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4 Corners Alliance Group Main Screen

Product Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group

Website: 4 Corners Alliance Group

Price: $18 to start, $29.95 monthly

Owners: David Harrison

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What Is The 4 Corners Alliance Group?

The 4 Corners Alliance Group is a website that shows a way to make money selling financial information. Many are asking about what the 4 Corners Alliance Group if you can earn income with it. Yes. There are two models that enable you to sell: the affiliate model and the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) model.

You can join and pay a one-time fee to become an affiliate, although as you will see from the review below, there doesn’t seem to be a way to sign up for this option. The MLM model will require you to subscribe on a monthly basis. At the time of this writing, the monthly fee is $29.95.

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Pros vs. Cons


  • If you are good at recruiting other people, you could conceivably make money with this system.
  • If you like financial-based subjects (stock market, binary options, etc.) you will have many to choose from.
  • The company uses what is known as a 4×6 matrix, which means you and your recruits need to bring in 4 people each. There are 6 levels. If everything works out the way the company shows (ideal), you could make significant income.
  • The company gives you a store that you can sell their products as an affiliate. This means that you can sell the financial books to outsiders and receive a commission on the sale. They offer this as a way to cover the cost of your monthly membership.


  • The products seem to exist to meet the legal requirements of not being labeled a Ponzi Scheme. If it were labeled this type of scheme, it would be illegal in many countries. Ponzi schemes exist for the sole purpose of signing up other paid members. Early adopters do well. If you are late to the game, you won’t make any money.
  • You need to be quite good at recruiting people. They need to be just as good at recruiting. The company touts that all you need is four (4) people. However, these four people would need to be superstar recruiters. If not, most will drop out of the program after a month or two of failure. Most people are not good at selling and recruiting. If we were, we’d all be salespeople.
  • Even though the company legally meets the requirement of Multilevel Marketing (MLM), it’s unclear whether the products are high-quality enough to justify paying for them. The topics shown on their product pages can be found on Investopedia or Investopedia is free and most of the books on are listed at below $10, which is the cost of most books in 4 Corners.

2 Types of 4 Corners Alliance Membership Options








The company makes it appear as though you can join as just an affiliate. However, they force you to check the auto-bill option on the order page. The page makes you believe that you are only buying one of the products for $18. Why would you need to check the agreement for auto billing? Since they claim there is a non-member affiliate option, where you can sell the products without going through the matrix, how do you sign up for that? It doesn’t appear to be a way to do that.

Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam?

I don’t believe 4 Corners Alliance Group is a scam. It has viable products to sell that keep it from being labeled a Ponzi scheme. However, it is MLM. If you are a fan of MLM programs, and you are interested in the financial field, you may do very well with this program. However, an MLM program is not easy for most people to recruit, and will require a monthly fee whether you recruit or not.

Even if you are good at recruiting, one of the biggest setbacks is the people you recruit are not. This means that you will need well more than the four people required to reach the income the company shows. Remember, that most people won’t continue paying the monthly fee if they aren’t making money after a certain period. If you are super lucky to get the four superstars, the people they bring in must be able to get their four people who are superstars as well.

Before considering a program such as this, have you ever tried an MLM program before? If you have, how well did you do with recruiting? Perhaps you believe the products were the problem, and this program seems to be different. As mentioned, are the books that 4 Corners offer information you cannot find elsewhere? You should ask yourself this whether you have joined MLM programs before or not.

4 Corners Products Offered

I have seen other reviews that claim 4 Corners is using Private Label Rights (PLR) products as the products to sell. I cannot substantiate that claim directly. However, the looks of the product covers appear much like the PLR reports I have seen online. I don’t have anything against PLR products. However, if that is the basis for membership, why not purchase the PLR products yourself? For the $29.95 monthly membership, you can easily find financial products via PLR websites which cover the topics given in these eBooks.

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