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What Is The Plan And How Does It Work?


Make Extra Income Starting Today.
Make Extra Income Starting Today.

A quick start to making money online is what everyone is after and what few people teach.  Make money@home immediately, is the fastest way to say make money from home and do it immediately. Fast advertisement which reaches hundreds of thosuands is the all new program marketing stradegy today.

Even though there are many scamming programs out there to watch out for, there are a few good programs you can sgin up for that are free, which teach and train you to make money online, and from home.  

Some companies may offer free start ups, but you may have to pay for some of their services within the program, which will undoubtedly help you further your success rate.  And if you are making money, are you willing to reinvest to make more? Certainly.  This jump starts your business and can create huge amounts of revenue for you later on.


One Great Way to Make Money


One program I utilize is Wealthy Affiliate where after a short sign up about yourself, they get you started with a free bootcamp traing course which allows you to get paid quickly through a commission process by advertising their company on your very own free website.  I of course would not be here if it were not for them.  Find the link below if interested.

You can also choose the type of website you want and the business you would like to promote.  Whether it is a service, or an affiliate program where you review other people products,  or getting started with an eCommerce website.  You are allowed to choose which niche you would like to successfully promote so that you can start making money. Many affiliate marketing programs offer a number of ways to become successful.  As there are different type affiliate markets out there.


There are usually three ways affiliates compensate you.  At least they appear simple enough.

Pay per click.

Pay per sale.

Pay per lead.


A pay per click method has you creating content within your website that has text links, of which when clicked on by traffic coming to your site, pays you revenue.  The links send traffic off to check out offers and advertisements and you get paid when someone clicks on the link.  Which is usually a text link such as this one here.  My About Me Page.

A pay per sale and pay per lead is a little different as these two require getting a referrals which later join up by becoming a member of said company.  Normally a commission payment of about 15 percent up to half of a programs membership fees.  Which can be paid to you each and every month.   Creating a never ending payment to you and without further work. When you receive revenue each and every month for as long as they stay, you are truly successful.


Affiliate Marketing Makes Money.
Affiliate Marketing Makes Money.

Normally an affiliate marketing site has two working ways to build revenue.  You can review products and sell these making a percentage off of each sale.   And also some affiliates  allow other affiliates to be on your website, thereby supplying you with more revenue from other programs as well.  This has been my favorite way to make money online.  And of course making repeated commissions once you have someone buy into a program is great also.

With affiliate marketing there are a lot of ways to bring in revenue.  And since it is the most popular way to make money today, many programs which send you through a quick training process are set at zero dollar sign ups to get you into the business.  Because they know a certain amount of the crowd will promote their one programs within their new websites.  It is just a way to say I help you, you help me later, statement.


Can I benefit from becoming an affiliate marketeer?


Well, may people say if you don’t get the right training you can easily fail at affiliate marketing.  But, if you do go through the right traing and learn, the answer is yes.  You can make quite a bit of money.  Of course it depends on how many hours your put in at first, how much effort you put fourth, and how quick you are to learn.

I know of people who sit back with a little affiliate markeing experience and do not make much because they do not apply themselves and keep working after the first few weeks. If you are a go getter, it is said you can make about 1,000.00 dollars a month once you get your websites up and then your marketing.  The sky is really the limit at that point, of course depending on how many hours you are willing to put in.



Affiliate Marketing the Magic Lamp.
Affiliate Marketing the Magic Lamp.

Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review if you want to know more about them and how great this particular program is at making you money.  I myself joined last year and became a member just to see if it were possible to become a successful.  

And yes by asking questions and seeing for myself, there are many members their who are making over $3000.00 monthly.  You will get a chance to meet them and ask them questions as well, once you sign up for your free membership. 

Right now I make a huge revenue for part time work, and I work just a few hours a week.  The same commission checks roll in each month without doing any more work. So are you wanting to start making money right away?  Join the program by clicking on the magic lamp.

If you have decided you are not sure about affiliate marketing, and would like to try a different way of working at home online, I also have an article on Selling on eBay.  Click on this if you are interested in learning the secrets to drop shipping and making quick money using the eBay auction platform.  I myself have a store there which sells flashlights and watches for great profits.  About 40 percent per item.

Although if you are wanting to dive right in and sign up for free.  Click on this link Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for reaching out.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will happily answer it within 12 hours.

My name is Rick Bell and I am the founder of Downhill Money which helps newbies find out how to start making money from home, immediately.



Rick Bell





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  1. Tia Scott

    Thank you for breaking down the specific methods that online marketing companies usually offer to the public. So far, I had only knew about the pay per sale method so it was interesting to know that you could be paid by the click or lead. Feels pretty good to know that I don’t exactly have to offer a physical product to profit from my marketing. This opens up a whole new world of learning for me. Thanks!

    • Rick

      yes it is a great way to make money by just writing reveiws about products. I do this with three other websites and was trained by a great program called Wealthy Affiliate.
      Try this program and you will agree with me as it being number one!

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