moments the software quickly had my webpage formatted in the theme I had chosen. Now, of course, it is time for me to fill in the details. I had a few pictures on my computer that I wanted on my website and the WordPress site-builder has a very easy tool.

Just upload the pictures to a storage area in your dashboard, and then a further set of tools to help you crop, and size, and place the pictures on your webpage.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience building my new web page and it was all free. Now, I know how business works. Yes, WordPress offers reasonably priced upgrade options.  And I am sure many are well worth the money. 

But this article is just about the FREE stuff, so the most I will say is please understand that the choices to get it free or spend a little are there and one must choose wisely.


Finanlly–Wordpress Success


I was able to quickly set up a new webpage. Then I logged out and later logged back in to investigate. I found two things quickly worth mentioning. I am sure there are more pleasant surprises for me, but following are my first two.

First, perhaps I should have not spent so much time selecting the perfect theme for my free website. There is a button I can click on any time I want that will allow me to take the current content of my website and select a new theme, and the software will format all the content into the new theme automatically. Again, NO PROGRAMING!


Website Tools That Work


Second, there is a whole array of measurement tools available for me to look at to tell how successful my website is becoming. I can look up how many times someone was sent to my website from a link of another website. I can get a count of how many times someone was looking at my website and had clicked on my links I provide. And those stats can be displayed for one day, weekly or monthly.

Additionally, you can see how many followers you have and how many shares you get. I will be looking through those measuring stats more later. There are many online businesses that will allow you to build a free website, but these stats are the BEST I HAVE SEEN!


Wealthy Affiliate University



Make Money Online
Make Money Online

You can also experience a another great wordpress training progam that is free, right here at the program called Wealthy Affiliate.  If you’d like to see the review and what you get…click on the link Wealthy Affiliate Review.

You can also go to the wordpress url here, to check it out and compare.  Either way.  You will be on the road to getting your own website and developing it to build your business and revenue very quickly! One thing about the Wealthy Affiliate program, they offer you the same wordpress PLUS Online Business Training—-FREE!

My name is Rick Bell and I’m here to help you get started in the online marketing business.  Help yourself to free infomation here on the website and feel free to ask questions and leave them in comments below.  My soul purpose is to get you started and have you working from home and creating your own revenue very soon.

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