My Ecom Club Review – Is It A $1000 Per Day Scam?

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Why so many are jumping on the band wagon for building an Ecommerce Store is simple. Programs like My Ecom Club review tell you they are giving you everything you need for $37 dollars and you will make $100,ooo dollars your first year. 

Or when you get your store set up, the next week you will be able to make $5000 dollars! Just need a coach for $2000, Invest about $2000, then spend the next six months full time working at it…All to break even or go in the hole.

This review will help you understand what’s at stake and how much you stand to lose if you follow hype, scams and bullcrap!

Normally we buy these offers to keep you from having to. However with the product requiring a credit card, and also asking for personal information like a phone number, as well, we opted in on researching what the internet had to say about it.  And how many complaints there were.

And we found at the Better Business Bureau 15 no refund and over charge complaints recently filed from members who were a part of My Ecom Club.

Hopefully it’s not too late for you. Stop where you are and listen! See my info below to get free eCommerce Training and an insiders look about eCommerce Businesses in 2019 and also why you should perhaps try something else.

Product Summary:

This is a quick summary of why we insist that My Ecom Club is not a legit and professional placed of business opportunity. Nor is it realistic about the amount of money you can make. The specialized training they offer will in no way have you earning anywhere close to $1000 per day. 

It won’t allow you to make $1000 per month. Not for the first few months. Perhaps 6 months you might start breaking even…If you work hard and spend 40 to 50 hour weeks.

Don’t get caught up in the hype here on the internet! It is all lies! At least most of making huge paydays on using eCommerce Stores.

I had one I know! 


Teo Vee



What Is My Ecom Club About?

The program is set up as a training module in order to teach you about eCommerce and help you set up a Shopify store. Teo Vee, Marketing Head of My ECOM Club is the guy behind the scenes and the one who appears to have set the system up.

The training covers Shopify and Ali-express and of course drop shipping. And of course, even though drop-shipping and eCommerce has been around many years. 

There are people taking advantage of giving you this training by offering it to you for free. Along with an adviser/coach, which in turn sells you on mentoring. And you pay $37 dollars for this opportunity.

The whole program has recently been upgraded and all the pages have been changed. 

Even the video. So perhaps they are pumping in the money from there so called coaching sales that are offered on the back end of the sales funnel.

They also mention once you sign up the course is free. So you get a free course for just 7 days. Or did they mean you have to pay, then you get the free course. 

Either way we find it quite difficult to stay caught up on how they say things and then return saying them a different way. Odd we find it very odd.

ecom club free set up training

How Does My Ecom Club Work?


STEP #1 They ask you to stop trading time for money. And then offer you free training. Once you get that you will be on your way to owning your own Shopify Store. 

STEP 2 Upon registering and paying the $37 dollars you’ll be given a personalized coach. Which is really whoever is available that does the walk through and set up. So as to take the guess work out of things.

Then they begin the sensitive optional opportunity which is exlusive for free owners. Meaning they will convince you that you need a coach and additional steps if you are going to want to be able to make the real money


START YOUR FREE TRAINING? There’s a huge learning curve first and foremost!

Basically once you get in they will want you to speed things up by going to the members area and seeing the amazing possibilities eCommerce has for you. And so you take your first step to talk with a rep about getting you everything you need and how much it will cost.

And yes you can just ignore that call if you would like. But then customers then say there is really nothing there that will help you become a top eCommerce Store Seller. 

Just the basics of eCommerce you can get anywhere really.

If you want to start a Shopify Store. Got to Shopify to get free training too! But they won’t try to sell you $2 grand coaching.

My ecom club advertisements false

We don’t have indication that the training has change. The advertisement has. But we can tell you that unless you want a salesman trying to talk you into getting a one-on-one coach, not to even sign up.

We found that they post a credit card registration form and also ask for your phone number. 

Suddenly when I did sign up to see where that page went, within a few hours my phone begin ringing off the hook.

Fortunately it is a phone set aside for just this kind of testing and My Ecom Club did not let me down.

They are selling this information to third party companies and so get paid for our information.

However, I didn’t read anywhere that they mention this and that is in itself against the law.

Is My Ecom Club A Scam?

Even though they way they seem to want to conduct business is on the shady side of things. Perhaps the training in side is valued by some. 

I expect it would need to be very high quality information and training if they are asking you to spend $2000.00!

