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Product Name: Daily Income Method

Website: Daily Income Method

Price: $39.90 + $19.99 Per Month for MCA, $27 Per Month for DIM Back-off

Owners: Alfredo Delgado and Mack Mills

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Verdict: This is something you may consider. Read on...

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This is a decent program with the potential to earn you money. No scam as it has many members raking in the dough using the training within. If you want to skip this review and get going right away, use this to take a look at the Daily Income Method.

What Is The Daily Income Method?

Two Options for DIM
Click on this image to take a look inside. Takes you to program.


Daily Income Method (DIM) is two systems in one. The first is a membership to Motor Club of America (MCA). The second is what they are calling a back-office training system. If you are familiar with AAA, then you know the type of product being sold. While AAA and MCA may not offer exactly the same services, they are similar.

When you sign up to MCA, it will cost you almost $40. That goes to the person who referred you. According to the sales page, the referrer also gets an additional $40. The total is $80. It’s unclear where the extra $40 comes from, but they could be fronting the cost with the hopes that you will stay in the program. Either that, part of it could be from the first $27 you spend on the back-office monthly payment.

What this means is it’s not likely they would be willing to risk future payments if people were leaving the system after the first month. That should be viewed as a plus for the system.

The back-office includes training on how to sell MCA memberships. You receive 50% recurring income (monthly) for each member you refer who sticks with the program. This means you only need two people to cover the cost of your back-office membership. That’s not difficult. Of course, you would need more than two people to also cover your cost of the MCA membership. One referral gets you $80 which is four months of MCA. If you received no other referrals, you would have to lay out $20 per month starting in the fifth month.

Back Office Features

The sales page claims you will get your own video sales letter, hosting, lead capture pages, and traffic sources. While it is true that you can use these as your own, they are part of the company’s website with your affiliate codes embedded. This isn’t bad. But, it can be a bit deceptive and is made to seem as though you are getting your own sales funnel. Again, it belongs to the company, which means you are at the mercy of them.

Pros vs. Cons


  • The product they are selling is something useful. You can think of it much like AAA. It gives you several benefits such as roadside assistance, travel deals, and medical benefits.
  • It’s not Multilevel Marketing (MLM). As will be discussed in this review, this product is affiliate marketing.
  • A recurring income is possible with this program.
  • Training and traffic sources (see below) are part of the system.


  • You have to pay for traffic. While paying for traffic is not a bad feature, the sales page does not make that known that the cost will be above and beyond the monthly membership that you pay.
  • The sales page is a bit cheesy. I have never been a fan of flashy sales pages that show you fast cars and mansions, etc.
  • The claims about how much it costs to run his business are exaggerated.
  • You have to sign up for two separate systems. This could be a turn-off for your potential referrals.
  • MCA is much more expensive than AAA or other roadside assistance memberships.

Is The Daily Income Method a Scam?

is the daily income method a scam?

This program is not a scam. People are wanting to know, Is the Daily Income Method A Scam? It appears to be a legit way to earn commissions with ease. You have the potential to not only make money but to make a decent, recurring income. A residual income from others. I do believe the costs described in the sales letter are correct. Are you wanting to earn income online? Sign up and check out the info here: DIM Access It Now-Learn how easy it works.

Your website is simply a sub-domain of their main website, which has your affiliate code embedded in it. Even if it did cost thousands to put the program together, it is a one-time outlay of cash. Once they collect enough membership dollars to cover the cost, it becomes free after that.

Anytime you are participating in a program controlled by someone else, there is a risk that they can change the rules or dissolve the membership. Therefore, it is never wise to depend on this as your only source of income. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can make money with this system.

As I mentioned before, the traffic sources are not free. This is not something that was made known in the sales letter so keep that in mind when signing up. Advertising costs, such as Facebook Ads and YouTube, can add up quickly. You need to know what you are doing. If you haven’t tried these advertising services before, they can be intimidating, even with training. Don’t underestimate this. People can spend hundreds (and even thousands) and not get any sales.

If you would rather have your own system that no one can yank from you, let me teach you how to build a solid business foundation that can earn consistent income for years to come. My #1 Recommended Program can show you the steps to make this a reality.





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