My Email Mentor: Need Extra Cash?


memWould you like to make $300, $500, even $900 or more every single month without doing anything more than ‘downloading a file from somewhere and uploading same file to another somewhere’, just ONCE every 7 days!

I bet you would. But can you really?

“Yes, you can and you will!” says Bobby B., the creator of this new ‘make money online product’ in his sales video (launch date May 2, 2015)

This sounds to be too good to be true, particularly in light of the fact that a bunch of product creators are making similar claims for their crappy and scammy stuff.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ they say, and without actually joining Bobby B. and My Email Mentor it is not possible to judge his program, don’t you agree? So I decided to try ‘making money by doing nothing’ and here is my review.


What Is My Email Mentor?

is my email mentor a scamLet me start off with “Who is Bobby B?” because I am a bit confused here. There was an online product by a Bobby B. (76 Seconds) a while ago, and it was a SCAM. Now here we have a Bobby B. again and I am not able to find any info about him, no matter how hard I try.

Do they look the same to you? Guess not, so we assume it’s a coincident that there are two Bobby Bs in this business and move on. BTW, the one on top of the image is our guy.

Our Bobby claims to have made over one million dollars with his system, and he invites you to join him in his business endeavor. He says to teach you every step it takes to become successful in email marketing, just as he is, and how you can become a millionaire.

Big corporations pay for referrals of potential customers to their websites, and Bobby B. is honest enough to tell us that he has affiliate agreements with many of these companies. Bobby is sending emails to subscribers to his list that contain ads of said companies, and if the recipient of the email clicks on the ad, Bobby gets paid. He gets paid even if the person does not buy anything from the company at that time.

Bobby has a big problem though. Email-sending companies do have certain restrictions to avoid spamming. They want to know where your list comes from, for example, or limit how many different lists you can send to at any given day.

For that reason, he needs folks like you and me sending out the emails for him, using one of your email accounts. Bobby, in return, pays you 20 cents for every click the companies receive through your affiliate link.

And this is what My Email Mentor is all about.


How To Get Started With My Email Mentor?

It is pretty simple to tell the truth. Sign on to My Email Mentor through an affiliate link, enter your first and last name, email address and watch the short video.

Bobby B. does not charge you a dime for the opportunity he provides. It gets even better; just for signing up, My Email Mentor will credit your account with $100.00 just for signing up.

However, you are starting your own business here, and like with any other business, there is an investment involved.

My Email Mentor uses the email-sending company GetResponse to handle the task of sending emails to the list of subscribers. You need to invest $10 (TEN) dollars for the first 7 days, which is a trial period so you can determine if you want to stick around or not.

After that, it will be $47 per months.


How Is My Email Mentor Supposed To Work?

Once you signed up, and before you do everything else, check your Commission Status and you will find that your account has been credited with $100.

You will get 2 separate emails; one from My Email Mentor with your login and password, the other from GetResponse to verify and logon to your account there.

Watch the video and follow the Steps 1 through 3; on step 3 you will download your first email list (approx. 600-700 addresses) to your computer. Then you’ll jump over to GetResponse and upload this file.

And that’s it. Emails will be sent most likely within the next 6 hours and you will see some dollar amounts being credited to your account.

Every 7 days you will have to check the Menu Tab ‘Step 3’ on your My Email Mentor account page and upload a new list.


There Is A Nice Upside To My Email Mentor!

Clone yourself and make even more money! You will get paid 10 cents per click from every person that signs up through your affiliate link as long as they stay active members.

No, my friends, My Email Mentor is NOT a pyramid scheme. There are no up- or down lines, convoluted compensation plans nobody understands anyways, or monthly standing orders to buy stuff you got tired of after 4 weeks.


My Experience With MEM…


I have been paid over $833. dollars recently on July 25th. The funds were sent to Dwolla. Once cleared I then sent them to my Wells Fargo account. It is how they pay now.




What I Do Not Like!

Yes, there are a couple of things I have a beef with:

1) The Payout Threshold Is $400 

Every affiliate program has a payout threshold before you can request a money transfer. Usually, these range from as little as $20 to $100; I came across a couple programs that have a threshold of $150 & $200 respectively. My Email Mentor however, set the payout threshold at $400, which in my opinion is outright ridiculous. 

