Mike Dee – Rich Janitor Scam – Review

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Mike Dee - Rich Janitor Scam - Review


The Rich Janitor Promotional – WOW!

Mike Dee tells us the sob story of where he was broke, poor and up against a financial wall before suddenly earning thousands and thousands of dollars to suddenly become filthy rich! Story sound familiar? Don’t Be fooled…No Wonder so many fail online!

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Mike Dougherty starts us off with a very long video talking about getting back at the guru’s who were out to get him. The Rich Janitor Review with Mike Dee, says there is only one trigger that forces money into our bank accounts! Really? So ridiculously, simple he says. So let’s get into The rich Janitor Review and find out just how simple it is! As you can see his video promo image below let’s you know that you must be very serious about making money online!

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On the Rich Janitor program we are guaranteed money back if it doesn’t work and so he gives us $70 dollars if its a no go for us. I have yet to hear of anyone asking for their money back or getting the guarantee paid back to them. Nor am I hearing of anyone these days buying his software. I think it is safe to call it Black Hat?

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Mike Dee - Rich Janitor Scam - Review
The program is only $27 with discounts now.


Mike Dee - Rich Janitor Scam - ReviewWhat is Rich Janitor?

Years ago here online you could get away with many things which are no longer acceptable today. Like article Spinning. That is what the software did for you. Thanks to the Google algorithm changes put into effect these old software programs have been stopped. But in fact, Rich Janitor was a software program you could use to spin articles under the eyes of Google, back then, getting hundreds of articles out to websites within minutes.

So even though you cannot get away with this today, back then many did, and automatic article spinning was a way to get new and original content out which enabled you to earn more money in a very short time. Basically known as black hat spamming practices.


More Rich Janitor Details
Using the software from Rich Janitor you followed three steps
1. The article software allows you to create hundreds of articles.
2. Using their click of the button, you could then submit these articles to hundreds of websites.
3. Earn Money and Lay around watching it come in.

You had your choice of 24 profitable markets and the instructions as soon as you pay for the course. You were then shown the best marketing campaigns to use and get free marketing methods showing how to target traffic. The software and instructions allowed you to avoid the pitfalls that internet marketers usually run into. Rich Janitor’s software would allow you to create hundreds of professionally written articles in minutes! And all without the technical learning this entails for other content writers on the internet.


Is Rich Janitor a Scam?

The long video about knocking down scammers and becoming vengeful due to their wrongdoing to Mike D. Himself screams scam! It appears he wants to spank all the other program scammers which he says 99.5 percent are all scams. Personally, I think him to lazy to use SEO and work a legit business. If you are wanting to create your own business like I have…you can become a free member at Wealthy Affiliate. So read the review.

But anyway, he says his lazy man system is different. Of course, all scams say this, just as he is saying it here. All scammers talk badly about others who scam. It is a given that he does the same right? Play it like he is trustworthy and honest? 

The website ad itself he uses for his promotion is cheap and cost less than $99 dollars to create. I’ve done one like this myself. A program which he shows making thousands of dollars in a few minutes would have him able to create the most elaborate copy write ever seen! Showing just how much he has earned himself is the top way scammers use to build credibility.

Also, if in fact he did earn this kind of money, tens of thousands in such a short time, you could best believe he would not need the $27 dollars (discounted) from a few hundred people who signed up for this program! This type of scam is one of the top 10 FTC internet scams. You can get more information on how to protect yourself from this type of scam and other types of fraud directly from the FTC.


I actually had purchased article spinning software my first year and it slowed my progress! Google Rankings fell over night and I ended up in a very deep hole for a very long time. Better than finding a shortcut…. Wealthy Affiliate put me back on my feet and helped me gain my rank back!



Was Rich Janitor even Legit?

The program Rich Janitor no longer works. I’m not sure it worked that well back then or if was even legit. Doing things someone cannot catch you at is not exactly legal. So don’t even bother with this kind of stuff today. Google will just kick you off the planet for it.

The program appears to have been left here just to catch naive stragglers. There are no quick ot easy fixes to speed up your process of earning online. That fact is a fact. There are in fact, ways to better prepare for earning even more money online, but you will need a training course designed to teach you the very skills and strategies that work today.


A conclusion to Working Online

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If you are here and you liked the review then let me know. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. I want to be correct in all my information and be of help to all who are here starting out online. I have helped hundreds of new members and can show you how to do the same. Hope this article has helped.


the rich janitor review
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18 Responses

  1. Peter

    Never but this product. It works well but you will never get your money on the sales you’ve made. They simply do not pay and worst of all you can’t built a list for yourself.

