My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review — Is It Legit?


 Name: The Coffee  Shop Millionaire Website:

 Price: $37 Per Month Plus Upsells

 Owner: Anthony Trister

 Who It Is For? Everyone  — From  Newbies To Pros — That’s The Problem

 Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 — Teetering On The Edge Of Scam.

This is my Coffee Shop Millionaire review. I’ll go over the program and give you an overview so you can decide for yourself if it is a system worth pursuing or if it is another Internet marketing scam designed to part you from your hard earned dollars.  


One word, three syllables and a thousand of mental images of a life of luxury. Like dozens of Internet marketing programs, The Coffee Shop Millionaire is designed to evoke the possibilities of making the big bucks the easy way. Sitting back in the coffee shop, hooked up to the wi-fi and watching the dough roll in.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review —  Tools And Training And Claims


beware of online scams
Beware of online scam

Here are 12 separate tools and training modules. Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire scam review for real? Supposedly the program has all the information you’ll need to get started — including overviews of the community itself that show you how to ask questions and get involved.

One thing is for certain, the tools and training had better be unbelievably fantastic because the Coffee Shop Millionaire makes the unbelievable (and I do mean unbelievable) claim that the program will show you a “cheat sheet” to make $21 thousand in just a a couple weeks.

Supposedly, you don’t need a product or a mail list. Nothing–just The Coffee Shop Millionaire system. Sound too good to be true? We all know it is. Mr Trister’s Coffee Shop Millionaire program has an entire section devoted to a concept he calls “Cash Machines”. Magical? Easy Money ? Not so much.

The section covers basic Internet marketing ideas and techniques, including email and video marketing, article submission and local economies. Valid ideas? Sure, but the information itself is so nebulous that it is of dubious value to even an experienced Internet marketer. Not to mention someone who is not very familiar with the general concepts.  


Support? Is There Anyone Out There?

Like most Internet marketing programs, The Coffee Shop Millionaire has a basic phone and email support infrastructure. I personally had a some basic questions as I thought of while going through the literature and tried to contact the company by phone. Two days and multiple attempts yielded no success in reaching them by phone.

An email with the same questions was a bit more successful, but not by much. I received a reply six days after the email contact. Additionally, there is The Coffee Shop Millionaire online community. Truth be told, it is rudimentary at best. And I’ve seen even the most basic questions go completely unanswered on the boards.  


The support you need is not here.
The support you need is not here.


The Price Is Right…Or Is It?


Lies about money are everywhere.
Lies about money are everywhere.

The basic price of The Coffee Shop Millionaire is $37 per month — not bad for a supposedly savvy Internet marketing system. But hold on. As with other Internet marketing programs, there is a bit of a bait and switch going on. Immediately after sign up you are asked to upgrade to another product called the “Six Figure Success Club.” Another $297!.

So you are just inside the front door of The Coffee Shop Millionaire, and you are hit with another huge financial investment. But that’s not all….. The $334 you have just shelled out does not include the cost of website creation, domain acquisition and hosting — all of which you will need to make The Coffee Shop Millionaire go. And hosting alone is $100!

You can get it on your own for as low as $3 month. lf you are not a huge fan of the slimy upsell, then these tactics alone will rule this program out for you.  


The Final Word On The Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

 You’ll likely encounter many positive reviews of The Coffee Shop Millionaire in links from the search results and online forums. And as you can guess, they are practically all affiliates and supporters of the program out to make money off of folks like you, not to provide genuine insights. Invariably, all of these links will lead you to the same promotional video with the same information. If you do make it through the videos without falling asleep, it is important to keep something in mind. You are really only seeing well less than half of the program — at least as far as the cost is concerned. The training itself is not half bad, but the real price of the program is very well hidden until you have made your initial financial investment.  


The Wrap Up — The Coffee Shop Millionaire Program Is Bordering On A Scam 

Thumbs Down!
Thumbs Down! 

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  1. Dawn Brotherton

    I wish more people would read about this programs before signing up. A little research would tell them all they need to know about the effectiveness of the scams. Of course, the people selling are making money from people who want a quick fix.

    • Rick

      You are welcome… this is my job!:) To help others find success without falling victim to fraud and scam programs.
      Glad you enjoyed the website. See you next time. Hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon!

  2. Jen Langley

    Coffee Shop Millionaire seems like the wrong path to take. The total cost is outrageous. I doubt that that most people have $300 and up to start online-they are trying to make money, not pay crazy prices.

    Great review, and thanks for the info.

    • Rick

      Well, one thing besides the cost is the program says you can make money and so far everyone fails at it.
      Say, can you tell me if you get this reply when I approve it? I’ve had some trouble here and want to see if it
      goes back to you at your email address. So give me a shout when you see this replay okay?
      Thanks for the comment,

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