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Product Name: Infinity Reloaded


Price: $10 per Month

Owner: 3 co-founders

Recommended: 9 of 10 for Newbies

What Is Infinity Reloaded?

Infinity Reloaded







Infinity Reloaded is a coaching program. But, it goes further than that by giving members the ability to earn from others who sign up. Quickly you pay for your training with other sign ups. And then profit as you move along. It has quite an extensive compensation program that, seems hard to follow at first. But it is really pretty simple as you move forward into the levels. Plus, you make more money!

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It is Multilevel Marketing (MLM) or as many refer to it, Network Marketing. With this type of system, you need to recruit people to make money. But it is actually easier than you think due to the small buy in. $10 bucks. Who does not have $10 bucks. And that is why I believe so many sign up. And being able to recruit people for several levels (recruits of recruits, etc.) will bring you hefty payments each month, all for the same $10.

Pros vs. Cons


  • The cost is only $10 per month. That is cheap for any offer buy in. Almost unheard of for MLM. The good news about such a low payment is that it won’t be difficult to convince others to try it out.
  • Depending on the level you reach, you will be automatically subscribed to other programs at no additional cost to you. Many MLM programs, try to upsell you before you even start earning any money.
  • When you make it to the next level, a portion of your earnings is reinvested to build your business further. The difference between Infinity Reloaded and other MLM programs is the others require you to upgrade before you earn. Infinity Reloaded takes only from your earnings in the program itself. This means you never spend more than $10 per month.
  • The training is geared specifically towards building your business. Each level that you reach gives you access to advance training as it relates to building your business. Most other MLM programs load up the membership with useless products simply to satisfy the requirement of not being a Ponzi scheme. In the United States, a program whose only function is to recruit is considered a Ponzi scheme, which is illegal. Products or services other than recruitment must be offered in addition to the recruitment for it to not get labeled as a Ponzi scheme.
  • It’s a recent release which means you aren’t getting in towards the end of the program that has saturated. This program has the potential for staying power based on what is offered. Plus, the low cost of entry gives people more incentive to accept the concept. It’s likely many people will take the plunge at this price point.


  • MLM has gotten a bad reputation over the years and for good reasons. People don’t make money in most of the programs. This reputation makes it more challenging to recruit people.
  • Even though the payment is minimal ($10 per month), it still is an auto billing arrangement. This has been one of the biggest complaints with MLM. If people don’t make enough money after a certain number of months, they will drop out of the program. But it happens. You have to recruit like minded individuals.
  • Most people are not natural born salespeople. This is another tough aspect of MLM. It’s true. It is hard to find traffic for this so you have to get inside the training where they teach this to you. But don’t rule out that success cannot be had. I see plenty of regular Joe’s profiting from this course.
  • The sales letter for the product doesn’t give much to go on. Yet if you get inside as a member. It is all there. Just not something available to the public. Got to get inside to find it all and for it to make sense. It gives a quick but good high-level overview and then some testimonials, on the surface. So hard to make a decision to optin for many. 

what is infinity reloaded/testimonials

  • There is always the possibility that recruitment will dry up in any MLM program. When that happens, it can be a domino effect for all the members. However some mlm programs are still around after a decade or more. One is MOBE. The system is only as good as your recruited members. So the more motivated they are, the more you earn as well.


Brief Overview of the Base Compensation Program

is infinity reloaded a scam?

If you only recruit one person, and they stick with the program, you will receive $7 out of their $10. As a recurring payment each month. This means that your cost to stay in the program is only $3. Add just one more person to that and you are now making $4 dollar profit.(2 people x $7 = $14 – your $10). It only takes two people for you to be earning a real income and growing. $4 may not seem like much, but there are multipliers with this system.

Now, what happens if you recruit five people who stay in? Each month, you will receive $35 (5 x $7). This gives you an income of $25 (subtract your $10 going forward). When you start leveling up, the multiplier kicks in. At the next level, which is Silver, each person you recruit earns you $200. When you get to the Platinum level, your earnings per month will be $1,425.

As if that isn’t enough, there three more levels that you can earn even more. At the Titanium level, those five people will earn you $3,175 per month. Diamond brings you an income of $6,675 and Crown Diamond will earn $13,675. That is not chump change by any stretch of the imagination.

That describes the basic plan. When your referrals start earning, you get a piece of their referrals as well. As you can see, this can mushroom into something huge. Plus, there are other money-making programs that you will earn throughout the membership and are included as part of your earnings.


Is Infinity Reloaded a Scam?

I would not label Infinity Reloaded a scam at all. It has the right components to keep from being labeled a Ponzi scheme. It has a low cost of entry which makes it easier to convince others and it won’t set you back when you sign up. The training is geared directly at helping you to help others earn. There are several other programs that you will get entered into only when you start to earn more. 

If you want to sign up to Infinity go here to test this program: Begin My Recurring Commissions!


Conclusion to Infinity Reloaded

I am not usually a fan of MLM programs myself. But there are a few I wished I had started when they started! Like this one is fairly new at this time so just beginning. And Infinity Reloaded is one of the best I have seen of late. If you are worried about the cost, consider that a Star Bucks coffee can cost almost $3.00. If you forego three days each month of your Starbucks coffee, you practically have the cost covered. Besides, the coffee doesn’t have any potential to earn you money. Infinity Reloaded does.

Contrast this with an Infinity Reloaded membership that has the potential to earn you thousands if you implement the program properly. Although there is no guarantee you will earn any money with the system, you will never know until you sign up and test the waters!

Although I believe Infinity Reloaded will likely be around for some time, why not get in during the early stages of the program? Let’s assume you sign up and six months passes. You recruit five people, and they stick with the program. At the base level, you will receive $25 ($35 – $10 for your membership). As mentioned before, at $10, it’s not difficult to convince others to join. To be fair, some will drop out. But, you simply keep applying what they teach you to gain new subscribers. Eventually, you should find at least five people who will knock this out of the park.

Infinity Reloaded could work if you give it a try. However, it is not based on your own product or service, and if something happens to it, you could be left out in the cold. It’s good to have multiple channels of income, and you want to develop a solid business that is all yours. For that, you should consider My #1 Recommended Program. It will help you set the framework for a viable and long-lasting business.





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