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Have you wondered what it takes today to attract traffic to your website and be seen by thousands of information searchers?



market yourself with video
Use video to promote yourself

Today is the day when you need to start advertising your business and yourself via online media. That is correct. This is a billion dollar industry right now and getting bigger by the moment. Marketing yourself on video is what you want to start doing.

Have you ever checked out You Tube looking for someone to give you instructions on how to?

What I generally do is have videos made up for me so I do not even have to take the time. But of course, it is easy to do this yourself, all you have to do is have a camera phone, take a video and then go to You Tube and link it there.

With step by step instructions, you can get yourself an advertisement that will be priceless!


I recently had a video produced for me that cost around ten dollars!




I heard of You Tube about ten years ago and started checking out just how many people were involved. I was interested especially in the “How To…….videos! It never dawned on me at that time, actually using these means of communications for marketing, selling your car, or anything else for that matter.

Now I make use of videos for my websites to advertise, to pass on information and to get my point across


Nothing Hard and Fast About Video


There are no hard and fast rules that apply. As long as you stay within the rules and regulations, you can post just about any type of information you want. Spamming, indecent material (porn) and the use of foul language will get you barred. The key to this type of marketing is to take action and get it going!


Got a Camera? Promote yourself on You Tube


You just need any digital camera to shoot your first professional video. What type of video is up to you. I’ve used You Tube to sell a car. The person which actually bought the car, saw my ad on You Tube!

Years ago I learned how to make beer from a guy who showed how to do this step by step. So, you too can find out about something you may be interested in, just go to

Have You Wanted To Send A Message To Someone? Do it on a video! If you want to send a message to the world, just go and do it today! It is easy!


All You Need is a Camera Phone


You have to be crazy not to use videos today. People are reading much less and depending more on visual aids. “Entertainment through multimedia” is the new trend.

So market yourself on video, everyone else is! Even if you are not interested in this concept now, do not forget the information I’ve given you here today. You Tube does work, and can increase your traffic in a huge way.


Consider Promoting yourself and your business on You Tube today!


Click on the image below. The link will lead you to a program where they give you free lessons on how to do your own video. Not only that, but how to make money using a website you can create within 30 minutes! You could then market this online and make some money. Easy to follow step by step instructions.

Take a look at what is lingering behind the pile of money below. Sign up for free. Start learning how to reach the world and a million people, with a click of your mouse!


Do yourself a favor and click on the money!


Learn How The Easy Way!
Learn How The Easy Way!


My name is Rick, the owner of Downhill Money. If you have any questions, I would like to hear from you. Just leave me a note in the box below and I will get back with you within 12 hours


Rick Bell


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  1. Russel

    Finally i quit my regular job, now i earn decent money online you should try too, just
    search in google – blackhand roulette system

  2. Dawn Brotherton

    Great idea, but the execution isn’t easy for those of us who don’t believe in ourselves. Selling yourself is still selling. I can make the video, but it’s hard to set yourself out there.

    • Rick

      Believing in ones self is half the battle. And do you see how I said battle? Others look at it as a opportunity.
      So if you think battle, maybe your mind just needs an adjustment to call it something different.
      Success comes to those who step out in faith, not cringe in the shadows. 🙂

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