They do seem to have lots of members who have paid in to the coaching part of the training in which all I can say is Ouch!

If My Ecom Club is a scam the only thing I have against them was their hyped up sales page of being able to make the amount of money mentioned in the image below.

That and the refund request that poured in to the Better Business Bureau. Complaints about not getting 

As a past Shopify Store owner in 2016 I find anyone’s earnings such as these numbers here would be absurd!

ecom club earnings

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How Much Does It Cost?

The training course is FREE they say. And the $37 is for the adviser. Or the coach. The one that makes the sales call.

To Creating A Passive, Scalable Business In Less Than 7 Days. Join Me In This Exclusive Presentation As I Share The Three Secrets! Or as he put it on the sales page. 

Teo Vee, Marketing Head of My ECOM Club

Sales are expected to go as high as $2000.00 for the entire program and to be assisted by phone with a coach when you have questions.

What I Liked About The Training

How to quickly create an online store… Without Buying Or Owning Inventory EVER! to The Three Secrets To Quickly Creating An Online Store That Generates REAL Money Online… Without Buying Or Owning Inventory EVER! The sales pitch is very well written!

The Single Most Important Skill You Can Have To Get Visitors To Your Store AND Get Them To Buy Your Product (Most People Stop At Step 1, But Step 2 Is By Far The Most Important!)

The Top 10 Reasons Why Most People FAIL At Starting Their E-Commerce Businesses, And What You Can Do To Avoid Them.

The Biggest Mistake Most Beginners Make (This Is The Reason 80% Of People Fail When Creating An Online Store) And The 2 “Rules” That Will Help You Avoid The Biggest Pitfalls Of Online Income Today

How To Build A Real Online Store In Less Than 7 Days – Even If You’re Not A Computer Genius – By Helping People Buy Products Online (Products They Already Want To Buy!)

Sure, you will be able to get lots of great info here I believe. The part that is the shady side is them asking for your phone number. When there  is Skype and Facebook chat, and other ways to connect without giving up your private phone number. 

We started getting lots of recording make money offers once we did submit it.

ecom club earnings

Do you really think you can earn $1000 per day? Or $30k per month? Wrong! 

You cannot earn anything at first once you start building and paying for training you’re going to be missing a few hundred to a few thousand dollars out of pocket.

Then even more to pay for ads to get traffic to the store you have that no one knows the name of, or the url location!

Don’t be stupid by thinking $37 dollars is going to change your life. I’ve opted in to 1000 of these type offers and uncovered the hype, the lies and the misdirection within.

What I Did Not Like About The Training

The training itself is basic store information you will need to create a shopify store. But you don’t need their so called free information package with a $37 dollar assistant that is going to get on the phone with you and tell you how much you really need to pay.

If you want a free opportunity to open a shopify store and set it up, all you have to do is go here:

Why The Training Is NOT Good Enough

First of all I cannot say the training they offer is all that great. As we didn’t buy this opportunity. We already know even with the best coach eCommerce stores take years to build up. 

Not any training in the world will have you making any decent money within six months time, working full time and even paying for ads that bring you traffic.

My Ecom Club is merely a bit of store set up training in which you can get for free. Then they try to sell you on getting a personal coach. 

And sure, I’ve had coaches before and they help. But what they don’t tell you about eCommerce is it is HELL to try to establish yourself with the likes of Amazon and eBay. 

And who knows where your store is? You either have to pay for advertising in social networks, which can get pretty expensive running ten dollars daily ads. 

Or you have to work out a way to get organic traffic to your website. Which if you’ve looked of late, you cannot even get on page one any more with Google. 

My ecom club advertisements false

People lie to you when the say you can create store using Shopify and suddenly be making money. Also the image above showing 20,000 students at Shopify Partners? My Ecom Club has nothing to do with that brand. 

It is merely making it look like they have 20,000 students. Sorry to say they are fibbing to you!

Will My Ecom Club Help You Make Money?

We’re very sorry to break the news to you but no. You cannot make money by purchasing a $37 dollar one time payment training course. Even with an assistant to show you around and tell you what to do first.

eCommerce stores are of course big business. But you only get a tiny fraction of the pie even if you have had a store opened for ten years!

Do you know how long it takes to build up your business with a brick and mortar store? Guess? It will take you as long as it does a real store, to make big money like My Com Club says you can start making. 

