My Home Success Plan Review -$379 In 60 minutes?

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Wow! $379 per day huh? Wouldn’t you love to make that. My Home Success Plan Review is here to save your day. 

You could be in for some shocking news! There are lots of scams out as you know. But fortunate for you that you’re here right on time. 

There is a identical website promoting this same information yet it’s called Auto Home Profits.

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my home success plan advertisement

Product Name: My Home Success Plan Review

Product Type: Work at home opportunity?

Creator/Owner: unknown

Spokes Person: April Mathews

Price: $97-$77-$47

Upsells: $150 One-on-One Consultation

my home success plan advertisement

Same testimonials, same actors, same news media hype…When will it end?

Today this will be your only stop you need to make for the details about My Home Success Plan. Because as it says in 5 minutes…You could be making Real Money working from the comfort of your home in Penrith, New south Wales? Really? I have to move? OMG! 

I’ve never heard of Penrith!

Product Summary:

Inside the program we see that there is no experience required. And you can be your own boss. 

But not so fast. We find that you really will have to first find a legit program to become educated in marketing. 

My Home Success Plan is seemingly a link posting scam.


April Mathews SpokesPerson



What Is My Home Success Plan About?

It does seem like everyone today is trying to take use a platform like Amazon and their products to make you think you can paste links inside these programs and earn income.

The Process

My Home Success Plan teaches you how to link post. You post your affiliate links on social networks, forums and other websites. 

And when someone clicks on the link they are taken to whatever platform and product you are promoting.

The problem is link posting is no longer something that you can earn income with.

Even though a legal format and training. The profits are almost none. Not now. As legit companies can no longer allow such to take place really.

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Income Potential Calculator

It is basically considered spamming these days.

For one thing, the demand is no longer here. Back years ago you could have gotten away with this sort of shenanigans. Called black hat tricks now days.

Now days no company is going to pay these huge prices to link posters either. So commissions are quite low on most affiliate products.

Most legit website owners will certainly not entertain this nor allow you to do it these days on their sites.

This system is from a past era. No longer being used today. Yet this strategy is still being sold to newcomers who do not know it will not work.

It’s a Decade Old Scam

my home success system revealed prices

Now the program itself is found on ClickBank. How they get it there is that ClickBank is just in the works as a paying Company. 

It gets a percentage of the cut. 

So like the mob boss, making a company seem legit, but it isn’t. One thing you can do is ask for a refund since they are good about making no issues.

They don’t want to make waves!

Is My Home Success Plan A Scam?

I’ve seen hundreds of scams and written on hundreds of them. The answer to is My Home Success Plan A Scam is by all rights. What looks like a scam, smells like a scam, sounds like a scam is usually well within the Scam borders here on the internet.

But wait. As long as underneath all the hype there is a legit marketing training or information, then it cannot be considered a SCAM!

So since it does have a premise of education that can help someone make money. Than we can really not call it a scam. Not really. 

Can we make mention of all the faked information surrounding this Home Success Plan? 

Yes, absolutely!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.


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How Much Does My Home success Plan Cost?

We did quite honestly decide to not send our credit card through as we already know what is going on here with Home Success Plan Costs.

First it is $97 dollars unless you decide to move off the page. Then you will get a discounted message to act now and pay $20 dollars less. Which it comes to $77.00.

my home success plan sales page

And then once you decide to try again to leave, you will get a new reduced price of $47.00 to enroll. Yet even at that price it is way to much to pay for any outdated information based on Link Posting.

my home success plan discounted to $47.00

What I Found On My Home Success Plan Sales Page

Inside My Home Success Plan we see a photo that has been circulating for over ten years on products such as this one. 

April Mathews tells here story of having to work very hard in the past. And living pay check to pay check.

Basically a sob story that people fall for. And can highly relate to even today. 

My home Success Plan duplicate image used

You will see this posted all over the internet. And so how do we stop it? We cannot. 

Most newbies never research such topics and they seldom have any belief within that something could be so misleading and fraudulently created!

What I Did Not Like About My Home Success Plans, Plan

It is ruthless that there are real people that are behind such advertising. Those only fixed and determined to scam people and make money for not doing any work at all. 

This is truly copy and paste method of using such stories to trick humble poor people into giving up their last $97 dollars for a chance to earn hundreds daily.

It all sounds so real. Yet it all appears so fake. And it is why we post such reviews a My Home Success Plan

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Why My Home Success Plan Should Be Considered A Scam

Even though a huge red flag when we see promotions like this duplicated over years and years, there is little we can do about this product and even it’s advertising. 

Reason is behind it is a legit way that would work. Yet the profits you would make are far less than shown. 

The reason why My Home Success Plan has not been removed is it has continually changed it’s name. 

Before this it was Auto Home Profits. Before that it was called something else. 

my success plan 60 day guarantee

The money back offer is your only saving grace. However, I would not ever send in your credit card information. It is difficult to get refunded on credit cards. Better to use PayPal if you have it. And if they don’t except PayPal payments…Suspect that something is up!

Will My Home Success Plan Help You Make Money?

It is quite unlikely that this program and doing such as posting affiliate links where they are not wanted will ever make you any money at all.

The problem you will face if you try to post links to platforms is you will be removed from having access. At least under the name you use. 

If you create a new name…Then are you not spamming? And if so then what makes you any better than the scammers out there?

Leave this stuff alone and create a real money maker using my #1 product below.

my home success plan testimonials and money back

People do not earn this much using this method. Ever. So please stop thinking something like this will ever pay the bills. Move on!

Would I Recommend You Buy My Home Success Plan?

Of course not. We review writers are here to help you find legitimate programs that will help you earn money. 

Not all programs are scams. There are a few that are helpful in increasing your income levels. 

But they require work just like you do at a real job. The only thing is it becomes your own business model and you become the CEO!

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Hi, I am Rick! I am the creator of Down Hill Money. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.


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To Your Marketing Success!

Rick bell

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