What is Minisite riches?

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Is Minisite Riches A SCAM?



Hello guys. Rick Bell here again, and today we’re going to be covering a particular affiliate marketing program that is an extension of another topic I covered recently — minisites. The program in particular we’ll be What is”Minisite Riches”, a system on the market produced by Brett Ingram. Is Minisite Riches a scam or is it worth the money? For more information on minisites in general, read my article here for a good overview on What Is A Minisite?


My Review of Minisite Riches – 2014 Overview


So to recap from the previous article I mentioned, a minisite — as the name indicates — is a very small one or two page website with a tight focus. They are designed to focus on one or just a few products within a larger site. They might link directly to a page within that larger site, or in the case of affiliate programs directly to the product on another site they are promoting.

Minisites have been around for several years, and worked pretty well in the past with search engines because they are keyword dense and don’t leave readers or search engines guessing what they are about or what they are promoting. However, changes in Google’s algorithm with the Panda and Penguin updates penalized minisites because they often use very redundant templates and poor quality PLR content.

This is not to say that minisites are not still effective. And this is where Brett’s Minisite Riches is supposed to come into play. Let’s see if it does in this 2014 Review of Minisite Riches.


Promises Of Mini Site Riches



Minisite Riches
Minisite Riches

The recipe behind minisites is pretty simple. String together several tiny sites that target very specific affiliate marketing programs. Then, stir in some traffic. Drive them to your links. And bake up a big, tasty money cake. Here’s what Brett Ingram says Minisite Riches can do for you and what you’ll get.

  • First, he says that you really don’t need any knowledge to get started. This is not exactly true, and more on that in a moment.
  • Three easy steps to get started. First, run the software, then edit your links, grow your mail list and bring home the bacon.
  • You’ll get commissions from the big players, like Amazon, Clickbank and Adsense
  • You’ll make money YOUR VERY FIRST DAY
  • World class content


The Good – The Bad/ Mini Site Riches


The Good:

  • The cost of Minisite Riches is really very reasonable. As of the publish date of this article, the program’s cost is only $11.99. There are price hikes periodically, but it is a good bargain for now.

The Bad:

  • Upsells — There are a couple of them. The first is the upgrade from the standard to pro version. You get the software plus three minisites for the standard entry fee. For the software and 10 sites in the pro version, you pay  $27. Upgrade to the MAX version -at $47 and you get 20 niche sites. Finally, for $77, you get a template package with thousands of articles (read: non-unique PLR content) and templates for your niche sites.
  • Duplicate content — Google hates duplicate content — abhors it in fact. Minisite Riches features only one website per niche. And there is only one piece of unique content for that niche. Ten thousand signups in that niche mean 10,000 pages with the exact same words. Good luck ranking with that! The articles themselves are of very poor quality and most definitely the work of an article spinning program.
  • Knowledge of SEO Required — This point really goes hand-in-hand with the duplicate content issue. If you are going to make these sites rise in the search rankings, then you need a basic working knowledge of SEO. And if you know that, you might as well create your own content because original content is a large part of SEO as well.
  • Growing the list is hard — See all the above about duplicate content and SEO. If you can’t get traffic to the site because of poor SEO and duplicate content, you will never grow your mail list.


Support At Minisite Riches


The support at Minisite Riches is virtually non-existent. Once you enter a ticket, you should expect to wait no less than 48 hours for a response. And one big caveat about support — you will get no help in the following areas, so you better learn them yourself before purchasing:

Minisite Riches -- Support Could Use An Overhaul
Minisite Riches — Support Could Use An Overhaul


  • How to work with Google Adsense
  • Get affiliate links from Clickbank and Amazon
  • How to manipulate those links
  • Putting your site up on the web and getting it indexed with Google. Read up on RSS submissions
  • Marketing your site — WOW! This is a big one!


Mini Site Riches Review- Final


Brett Ingram’s program is not a scam. It is affordable and basically does what it purports to do. There are no smoke and mirrors. Some upsells, but that is to be expected at an entry cost of less than $10. However, if you do purchase it, you should definitely be aware of all the extra knowledge you’ll need to either already have or acquire. And be aware of the built-in issues with SEO. You simply cannot achieve the rankings you seek without original content and a good working knowledge of SEO in general.

Well, that’s it for this article. I hope it’s been helpful. Check back each week, as we are constantly churning out new pieces to help you succeed in the world of online marketing and affiliate marketing. Take a look at the number one rated program in the world! Click below…..

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Rick Bell



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  1. Maragaret Guiterrez

    I think the program sounds good, however the extra knowledge we need to know to be successful that they won’t be teaching us, makes me feel like the program just isn’t for everyone, and I am very doubtful it is for me. Thanks for the review.

    • Rick

      Thank you so much for your comment. You have a great feel for this sort of thing. Programs are simply either done properly or not. There is almost no inbetween.
      Thanks for your comment!

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