They are fibbing to you about how fast you can make money.

ecom club sign in add to cart

Remember, I had a Shopify store back in 2016 and ended up spending $6000 to get it started. After six months of working full time it had only made $150 dollars a week. 

Would I Recommend You Buy My Ecom Club?

We don’t recommend you pay anything for the free information available today for eCommerce and putting together a Shopify store. 

It is free to get all the help you need. And the reason is, is that Shopify pays a third party to help you with everything you need. So they can make the money with your store and monthly fees.

They figure if you know what you are doing you will stay longer!

Here is the link again. To where you can get free training:

Also if you want you can look into Ecom Sniper. At least it breaks it down to basics for you.


To make money online one only needs to know what they are passionate about? Do you want to run a store? Really? Its a big headache for sure.

eBay is just as easy as any eCommerce store. Same issue there is that you have to be able to get traffic. But it is easier to get traffic there as it has built in traffic. 

If you build an ecom store no one will know you, and they will not find you.

Why not consider my #1 recommendation, and find out how many are earning money without having to work full time! See below…

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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6 Responses

  1. B Harvin

    I purchased 2 websites as I was led to believe that with a bit of work I could expect a reasonable income but I did not make one dime. It’s a scam.
    On August 9, 2018 I purchased the two website, “Done For You”, package with a personal check for $1997. My Ecom Club stressed that with their constant supervision and support, a person like myself could expect to earn a reasonable, moderate income. What they don’t tell you is that at a certain point, they begin constantly asking you for more and more money! I did not expect to get rich or anything outrageous like that, I just thought that things would go as I was led to believe, namely that if I took the online classes and applied myself, i could expect to earn a moderate income given time. However, They make you sign documents that state you only get 3 days to request a full refund so that if it does not work for you , you can’t even get a refund. I wanted to give this a chance to work so for the next year I took their online classes and consulted with their advisers. Because of the constant drain on my limited finances, not only was I not able to open the 2nd website, but the first website never made one thin dime. On August 16, 2019, I contacted their executive offices and demanded an immediate refund. All I got back was an email on the 19th from account manager Denise Pitts saying that they were denying my refund. I am now convinced that My Ecom Club is a scam directed at separating senior citizens like myself from their limited, fixed incomes. Don’t buy into it or you will be sorry!

    • Rick

      HI. Sorry to hear you expected to make money right away. That’s not at all how marketing works. Marketing is about being able to present oneself efficiently behind a niche product. And year after year do better than before. Slowly building a client base you can promote the same niche products to. YOu also have to be wise and understand that if you are not a marketer yourself. You are the one being sold to and spending money. Some programs with their money making products tend to relieve you of your money so they make money. Not the way you thought possible. However, there are programs that you buy into that do teach you everything you need to know. You just have to find the right training programs. They are not all created equal. Like WA for instance. You can stay a free member and learn quite a lot about marketing and what you need to do yourself to earn income. And they teach you not to fall for all the other type programs that try to get you to give money and more money just to stay in. Those type programs border on scams. Wealthy Affiliate has a modest buy-in as membership and everything you will ever need to know about promoting a niche product or yourself, or them is written in plain English. I myself got sidetracked too. Many times here online to try and make money fast. It does not work like that, however. If you are wanting to become a top marketing website you have to determine that you will be spending years. Not months not days. Decades is what it takes normally to grow a niche business that makes a ton of bread. Like Amazon. eBay. And if you are anything like me you will spend perhaps two to three years learning. Its a huge curve! Here is what helped me get my start of really bringing in cash monthly. Wealthy Affiliate

  2. Come Zee

    It is scam. I bought the membership with the first month training. And I realize that is not for me so I cancel within a week. After my subscription cancel, I could not call my mentor or the number that showing on my credit card when they take out the money, those number are outline. Could not get my refund till now.

    • Rick

      90 percent of all working programs on the internet today are complete scams. Trust that!

      • Rick

        More than 90 percent are just people trying to get rich from you. 98 percent is a closed figure.

    • Rick

      I”m sorry to hear you have had such problems. My Ecom Club is not something you need to be involved in any way. I make money while most people fail. But it is only because I’ve learned how to be a marketer. First. If you want to learn the art of affiliate marketing. Do that before you expect to make money. Find a business you can work on for months without getting paid. The money will follow if you are doing it right. But you never make money before you do the work.


      Here is how I got rich

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