Mobile Money Siphon Review – Scam or Legit?

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 mobile money siphon review

My Mobile Money Siphon Review Reveals: Not Even Mobile Friendly


Product Name: Mobile Money Siphon

Product Creator: Paul James

Advertised Price: $12 (+ one $17 up-sell)

Rating: 35/100


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Give us a few minutes to explain what happens here with this program. My Mobile Money Siphon Review is a product created by Paul James. It is designed to teach you everything there is to know about the field of mobile marketing.

For example, the sales material claims that you will learn how to offer mobile websites, build mobile apps, use SMS for marketing purposes, sending ‘push’ notifications, and a number of other skills and techniques. But is this something that you should jump into? Continue and find out just what to expect from Mobile Money Siphon.


mobile money siphon review

What is Mobile Money Siphon?                                                                                             

Basically, this program comes with about 10 ebooks and a couple of videos. Since you do actually get the actual materials and tools promised, I would say that mobile money siphon is legit as far as the offer goes. This program is certainly geared more towards the new person, probably someone who has not yet tried their hand at marketing or making money online. Mobile Money Siphon is a legit program it appears.

One of the main problems I have with this program right from the start is the fact that they try to make it out to be something its not. They want to give you the impression that this will provide everything you need to know about the mobile marketing business.

Not even close. You are no doubt aware that mobile is a huge, multi-billion dollar market that is growing every day. While there is some decent information included here, you are certainly not about to make this your only stop or source regarding mobile.

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Mobile Money Siphon Course Books:

Looking over the ebooks and videos, there were both good and bad points. One of the books does mention how to use SMS text messages for marketing purposes. SMS, or short message service, can be an amazing marketing and money making tool if used properly.

There is some decent information here, although you will certainly be able to find a lot more from a few hours of online research. This book just gives you the very basics, scratching the proverbial surface.

There are also several interesting tools included in the course. Some of my personal favorites were to call loop and the Dudamobile. Unfortunately, the rest of the ebooks I found to be overly basic and don’t think they will really help you in terms of actually trying to help businesses market their products and services. In fact, some of the techniques presented will actually hurt you.


mobile money siphon review
Mobile Money Siphon



What To Watch Out For In Mobile Money Siphon:


For starters, the up-sell that is included here is simply unnecessary. The funny thing is that they even say inside one of the ebooks that it isn’t needed! That is clearly a borderline scammy technique. The up-sell is basically a few templates for landing pages.

Don’t be fooled into buying this with their deceptive language (‘No thanks, I’ll hire my own graphics designer and programmer’), you can find bunches of these for free and even premium designs very cheap online…think like just a buck or two.


mobile money siphon review

Do not Spam Ever Spam 

Get ready to spam the world! At least if Mr. James had it his way with you. The recommendation of this course is to go out and copy emails from websites, directories and really any place you can find them. Then, load these all into one of your tools and start sending them spam. Aside from the fact that this is unethical, why even waste your time, knowing that such a huge percentage of those emails will be deleted?

Maybe you would prefer some other questionable tactics like cold calling or taking advantage of people on Craigslist? Yep, Mr. James wants you to scrape phone numbers of businesses off the web and then simply call them up, offering your mobile marketing services.

This is a questionable tactic and sounds like a heck of a lot of work to me for a very low chance of reward. Or, you can even post an ad on Craigslist in the Job Seeker section; as they call, you try to get them to buy your own marketing services. An outright violation of the terms of service that will likely get you banned from the site.


mobile money siphon review
mobile money siphon


Mobile Money Siphon-NOT Mobile Friendly

One final thought is that you would have thought a course on mobile marketing would have at least been mobile friendly. Yet, its not! You cannot download or view the videos (or read the ebooks) on your mobile phone or device other than a computer. It would seem like Mr. James really didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this course.

One final point is that there really isn’t much of a need for customer service or support with this. After all, there is no ongoing relationship and you simply read and listen and then get started (or not). So, there does not really appear to be a way to even contact anyone for support.


mobile money siphon review
mobile money is just not right for you!


Final Word—Is Mobile Money Siphon A Scam?


No, its not. If I was hard pressed, I would even say mobile money siphon is legit. However, I would definitely NOT recommend this unless you were simply looking for a very general overview or introduction to the field.

Of course, even that would be with the understanding of you staying away from trying the tactics like spamming, cold calling or abusing the Craigslist system. Bottom line, Money Mobile Siphon is not a scam but..this is probably not something worth your time. There are better alternatives out there.


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 mobile money siphon review

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  1. Vanessa

    Hi Rick
    Thanks for sharing this information. Based on what I read in your post, I think Mobile Money Siphon might be a make money opportunity but not for the people buying the product, but more for the one selling the product. Thanks for this great information. The more information we have, the better able we are to make a much more informed decision. Thanks again or this very informative post.

    • Rick

      You are so right Vanessa, thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate any feed back and hope that all join the WA program of which is inside the site. This is a great training program and will benefit
      all who join. My gosh just the information there is worth the premium package! Here is the link in case you want to check it out. Just copy and paste to browser.
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  2. Angela

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this one before. I guess nothing is safe any more. Personally I would shy away from something that had siphon in the name. Yhanks for the review!

    • Rick

      Thank you for stopping by and of course giving me feedback on the review. There are many we haven’t heard of and that is why we are all here trying to make it a safer place. Thanks again.
      If you want to try the WA Train….click the link and paste to bouser.
      To your success!

  3. Neil

    Hello, Rick

    This is an excellent review on mobile money siphon. Thanks for an indepth look into this product and although it doesn’t float my boat, it will still benefit people out there who are searching for this type of program.

    However, the Wealthy Affiliate community sounds awesome and I will be looking into your recommendation.



    • Rick

      Thank you so much Neil. I pride myself on getting the best and most information to customers so as to help them along. So yes the WA community is of course the one I used to train with.
      And you can sign up for free right here at this url Just copy and paste this code to your browser and you are on your way.
      Thanks again for stopping by. I will see you on the other side!
      Rick Bell

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