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Do You hate sales but would like to make commissions?


Start today doing just that.  I started out building a website here at Down Hill Money and even though I had free training and no money out of pocket, I created several sales right away! The commissions I receive for NOT selling this program is $22.50 for each member that signs up under me.

You can do this too by joining the same exact boot camp program.  There are always members there to answer questions should you have any, but basically the training is so simple a trained human could do it! lol

Now I don’t know about your skill level, but when I first started the program my skill level was being able to look at an email and reply to one.  I could not cut, paste, or click and make something happen! It really is much easier now.

What you will want to do is get to the bottom of this page and go take a look at a great program.  Sure it starts out a little slow for some, but hey, if you never take that step, you will never make money from home.  And building a business that will make you successful later on, takes quite a bit of time.


So Go Ahead Get Started.


There is no risk to go there take a look at what all you get! Click on the Wealthy Affiliate Review and see if this is program is a good fit.

I’m Rick Bell and will be glad to help you along the way.  Just leave a reply at the bottom of page in the comment section and I will talk to you soon.


Rick Bell


4 Responses

  1. Dawn Brotherton

    This program looks like a great start to building an affiliate website. I’m not sure why I haven’t signed up. I can’t wait to go through the WA website.
    Thanks for your help!
    Shine On

    • Rick

      It is a great program and when you start, just let me know if you have any questions. I also mentors students.
      To your Success!

  2. Jen Langley

    What made you decide to join the Wealthy Affiliate program?
    Can you please tell me what the refund policy is for WA?

    Thanks so much!

    • Rick

      I joined after seeing it was free so I had the time to check it out and ask questions. The refund is that you can cancel once you become a premium member and you don’t have to worry about them keeping any of your money.
      Good question for everyone.

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