Is Motor Club America A Scam? Motor Club America Review

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It’s All In The Marketing – Is Motor Club America A Scam Because It Went MLM?


is motor club america a scam

My Motor Cub of America review shows an interesting company with an even more interesting method of marketing itself. This site is both an actual auto club type of company, but they have chosen to market it through the technique of network marketing. But is Motor Club of America a scam?

This is also known as MLM or Multi Level Marketing (these are all nice ways to say the same thing). Having a legitimate company that has been around since the 1920’s start to promote themselves by using such techniques has led to a number of questions.

For example, are many of the positive motor club America review sites actually being honest? In other words, you want to know if Motor Club of America is another scam. While everyone has different opinions about MLM and network marketing, I think it is important to look closely at this company and how it is marketed.


What Is Motor Club America?


is motor club america a scam,motor club america review, The very first question to answer is exactly what is this company. What is Motor Club of America, or MCA? They are essentially a motor club company, similar to AAA.

They have been in operation since 1926 and are indeed a legitimate company. You don’t stay in this business that long without doing something right. Indeed, anyone who is actually looking to simply use this as a service then more power to you.

However, the problem comes when you see that the company has now attached a business opportunity to the motor club America website. Because of this, it has now become very difficult to find a Motor Club of America com rep who is going to be straight with you and tell you honestly about their service and the facts of their marketing opportunity. Instead, they are simply looking to get you signed up and take your money…so that they can make a commission.


How Much Your Motor Club America Membership Costs You:


Let’s start by taking a look at the price. The basic motor club America membership service will cost $40 initially. Please understand this is just to get started. Then, you will have to continue paying another $20 to $30 each and every month. By the way, this is only an option for those of you living in the USA and Canada.

The total price can be close to $400 over a 12-month period, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Obviously, you will spend less on something like AAA. But even when just looking at the service, you could spend less than $80 per year for something like Good Sam that offers unlimited distance towing along with no limits on the number of service calls. Plus, I believe MCA actually limits the amount of miles. So, it might not even be a good value on the face of things.


Motor Club America Website:


is motor club america a scamAnother problem comes into play when we take a look at the motor club America website. The official site is actually pretty lousy. Not professional looking at all. Personally I expected more from a company with such a long and rather successful history of doing business.

Just so that you are not fooled by any imitators, there are a number of other motor club of America websites around; most of these have been created by promoters and independent reps of the company in order to build their own businesses.

What all of the reps are doing is basically selling motor club America purely as a business opportunity. This has allowed a lot of wild and unsubstantiated claims to enter the picture. I’m sure you have heard them all before. Things like:

  • Double your money in just ten minutes
  • Earn 200% commission (not true!)
  • You will get rich with this (please!)
  • So simple a third-grader can do it (that I would like to see!)


Of course, all of this is accompanied by the typical high pressure sales and scammy videos. There is one (actually quite a few) of some supposed MCA rep walking around a mansion and getting into some fancy sports car. Yes, I’m sure he made the money to pay for all this from motor club America.

There is another one of those ‘independent’ reps who uses a video where he just lines up twenty dollar bills in an effort to make you believe he has earned all this money from the motor club America scam.

Many of these promoters have lost the true sense or meaning of the business. In fact, one of the top company reps, who has supposedly made millions of dollars from the opportunity, falls into this category. He has indicated that he personally has no idea how many of his customers are using their motor club of America membership just for the service…and he could care less. That is truly sad.


Is Motor Club America A Scam?


is motor club  america a scamSo, with all of that, can we say for sure what the value really is? Is motor club of America a scam? Or is motor club of America legit? In my humble opinion, I think the company offers a decent service (although you could find better deals elsewhere) but the way the market things is a bit unscrupulous. It is the marketing plan that might be considered as a motor club America scam.

For example, if you want to get in on the action, you pay your $40 (plus the ongoing $20 to $30 monthly membership fees) and then become a salesperson. But do you really want to be a salesperson? Most people really don’t like this sort of thing. And most other people certainly don’t like an attempt to sell them.

So, your sponsor will tell you to go out and approach family members and friends and maybe even co-workers and others you know. They will throw their links up on Facebook and other social media sites.

In the end, this is the main problem with anything marketed using multi-level marketing techniques. This might have worked better in the 1950’s and 1960’s with Amway, but it just doesn’t fly in today’s world. So, unless you have some real sales skills and you what you are doing and have an actual marketing plan, you are probably going to be very disappointed.

Yes, there are few who do well with such a ‘business,’ but very, very few people fall into this category. Chances are, you will be about average and sell exactly nothing and end up only losing your hard earned money to ongoing monthly fees.


Bottom Line – Motor Club America Just Another Scam?


In the end, the real question becomes why would you want to spin your wheels. Instead of joining motor club America as just another scam type of operation, where the value all goes to the founders, focus on building something real. Our top program here is the Wealthy Affiliate.  And you can read about the Wealthy Affiliate Review here. This is not only an excellent program, but they also give you all the training and resources to be successful, which is a lot more than can be said for motor club of America.

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