    • Rick

      Yes that is the issue with many programs today. That and most do not know what they are doing to begin with. You can get the basics of marketing your own products or affiliates much better with some tech skills seen here inside this training of WA. Go back to website and click on #1 recommended program at top of page.


  2. Mike D.

    Stop telling lies about richjanitormike. I have made more money in the past 3 months using his system than I have in the past four years ( working as a college basketball head coach). the only reason you wrote this false “review” is so you could promote your affiliate links. Smart but very demeaning tactics.

    • Rick

      I’ve asked that anyone who can show me proof of income from Rich Janitor that I would take down the review. All I’ve seen so far is everyone who has lost their money and has not make a dime. If you are even one person has shown that they are doing well, then send me the invoices for payment and I will be happy to add this to my review. Likely you will not be so kind as to show me proof. No one does. So I have to write them off as lying themselves. LOL


      • Rick

        Mike D is not someone you can contact. I wrote the review about him and show and prove that no one is making money with this or any of his programs to date. You can keep searching for ways to make money
        with programs such as this that do not work, or you can move on to my helping you. I can introduce you to one that is working and also a way for you to make $3000 per month within one year of working from home.
        And it is only one hour per day! Contact me at itsmerickb@yahoo.com so you can continue your online learning and earning experience.

  3. Marky

    “All scammers talk badly about others who scam. It is a given that he does the same right? Play it like he is trustworthy and honest? ”

    “Showing just how much he has earned himself is the top way scammers use to build credibility.”

    • Rick

      Yes Mark, Rich Janitor and all like him will likely go to hell and have to leave all the lies and falsehoods behind. But, it is how they operate. Now, if those of you who are wanting to make money in a legitimate way…You can definitely take this opportunity for a real live honest to goodness program that will train you in a real way to make good income from home. Wealthy Affiliate. I say this because I used this program to get my start and I’m doing very well for myself at home working just part time.


  4. Mike Rotch

    Be honest: Is it “your job” because you get commission from pushing WA? An affiliate who “recommends” a product they have a stake in doesn’t make it GOOD!

    • Rick


      Everyone online does this, it is called advertising. I even have a policy agreement and disclosure saying that I earn a small commission from affiliate marketing. Do you? Learn how to do what I do and you too can work from home and make $3000 to $6000 per month part time. Instead of going around criticizing others and being jealous to them making money this way. Join in the ranks and do it as well. I promise you it is the easiest money you will ever make, and legal!


      ps. I don’t have to push WA. I have my own membership site where I teach others niche marketing and how to earn money online with a website and affiliate products. WA is just where I got my training. Sure I make money, but you can join for free and make money there as well. Help people online and you will make money. That is how it works.

      Feel free to contact me if you want more information. And yes, I am honest. AS the days are long! 🙂 You have to be when you are helping others. And it is why I’m inline to make over $13000 per month by this time next year! YeeHa!

  5. janet

    I’m amazed,there are just so many options called scams online. Thank you Rick for telling it like it is and helping us with all the information to stay away from.

    • Rick

      It is my job to try to help people make money. Not lose it.

      You are welcome. Sign in at Wealthy Affiliate and I will help you make $3000 dollars per month just really quick!

      Wealthy Affiliate.

  6. gw

    Thank You, Rick for a very informative review. I’ve been looking for an honest to goodness program to be able to work from anywhere . Your review just saved me from a scammer. THANK YOU!

    • Rick

      Your welcome. That is my job. To help people make money and not lose it. I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for that! If you need any training or want to make thousands every week, let me know. I will mentor you when you sign up and join for free, Wealthy Affiliate

  7. Shermanda

    Thanks for this informative information! I am always looking for something to better my life and with my daughter preparing to go to college for softball I want to be able to travel to see her play. I do not want to be scammed out of what I have. I appreciate your review of The Rich Janitor.

    • Rick

      Thank you for the comment. We do have programs that are making money. In fact that is what I do here. I locate these, test them out, and then advertise the ones that are working. In fact I have a free offer for you. Join me at Wealthy Affiliate for a free sign up and I will give you two of my best paying programs to work with. This includes me helping you with the two programs until you understand then and are making money!

      Join here: http://goo.gl/xd9trX /read the review here to my #1 recommended review for Wealthy Affiliate. You will be glad you did! And comment here when you are ready to start making money.


  8. mark garner

    Hi Rick,

    Great honest review of this product, like you i tend to stay well away from article spinning products as google will just hammer any website you build based on this type of content creation.

    • Rick

      Yes sir I do to. Now if I had a system that did work? Maybe I would. I have so many reviews I’ve spent hundreds of hours on writing them, and some never get read! So yes if I had a spinner that was legal and worked, I would be there in a heart beat!

      Thanks for the comment.


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