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Basics To Earning Money Online From Home

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Get the Start You Need Now.
Get Started Thinking Positive.

One thing most teachers, guru’s and trainers who teach online business do not teach is the common fact that many will not succeed at making money online either at work or at home.  Or any place for that matter. And many do not succeed very well at making money at ordinary jobs either.  And the reason for this is……Belief. Attitude. Positive Thinking. And Faith. But mostly Attitude.

The reason being, success has far less to do with intelligence then the belief in ones ownself. How positive or negative minded you are in most cases makes all the difference in the world. 

You may not believe, but this attitude stuff is well documented with endless ongoing facts of scientific studies throughout time.  So right now you are probably saying,  “Sure Rick, this is nonsense.” Really? If you think that, then let me explain this short story to you.


The Proof is in the Pudding Mix


Let me just prove something to you real quick. And give you an analogy that determined this first hand.

During my life there were many years spent in a negative funk about everything in general.  And due to this I succeeded at nothing! Literally, all the things I put my hand to, never seem to get off the ground, and were one big struggle one after the other.


You won't need one of these for long.
You won’t need one of these for long.

I somehow had the idea that I wanted to try and put a negative twist on everything to prove to family and friends, that personal gain was luck and could not be brought about by using the right attitude. 

And that most people successful people were just plain lucky and others weren’t.  And the principle of being positive minded was unfounded and I sat out to prove it! Using my negative attitude!

But by not being successful at anything I tried…I soon changed my thoughts…over time of course, due to failure and willingness to take a different approach.  One thing that helped me get the ball rolling was a seminar on positive thinking!


Real Estate Fortunes Are Made Everyday


business_110009517-012914-intYears ago I signed up for a real estate course that cost everything I had.  $3500.00~! I had done so much research and even though skeptical at first, I finally turned my thought process to a positive one, after attending a seminar on positive thinking.  So at the time, I was pumped and ready to tackle Real Estate Investing even though I had done none before.  By building a positive mindset I was ready to go.

I joined a program that had the best training, and implemented the learning and needed tasks necessary to be able to buy houses for dirt cheap.  I convinced family and friends that this is what I wanted to do and even though not and easy rags to riches story, I was determined to convince them that I could buy a house, and do this with other peoples money.  Even if they didn’t believe in the system itself.

One year later I had done just that.  Not one house, but two houses my first year.  While holding down a 60 hour a week job! A great feet and a powerful story in Real Estate today. And now I have revenue from these two houses that pay me $1400.00 dollars each month.  And I did this by using other peoples money. 

A concept in my training that even I didn’t believe at initially.  But by believing in myself, more and more over the months, I saw small things start to work, a little at a time, and I started to believe even more! Other then the cost of the program which I easily made back within the first 3 months, I bought these two houses with no money down.


Are You Getting Lucky or are you Positive



Enjoy the work before being concerned with the money.
Enjoy the work before being concerned with the money.

Now you are saying sure if you work at something hard enough and for long enough you are bound to get lucky.  That may be true but I can explain my success, in a few different ways which do not include luck.  I did not get lucky buying these two homes with no cash.

It took effort, but most of all I believed I could, and I started saying to myself each day that I would succeed. Even when everyone else told me point blank that it would not work.  That the programs offered in Real Estate like the one I used are all hype, and they are designed to train and teach. That is how the owners make their money, regardless whether the students fail or succeed, they get paid.


The outcome of these two house sells were far beyond common.  Meaning they would have never happened if I had not put the training, effort and time into the program.  All while believing in myself to conquer this goal.  Even when the house deals were being written, not just any one of these facts occur at the same time.  A list of particulars below.

1. I used the owners own money by contacting them, visiting them, and talking with them for two months, each.  Twice each week.

2. Without the knowledge and training it would not have happened.  As litigation and timing were required to get everyone involved and on board with scheduled meetings months in advance.

3. Most people would have quit within the first 10 phone calls, and normally do.  So going back for more each and everyday was all attitude and some tenacity.

4.Even while all others told me the market was going to fall at the time. However, I had done research to show it was going to rise, and I believed it.  And it did.

5. I stepped out in faith with my training and made things work.  I didn’t just learn it and not do anything at all. I learned it and walked the walk!

6. Serious motivation is needed to look for a needle in a haystack without getting paid while doing it.


Real Estate and Work at Home Business are the Same



click on this button NOW!
click on this button NOW!

If you have gotten this far I want to commend you with your stick-to-it-ness! You are a step above over half the people looking to start a business or work from home.  Meaning you have been researching and have an interest.  You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t believe that making online money is possible.

Just remember, whatever programs you decide to join, be sure to believe in yourself first.  Also, you must one day quit researching and procrastinating.  As the only way to make money at home is to sign up for a program that has good training, and then start doing it.  Not only that but you will have to work without pay at first, as this is the type of gig it is.

That is where many fail.  They continue to see so many ways, and so many teachings on making money online that they are caught up with all the training, never getting to the doing part.  And most will not work without an income even while training or learning a new vocation.  But they will spend huge amounts to get the best training out there.  But the very reason people fail is not the program, but the lack of effort, focus, planning, and the belief they can do it.


When you do not believe something will work, how can you enjoy it, understand it, and put your heart into it? You create your own failure.


If  YOU Don’t Do Anything Else I Tell YOU



is empower network a scam
Which way should I go?

I was slow to start in online marketing because I kept researching and trying to find a quick way to make money.  I didn’t believe in myself enough to go through a 6 week course, because I thought I would do all this work and then fail.

Wasting my time and money.  In other words I didn’t believe in myself! By being afraid of losing   I never did sign up for the right courses out there. 

I signed up for get quick rich courses, and failed, because there is no such thing.  I had the fear also of failing because I had tried these courses that told me I could make 10,000.00 dollars each month starting out. 

I failed at these just because there is no such thing!  And it literally caused me to fail automatically, each time.  At least until I learned to stay away from the scam programs.


Time to Stop Learning and Start Your Business


There comes a time when you have to decide on trying one program that offers legitimate training, and requires you to work at it.  First and foremost.  Once you understand the basics of building an online business….you have got do these steps of learning first.

Because a solid business takes time to build.  Over night does not work. And, bottom line…believe in YOU.

How many times have you failed due to unbelief in yourself, alone? A dozen? A hundred?  Stop being skeptical and start believing in yourself enough that even when the program is not for you, that you will get hold of another one and start building your dream!  All programs are not created equally.


Are You Now Ready To Make a Stand and Believe?



The support you need is not here.
The support you need is not here.

Time to make a stand! Start here by clicking on the program review page at the link, Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Read it, and sign up for this free program.  The program is the number one way to get the training you need to work at home online, build a business, and create a revenue. 

It also teaches you more then a hundred different ways to make money online. I make money with this program as it is a legitimate way to earn money at home.  Affiliate marketing only takes a few weeks to get through the free program basics.  But building a business takes time.  Just like buying houses. 

With Real Estate, buying my first two houses within a year was a huge start! And it happened because I made up my mind to make it work.  I believed I could.  And so can you, make money online from a home.

Listen, Just Believe in you–and you will certainly Succeed!


Rick Bell

ps. I now own 6 websites and 2 e-Stores.  I’m 56 and retired with huge revenues coming in monthly.

I have been helping new business men and women start at home creating their own success.  Allow me to list you as one of my members in Wealthy Affiliate, and help you get started in your own online business.

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