Agreed, it is free money basically, and you don’t have to work for it either, but I would like to see a lower threshold

2) The Payout Is Deferred for 30 Days

Payout is the 25th day of each month and if you reached the payout threshold of $400, you will get paid on the 25th of the following month. This bothers me not just a bit, but a lot. Why the delay, I asked Bobby B. via email. Here is his response:


3) The payout threshold of $400 is ridiculously and unreasonable high. I know, all affiliate programs do have payout thresholds for on reason or another. But 400 bucks is pure nonsense.
No it’s not.  In this industry, there is an enormous amount of fraud, so in order to protect our members from that fraud we do a lot of checking to make absolutely sure we are not paying for clicks that are fraudulent.  Affiliate Networks everywhere have minimums ranging from $250 and $500 and we are no different.
4) Even if one should be able to reach $400 any given month, you defer payout for another 30 days. I know it’s money for basically doing nothing, but this is giving your program a ‘scammy’ feeling.
Same answer as before with one caveat.  We could pay every 2 weeks, but if we did that, we would have to hold a reserve on everyone’s account, and in the end, the other way is simpler for everyone to understand and profit from.  You’re right about the “money for basically doing nothing” because that is exactly the way we set it up.  Once it’s set up, all you have to do is keep your Email Response Pros account current and import your list each week. We do everything else and pay you for the clicks that are generated.  Doesn’t get any easier than that.

So, you heard it right from the the horse’s mouth. Although Bobby’s response was not exactly what I would have liked to hear, his explanations are reasonable and acceptable (even if I do not agree with his statement about the payout threshold).


Is My Email Mentor A Scam?


No, but many failed to cash out because their account payment didn’t go through and their MEM account got cancelled. Now they are all yelling SCAM! But I know for a fact it works because I have and continue to earn money with MEM.


What’s Next?

As far I am concerned, nothing is going to change. I am going to ride along with Bobby B. and My Email Mentor and hope I can find a couple of like minded folks that will join and stick with it. If you want to give it a try, You can sign up here There is really nothing to lose at this point, and when it all works out alright, we all will be happy campers making some extra FREE dough on the side. 

I am making money online in affiliate marketing for quite some time now, but I always look for additional income streams. In case you wonder what got me started and how I learned everything I had to know, take a few minutes and check out my #1 FREE Recommendation.

I am not crazy enough to tell you that Wealthy Affiliate is the right thing for you at this time. That’s for you to determine. What I can say however, is that you cannot find any other program that lets you in for free, gives you 2 free websites AND gives you 10 lessons of the Get Started course without even asking you for your credit card information. Come on in and take a look-see; no strings attached.


That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed reading the My Email Mentor Review. I would love to hear your opinion about it; so don’t be shy and let us know what’s on your mind.


To Your New Success!

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  1. Raphael Bailey

    An additional thing that concerns me regarding MEM.
    I was glancing through the legal texts that are at the footer of It seems that the only way to try to communicate with MEM is via There is a statement that they are a Nevada registered company. BUT… There is no street address, no Post Office Box address, and no list of names of its officers.

    They are not responding to my emails to them about releasing my funds that have been over $400 since the end of July. It is now Sept. 7th as I write this comment.

    • Rick

      You need to have proof of payments to them or else they will disactivate your account. If you have proof I can get it sent in for you and get you paid. But, you have to email me at with all the facts and screen shots. If you have quit before now, then we can try to get you reactivated. No problem. Just let me know. I have helped many get paid and reinstated. It’s who you know in this world, not what you know! 🙂

      I will help but email me with all the account information showing you are in good standings. I won’t charge you that much either! 🙂


  2. Raphael Bailey

    MyEmailMentor is not releasing funds. I have not gotten funds from eWallet to my bank account, and they are not responding to my emails about this. I am beginning to hear more people saying that MEM is not paying them either. It seems to be a scam.

    • Rick

      Nope. It is not a scam. People are being paid what they are owed but only if they pay. Many have failed to make payments and are now complaining they want their money. Well, if you quit making the payments to the company you are no longer a part of it and you are not going to get any money. You have to maintain an active membership always to be paid.

      Some missed the info on the change to clickbank. Some didn’t set up their dwolla account. I missed that email myself but found out about it from one of my clones. I set my account up for the payment in July a day before it was sent! Whew!

