Millionaire Money Machine – Scam or Legit? Unbiased Review

“YOUR Millionaire Money Machine Is Here” Says Trevor Haynes. A LIAR “par excellence”


Definition of “par excellence”

1)      in the greatest degree of excellence; beyond comparison; preeminent(ly)

2)      better or more than all others of the same kind

Origin: French , literally “by the way of excellence”


There is a seemingly endless stream of “miracle software” flooding the Internet in recent months. All of these are, supposedly, able to predict the fluctuations in Binary Option Trading.

They use fancy names like:

 to list just a few of those I reviewed over the past months.

I know you are tired of reading about bad programs. Let me mention

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is millionaire money machine a scam



Before You Buy, Consider These Facts


1) The Identity of The Owners

millionaure money machine review
Who are the “real” owners?

I often wonder if the names given in the sales videos of these products are fictional, or if a person by that name is really behind it.

Before reviewing products, I always perform an intensive research. In the matter of “our” Trevor Haynes, the only mention I found was in the “Millionaire Money Machine Reviews“, posted by affiliates that hustle trying to lure in some dummies who would buy this product.

I suspect that most of these binary option scams are the brainchild of ONE group of Internet Gurus. They use different actors with fictitious names and a variety of “sob stories” to narrate the sales video. This way, they are able to hide their true identity.


2) The Longevity of The Websites

I have compiled a list of 63 of these Scams; going back to the middle of 2014. Since then, 39 of these sites have been taken down; literally disappeared.

No surprise here. The creators produce a cheap sales video, put up a website, scam as much money as possible out of people and run. A couple of weeks later, they put up a new site and the same “spiel” starts all over.


3) Where The Sites Are Hosted

A search on “Who Is” reveals that almost all of these sites are hosted outside the US and Western Europe. Of course, the scammers prefer locations like Cyprus, The Seychelles and other locations in Eastern Europe where regulations are “lax” or “non-existing”. BTW, most Brokers are located in non-regulated countries as well.


4) Who Handles the Purchase Transactions

Clickbank, the largest affiliate network for e-Business & Marketing, cleaned house some time ago and barred all vendors that offered scammy products. Clicksure is now the main affiliate network for all products Clickbank rejects.

Would it surprise you to learn that Clicksure is registered in China? Obviously, they also prefer not to be regulated by US authorities.


Millionaire Money Machine & Trevor Haynes


millionaire money machine review - scam or legitProduct Name: Millionaire Money Machine

Product Owner: Trevor Haynes ???

Price: Advertised Free

Actual Price: $250.00 +


My Rating:  0/100 points – SCAM


The Lies of Mr. Haynes


“YOU are one of the fortunate few”

 “YOU are one of the chosen and lucky people to gain access to this exclusive, private website……”

 “What you are about to see has not yet been released to the public…..”

 “………..a program that has taken me years to develop and is capable of creating millionaires almost overnight.

 “In 10 minutes I’ll give you exclusive access………”


I am NOT one of the fortunate

I was NOT chosen; the access to the site is NOT exclusive NOR is it private

What I am about to see has been released to the public by a massive email campaign (that’s how this crap got in my SPAM email).

Trevor DID NOT spend years to develop a program; in fact, there is NO software that will create millionaires overnight

And last, but not least, the access I am given is NOT exclusive. Any fool willing to throw money away, can get in.


Trevor Haynes is telling these lies within the first 2 1/2 minutes of the video. I am going to spare you with the rest of the video. It is full of lies, misleading statements and manipulative content.

If you want to watch it, go right ahead. I am not going to provide a link, but it’s easy enough to figure it out (start with www.thename and omit the “m” from .com). Fair enough?


The Obvious Facts About Millionaire Money Machine


I hope you don’t believe that there is a piece of software that will make you a millionaire overnight or even in one year. Let me assure you once more: Such software does NOT exist. Don’t you think that the NEWS channels would not be all over it, if there would be thousands and thousands of people making $3,000 dollars per day (consistently)?

So, that said and out of the way, look at it from another angle. If you would have developed such software and make ONE MILLION DOLLARS (or more!) a year, why would you go through the hassle of producing a video, put up a website and give your software away for free?

Doesn’t make any sense, now does it? The reason they do that is a very simple one.

If you sign up with Millionaire Money Machine, you must deposit a minimum of 250,00 (non-refundable) into an account with a broker of their choice. They (that’s Trevor or whoever is behind MMM) will get a commission of at least $250.00 from the broker. You wonder how they can pay $250.00 commission?

There is a simple explanation as well. Trading in Binary Options is very risky (click her for more information). You will lose your $250.00 in a heart beat, and the broker’s support desk will encourage you to add more money to your account to recoup the losses. 

And a lot of people are doing just that. I have heard about a couple that lost $45,000.00 in a very short period of time, and about another gentleman who lost $30,000 in just 5 weeks.

How much commission do they really get? Way more than $250.00. In our case with Millionaire Money Machine, all these fake reviews you find when you google “millionaire money machine review“, are in fact sales pages of Trevor’s affiliates.

And they get the first $250.00. Trevor will get at least the same amount. Want proof? Look at the screenshot below. It is the JV Affiliate Sales Page. If you have product for sale and need independent sales people,  you can list your product on JV to find affiliates who will promote your product for a commission (click on it to enlarge)!


millionaire money machine affiliates make $250 commission per sale
This is what I call “A TOTAL RIP-OFF!”


You can see why they post these fake reviews: NO REFUND. $250.00 of your deposit goes straight to an affiliate. Trevor, of course, is also getting a piece of the pie. Most likely $250.00 as well, if not even more. And that is the honest truth about this SCAM.


My Verdict: Trevor Haynes is a liar, Millionaire Money Machine is a SCAM. Avoid.

millionaire money machine is a scam


Still Considering Binary Option Trading To Make Money Online?

Although it’s not my cup of coffee, I did some extensive research into this form of trading. First off, this form of trading is very risky and a lot like gambling. It is 100% legit and money can be made. Before you dive in though, I suggest you check out the following links for more information.

Nadex Binaries is a reputable brokerage, registered in the US, and provides detailed insight into BO trading (a must read)

Binary Options That Suck. Here you will be able to read honest reviews about brokers AND programs like MMM

Binary Today – John Kane provides you with “A Trader’s Guide” and a listing of his profits (a little over $5,000 in 2014)


The Best Alternative To Make Money Online!

There is a risk-, scam free and much cheaper way to make money on the Internet. It requires the willingness to learn and work to start your own online business. It may take a couple of months or so before you see some monetary rewards, but you will be building a sustainable business.

Sounds good? Then jump over there and read my review about my #1 recommendation. It will tell you how I got started and how Wealthy Affiliate helped me to make money online. WA is a legitimate online learning center that has helped thousands of people to get the right start.


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    Keep up the good work.

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