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Just like you, my writers have dreams of making more money also. I’m Rick and I’ve just lost a writer who signed up at the program he was reviewing here. In fact, he is going to go full time into it and head first as I told him how much I make now.  He actually wrote this article for me and I had to change the first paragraph to have it make sense now. Leave a comment below and I will confide my monthly revenue to you.  Shhhhh….it is a secret so don’t tell anyone.

Making money online is really easy once you find an interesting program that trains you well.  Bill did just that.  After his research for this article he called me up and said hey, “I’m joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member!” I said congratulations of course….and Cheers, to your Success!

Here below he is writing his last article for me, but many more for his new program at Wealthy Affiliate. He just became a Wealthy Affiliate Member. 🙂

indexWhenever I do these articles I always start with a little research. Most likely the first thing I do is go to the website and look around. But the more important step is to search the internet for people who have already tried the program, and check out what they are saying.

Usually, when I look up an online money-making program, I find dozens or hundreds of people telling me what a rip-off the program is, and if I look long and hard enough I might find one or two comments from satisfied customers. I was quite surprised when I looked at what folks were saying about Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Program Gets Good Reviews


how_make_money_without_spending_a_dimeFirst of all there were lots of comments telling us how good the program is and it seems to be successful for people who are willing to work for that success. Many of the comments talk about the quality of educational materials. Many talk about asking questions and quickly getting dozens of good answers to help them out.

Some talk about the great network of folks they meet working the program, and how helpful all those people are. Some talk about the interesting and valuable clients they are marketing for. Almost all mention that you are NOT marketing just the program like with so many other programs out there. You get to market yourself.

The thing I could not find was any talk about problems with the program. You know those people are out there. The ones that buy into a program and then they do not succeed so they can’t wait to get on their soapbox and slam the program as a scam. You will find tons of comments like those about every program out there.

BUT, I did not find any about Wealthy Affiliate. About the worst thing I could locate was a list of three BBB complaints that were all two and a half years old stating that a local license had expired and was not renewed quickly enough, but even with those there was nothing newer, so one has to assume they were addressed and corrected.


Become a Wealthy Affiliate Member


monetizeSo I challenge you, use any search engine you want, then search for any other program first and count up the complaints. Then, try searching on Wealthy Affiliate and see what you get. But don’t just read the headlines. I found an article titled something like “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?” and even that article claimed it was not a scam but a good program.

Wealthy Affiliate seems to have figured out the right way to do affiliate marketing. If you are looking for a way to make some cash with your computer I have two suggestions. #1, pawn your computer and you will at least make a few bucks. #2, Wealthy Affiliate.

So now that I found out that most everybody who has tried it likes it, I went out to check out how much it cost. That is where I got my next big surprise. It is FREE. Yup, free. There is no cost to join the program. For zero dollars you get started and in just minutes you have a website of your own.


Can I set up My Own Website–Free?


Yes you can.  In fact if you pay to have this done you are paying too much.  Join for free and set two websites up for free, along with free hosting also. I was not prepared for that. I had recently investigated a program that charged $49.00 to set a single website. The two from Wealthy Affiliate are FREE. I wonder where that fifty dollars would goes? Not only does the program help you set up free websites, but you actually get two free websites. Did I mention this twice already?

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 2.55.42 PM

                  Click to see the video on how to create a website in under 30 seconds, free!

Then you start FREE training. That’s right. There is a whole lot to look through. So one step at a time…and no, you do not have to do anything before you start. And you can start the day you sign, as they are willing and able to show you each step to go through.

This could be the program you’ve been looking for. This just might be the one for you. Really! There is no risk because it is free. Sign up and you can finally stop searching and start earning a revenue!

My name is Rick Bell and I am here as a mentor, coach and ongoing member which will assist you with each step to your online success.  Read my review on Wealthy Affiliate to see the best way to make money online. Also check out my about me page as this is what happened to me long ago.  And even though it took me some years to get here…I’ve made it! So leave me a comment or suggestion below and I will reply withing just a few hours.


Rick Bell

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