Memberspring Review: Is Memberspring Legit?

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Product Name: Memberspring

Product Owner: Gary Ambrose

Advertised Price: $297 (drops to $97)

Upsells: $30/month, $97/month, $97, $197

Rating: 55/100


Memberspring Review: Gary Ambrose


This program was developed by a gentleman named Gary Ambrose. He has been around the internet marketing profession for a very long time now and is generally regarded as one of the most knowledgeable sources of information. So, you might think that after such a glowing introduction this Memberspring review will be a wholehearted recommendation. While I did find some good things in the program and on the Memberspring site, it is still not my top recommendation. There are some elements of a Gary Ambrose scam, but is it even a worthwhile program? Read on to find out what I really think.


Memberspring review


What Is Memberspring?


The program is entirely centered around helping an internet marketer to generate pre made website and auto responder email messages. Unless this is your first week looking into internet marketing, you already understand that this is the type of content you would need to have..and Memberspring aims to help you create this quickly and easily.

It also seems as if everything in this program is based on the same pre made content. So, each person who actually ends up investing in a Memberspring site is going to have access to the same content included in the videos and the downloads. Having such widely distributed content is really not the way to go in the internet marketing world of today. This might actually open you up to the dreaded duplicate content penalty imposed by Google for reusing certain types of text and other content. SEO is based on original content and you can have yours subjected to rank limits.


Memberspring review: is memberspring legit


What Will Memberspring Cost?


In typical marketing style fashion, the price of this program starts out at a high level ($297), but is then dropped. Memberspring does this to help you feel as if you are receiving a very good deal on the program. You can end up getting the system for just $97 today. Of course, you will need to wait through the hour long video to end up even seeing that reduced price. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a Gary Ambrose Memberspring scam, it is a bit of a scammy or over-hyped method he uses. Personally, I would prefer to be told exactly what it is and how much it costs, rather than having someone playing games with me.

Then, there are the upsells. An upsell is just a way to introduce to a low price first, then later surprise you with more costs once you are in the door. Meaning if people knew the costs going in they probably would not try the program out.These things are always fun. Now, we can hear all about the extras that really make this Memberspring review so special. These are also incredibly hyped up sales pitches that really provide little more than an emotional pull to get you to part with some extra cash.

The bottom line is that these upsells really do very little for you in terms of real value. Please don’t fall for any emotional pleas saying how much money you’re going to make…or how this is your ‘last opportunity’ to join at such a low price. I expected better from a professional internet marketer.This almost makes me feel like being part of a Gary Ambrose scam.

Many Memberspring reviews totally skip over the fact that everything is done through them. This is another big red flag. In my mind, it is just a way they can suck even more money out of people. For example, they will charge you another $47 monthly just for hosting your Memberspring site with their system. The fact of the matter is that you can go out and host your own site for $10 per month and there is nothing this site is doing for you that is an advantage over hosting your own.


is Memberspring legit? memberspring review


Can I Make Money With Memberspring?


To be honest and direct, I doubt very many people will make any money with this one. Memberspring, as a program, is just not up to the exacting standards which are needed today and demanded by Google and other search engines. The content used is based on the idea of recycling everything, which is quite a bit different than automating everything.

The entire theory of this program can be boiled down to three simple concepts. For example, reduce the amount of time you put into things that don’t directly make you money like building the actual site. Then, reuse the content and all of the resources already available to you as a Memberspring user. Then, they advocate throwing a whole bunch of hyped up affiliate products and other sales pages at your potential customers, visitors, and subscribers to suck the most money out of each one as is humanly possible.

By the way, the program also advises you to focus on a big niche. The reason for this is because the Memberspring creator knows that weight loss or make money online has a lot of people interested and always looking for new information. This way, you can create a true churn and burn type of program. Which is wrong. Niche marketing is designed to focus on a narrow niche thereby creating a specialty website which brings to the table a more personal touch…as in customer service and knowledge within a narrow niche market.


Is Memberspring a Scam?


Although I would not classify this program as an outright scam, it is pretty close. The videos for Memberspring do actually contain some decent information on internet marketing and how to make money online. The problem is that you have to sit through nearly four hours of video to get at all of this information through the sales and upsell pages. I fell asleep twice!

On top of this, the content they claim to give that will help easily build a wonderful website is just awful. Actually, when building your Memberspring site, you are given what is known as PLR content. Private label rights, is content that anyone can use. Of course, the right way is to use this only as a starting point and change it all around to create something that is unique and belongs only to you. Sadly, the videos kind of skip over this point.

This can give someone new to the idea of making money online a decidedly incorrect impression. My feeling is that most will simply take the PLR and use it as presented to them. This will not only NOT help their sites to rank well in the search engines, but it will actually earn them a penalty and their site will NEVER rank within Google and other search engines for the terms they want. No rankings equal no money.


Memberspring review
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Bottom Line – My Memberspring Review:


The final word is that duplicate content and PLR content is the kiss of death for any online business. My Memberspring review shows that trying to rely on these methods might have worked a decade ago, but not today. Trying any of these techniques will only bring you big trouble. It will end up hurting your rankings in the search engine and give you a bad name as well.

If this weren’t bad enough, the program is incredibly expensive for the average person. Why go out and do this when there are other ideas that cost much less and actually give you a fighting chance of making some decent money? The bottom line is to stay away from Memberspring. If you must, then watch the videos and try to glean some solid marketing advice, although the time required might not make this worth the effort.

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6 Responses

  1. Paul

    Dear Rick,

    Thanks for your informative review on MemberSpring. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    • Rick

      Thanks. We try to help all that arrive here online and we will always try to lend a hand.

  2. Vanessa

    Hi Rick
    It really is amazing what some people do to make money online, without even batting an eye. The sad part is that some people fall for it, only to realize after the fact that they’ve spent their money in vain. As such, it is so important to be able to check things out and make sure that the opportunity is legit. Thanks for shedding light on this particular setup.

    • Rick

      Man there are so many of these out there I cannot write reviews on them all. It would take 100 life times! So I do what I can and hope I get them to page one under the search. Memberspring is a crazy way to get your money taken from you without much recourse. Stay away. If you are really wanting to run a legit business from home…you might want to consider the links there in this article. Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my start and I got started for free. The other program Six figure Mentors is a little more costly. But if you are ready for the big time…it is your program!
      Thank you Vanessa.
      Happy Christmas

  3. Peter

    Hi Rick,
    This seems to be yet another program that has a long introductory video with a lot of hype and then upsells. At least Memberspring seems to have some decent information, but also some outdated methods (PLR content)which is certainly not good. Then the hosting $47 per month is pure robbery!
    I have also tried Wealthy Affiliate and to be honest I find the program so good and complete I will not be looking for any other programs for a while.
    Thanks for the post, Peter

    • Rick

      Thank you so much for the response. Yes I believe WA or Wealthy Affiliate is a much better place to start. In fact I don’t know why you would not try it! And yes, Memberspring is something to be desired for sure.
      They have many things going on, but basically it appears they are just after your pocket book.
      Come join us at Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking for a basic and easy step by step course to learn affiliate marketing or online marketing for that matter.

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