      If you have payment proof you can send it to me and I will let you know what to do next. I will have to see it because I’m tired of asking for help for others and then find out they quit paying. Makes me look stupid.
      So send me your info and what you need done and I will get right on it for you. I will help you if your business is in order here.

  3. lila devi

    I jointed myemailmentor late May and made $4.oo plus the $100 bonus. When I tried to add the
    second email list the next week, nothing happened–I had the $47 set up for them to get paid
    in June by Paypal. Paypal said there is problem with the company not receiving payments.
    A few days ago I had an e-mail from myemailmentor saying that they had changed
    payment processors from Paypal to one I had never heard of.
    Since my name and e-mail is in the system I don’t know how to proceed because it would say
    e-mail already exists. Please help me unravel this mystery–I have limited computer skills
    as you may have noticed. thank you, Lila Devi

    • Rick


      You will only need to contact support and they will get you straightened out. You will see the support link iside your Mentor program. Give them these same details so you will be asured they know what you are asking.


  4. Cheryl Kapitzke

    I have joined and I am excited about the program, however, I am having a hard time getting people to join and follow through with the sign up and steps and then I lose all the money on the clicks. This is really irritating me because I am working very hard to promote this program and it seems like I am getting nothing for my efforts. I have 5 people under me who have done nothing with the system at all. Am I wasting my time?

    • Rick

      Hold on! This is not that hard. Contact me at and tell me what you are trying as far as strategies. I can help you. You need to know how to promote affiliate programs online. The skill is not hard, but you need to learn it and I can tell you where there is a free place to learn these lessons! So contact me. Don’t give up.


    • Rick

      Yes! The members who have contacted me are showing pending transfers that are a few hours from being approved and paid! So yes! This is a legit program. Go get more clones everyone!
      If you haven’t joined yet, you can join under me and I will show you the strategies I’ve used over the last 3 years to earn a living online! My Email Mentor is going to be paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next few months! Be there for it.


      • Peter

        You have a positive experience with MEM. My concern is about the IRS forms i find reference in the “stats” tab, in the back office.
        I am not an american citizen. I pay enough taxes as it is in my country. I am uncomfortable with the fact the IRS comes to get his share of my profits. Do you have an opinion? Maybe you are an american so you pay the IRS for sure. I send an email to get more info about this but never got any reply more than a week ago. Usually, it smells bad when replies never come back to the sender. Thanks for any information you can share.

        • Rick

          Not sure about smelling bad. But MEM is not in the business to help us pay our taxes. Before I ever turn in a tax statement I have to earn over $2000 dollars from a single program. For as long as I’ve earned less than that I do not report taxes.

          The IRS does not pratice going out on a limb and harrassing online marketers. Unless they are showing profits in the tens of thousands with no expences. WE all have expences and write offs here online and I can almost justify around $2000 in earnings if I decide to.

          It is up to you to get tax papers and decide what you want to do with them. Some pay taxes some do not. Here in the states you need to file for a business tax id and pay the taxes each quarter. You are responsible for this.

          Programs know if they put your social security number down they are now protected. Like I said it is up to us to take care of what our government requires. Not MEM. They will not answer emails about TAXES.

          Hope this helps you.

          If I were you I wouldn’t worry about it…just take care of it.


  5. kevin

    i would like to get started but it’s not free like it says. i have no money which is why i was interested in the program. Free is Free or at least it suppose to be

    • Rick

      There is nothing free my friend. Except for advice.There are a few things that are free. My mini course you will find on my website. And my advice. Also the program WA where I learned to earn lots of money. It is free to sign up and take the first course. That is if you are wanting to learn to make money online. Join the thousands who do sign up for a program for free and then decide if you want to make real money online, or not. Wealthy Affiliate. Read my #1 recommended review on Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can learn and take the first of the courses for free! Yes Free. But the catch is they give you this to entice you to join and learn a real skill to earn money online. Up to you to decide that later. I joined in 2013 for free and now I work part time from home. You can do this same thing as I did and I can even help you get going. But it is up to you.

      One thing I do is help people with their situation as it is now. If you are broke, or looking for cheap and free stuff… Your life will always reflect that. And you will always have nothing. Trust me I did that once. 🙁 So I can sum up some things for you and offer my assistance for FREE! Yes. No strings! There are some things that are still free. Advice!


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