My 10K Model Scam Or Legit

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Name: Michael Mansell
Michael Mansell
My 10K Model
Price: Up to
easy automated system Michael Mansell with My 10k model video

So, What Is My 10K Model About?

Michael Mansell is merely a top marketer who is promoting Easy 1 Up. 10K Model is a basic funnel system advertisement and marketing funnel with videos of him promoting the Easy 1 Up Program.The One UP Program.  It’s not really a deception because he admits he is a member and he is redirecting us to the program. And to do this he offers help. His own training and marketing expertise. And that works.

But if you yourself cannot do this as he does…I do not recommend joining the Easy 1 Up Program. The 10K Model is his own set up and marketing pages. And very nicely done of course.

He shows us how his sales sheet looks and it does look great. However as an experienced marketer I can tell you that it can take hours of talking to people to make a 1k sale! Trust me, it is very hard work and you would need to be an expert sales person. As he plainly is. 


So Michael is a top marketer who promotes the Easy 1 up. Nothing wrong with that. In fact. If you think you can do it, just join under him! I, in fact, signed up to Easy 1 Up and failed terribly! And paid dearly in order to try and promote it. I failed of course.

And I’ve got 4 years experience. So if you are just starting out…consider to move on to something a bit less expensive which will help you get your start as I did. Try:

Wealthy Affiliates Affiliate University

I think a lot of the reason for failure is that people are no longer wanting to learn and spend hours and weeks and months training to sell someone else’s products. I mean if you do this it is never your business. You are stuck out if it ever goes down from fraud claims and legal matters. 

Why Not Start Your Own Business From Home?michael mansell with My 10k Model

Is My 10K Model A Scam?

The program we see here with Michael Mansell is really just his marketing efforts to promote Easy 1 UP. If you want to learn more about the My 10K Model and how it works, you will want to read the review I wrote on Easy 1 Up. Go here to access the review 

My 10K Model is not really a scam folks. It is Michael Mansell who appears to merely be a top promoter of the program. Who is making a great deal of money by sending visitors to the Easy 1 Up Program? That’s it. Top marketers with years of experience can do this daily without a problem. Marketing works. If done correctly. 

Would I say that marketing Easy 1 Up is easy? No and hell no. It is very difficult to market high ticket item programs even when you know what you are doing! Not easy at all.

10K Model Bonus Material You Receive

10k Model Bonus Material

Do I Recommend Easy 1 UP?

No. I tried it myself without Team Mansell’s help of course, and failed miserably.

So instead of telling you all about the My 10K Model and if it is a scam or legit, let me just say this. Read the Easy 1 Up Review. You will gain all the wisdom you will need. And if you still want to sign up…go ahead. I’m sure that there are a few members making money using paid ads and such to get visitors to the so called My 10k Model.

Conclusion To My 10K Model

The levels designed with My 10K Model are as such: Really Easy 1 Up Program. But if you can sell ice to Eskimos, consider going all in at the $1000 dollar Vertex Pro Level.

Elevation $25
Elevation Elite $100
Vertex $250
Vertex Elite $500
Vertex Pro $1000

If you join any program online that is supposed to be there to help. Do not ever pay more than $50 bucks per month as a member. And do not ever think that spending more money will help you make more money. That is just not the case. Because you can buy into the Mobe Program with Matt Loyd and spend $100k. And it is still difficult to ever make that money back. 

I know of many ex-Mobe members who have lost tens of thousands and they never recouped their buy in costs for those higher levels. Stay away from such programs. Take a look at an easy way to begin without question…Below…take a look!


I’ve been marketing here for over 4 years now and I got lucky I guess and ended up with a course that helped me get my own start with my own businesses. That program is great for beginners who no longer want to search for legit programs here online. You can start right away and you don’t have unseen costs. Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Success Rate

In fact. Just go read the recommended review I wrote for them and you will soon see it plays a bit differently in mind verses some of these other marketing programs that just seem to be out to get your money. 

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