My Lead System Pro – Does it Work or is it a SCAM?

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Product Name: My Lead System Pro


Price: $10 Trial 10 days…to $1499 

Owner: Norbert Orlewicz

Rank: about 50% out of 100%





This system started out in 2008 and was promoted in such a way many believed it would be a super strong and winning system. It was self promoting by the very members who joined and worked the inhouse affiliate membership. 

My name is Rick Bell and I signed up and joined this program ten days ago so as to write this honest review. Always hoping to add yet another program to my arsenal of money makers, I always join and research, even attempt marketing them before turning in my professional opinion, one way or the other.

I’m sorry to say that My Lead System Pro is over-priced and lacks a continuing evolving training platform. It has failed most of the criteria I put it through for ten full days. I only know of one program to date that fits a perfect training and money making platform….

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What is My Lead System Pro?

I am a researcher and my job is to find you guys the right programs which are easy to earn money from and learn from as well. I do this on a daily basis to help others find ways to earn online that work. So, let’s get back to MLSP.

Unfortunately, this program is much harder to promote than they say, and pretty darn expensive too, even with all the landing pages they have pre-designed for you to use. Which of course makes it seem somewhat deceiving as well. Meaning it appears it should work far better than it does!

Maybe it is they come across too professional and people feel it must be some gimmick. To be able to get 15 different, so called benefits priced to add up to over $10,000! I’m not sure, but I spent 27 hours in all trying to get one person to sign up and I sent out over 2,207 emails and swipes multiple time over a period of ten days, without any success!

As a full time professional marketer I generally get much better feed back on even simpler programs and in much shorter period of testing. The test prove that MLSP is over-priced and over-rated.


Pros Verse Cons of MLSP


* There are plenty of tools and ways to help you create a list to get subscribers and lots of training to help you get started. But it will take you months and months of full time effort.

* There are no fake marketing materials here. What you see does help but you will have to spend thousands of hours at this to succeed in building a list and affiliate members under you.

* They do have free webinars each week and tons of helpful marketing info you really do need to succeed online. Yet it is much cheaper and even simpler to learn other places.

* Some contests as well to get others involved and support also gets back to you fairly fast. Good things when a system requires you to promote it.

* They show the members who have done well with a member of the month area. To reach that pinacle you would spend years though.


* Hugely overpriced based on my experience (way too much cost)

* Some of the training material is over simplified making you think that everything they say will work right away. (It doesn’t)

* You basically are promoting their program so it always stays, their baby and when you move on you leave all the materials behind.

* Lots of complaints that show us plenty of people fail at this regularly. Made to seem easy, yet it really is anything but.

* When I was there many swipes were inactive and they told me they were working on these? They’ve had time since 2008!

* Basically, you have no choice but to promote them if you want to make money. Of course their products as well.


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My Lead System Pro Works for…

Those who want to just learn to promote the MLSP program, and can log in and get started in just one day. Yet it does not allow you to bring in your own products or to learn to promote just any product. In other words you would need your own products to really become successful here online. Or at least be able to choose more interesting products others are seeking. Most are not interested in a training program to promote.

Being tied to a program just promoting them will not get you running your own business and they know this. They tell you that later on after you learn to build a list you will be able to use that list to promote other products…But that is not true. It is difficult at best to build your own list and continue promoting what you start promoting. Much less change it later to other products and programs, some time later. 


mlsp3MLSP Training

Sure they teach some basics, but mostly focus on teaching you to market their product and program. They have all kinds of landing pages, squeeze pages and even products that will help others that you can make a commission on. But believe me, training programs are very hard to promote, as people search for far more interesting ways to earn money online other than just training.

But their whole premise is that you promote their affiliate program. The system itself is set up so one sided in fact you cannot get away from it later on. The attraction marketing concept is you and them.


Support and Help?

This I found is pretty good. As they do know that people are going to be asking questions and they are going to need help. I did not have a problem with support. They always answered my questions in a timely manner and were courteous. They know newbies will come in with no knowledge of internet marketing.

But I think that is where some of that $1,499 per year payment goes to… Paying those support techs! They aren’t doing it for free, right?



Here is the Run Down on Prices

Start with a $9.97 for 10 day trial, which will get you in and listening to the first training videos on how to market using their funnels. But, then will be set up to turn into a monthly fee of $149.00 just that quickly if you don’t cancel. Beware!

Now they have a lessor program which is their Gold level, which you pay $49.97 per month, but you don’t get lots of the stuff they have. The webinar and some training is left out.

Platinum Membership is a cool, $99.00 dollars each month and you get almost everything with this. It is probably the level you would want to be if you decided to try this.

The value is given only when you go to cancel or opt out! You can get yearly discounts, so if you ever join. Quit! Then you will see new price values pop up that give you big discounts to stay in the program.


mlsp6MLSP High Ticket Sales

MLSP has plenty of high ticket products, you can get commissions on and they tell you this. However, most people think that they make more, when in fact a $900 dollar product is going to sell so much less than a $33 dollar product that it really comes out about the same.

You will also be promoting their products and basically they have a one time commission. The only thing you make a recurring commission on is your affiliates when they sign up under you.


Is My Lead System Pro a Scam?

Basically yes. It is outdated information that hasn’t changed in years. They make you think you will make lots of money promoting them and you cannot. Like I said, marketing other peoples training programs are the hardest thing you will ever experience here online. So definitely is a program to stay away from. And, compared to easier working programs that do work, My Lead System Pro is a Scam!



My Lead System Pro Product Overview:

Just another source where a team of people promote an in-house product of reselling it to unsuspecting subscribers. Not much there other than some basic training you can get other places for much less cost. And a very high payment each month as you struggle to try and promote their program itself. There are too many of these type programs online. 





 As a biginner MLSP is the worst place you should be. Follow my expert advise and choose the #1 recommended program for all! (below)


Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer Yourself


If you have a question about My Lead System Pro, or my review… Please drop me a comment below and I will get back with you right away. Since I have promoted this I am ready for any questions you may ask in regard.

To Online Success….

4 Responses

  1. Todd

    Hi Rick,

    I just got someone from Facebook sending me their affiliate link of my lead system pro and I was intrigued mostly because of the professional looking website.

    I’m glad I did a bit more digging and found your review because I would hate to invest so much time and energy working with MLSP just to be promoting their training product for such low commissions. What did you say, $900 dollar product for a $30 dollar commission, that’s worse than Amazon’s affiliate program.

    You think a program that is helping fellow affiliate marketers would share the love more, but maybe their commissions are so low because of all their support staff to help out people who are new to affiliate/internet marketing.

    Anyways, a big fat thank you Rick for putting in the time and due diligence on My Lead System Pro, great review and warning.


    • Rick

      I joined the program and promoted it for 10 days straight. No luck. No one was interested in having to pay that much just on the off chance someone joined under them. MLSP has been around for a while and people have gotten wind of it. The materials inside are dated, and support just says they are going to fix these. Yet they don’t. Its old software they are still trying to make money from and never put money back into the training or anything.

      I appreciate you stopping by to comment.

      It is why I recommend people go to Wealthy Affiliate and start their business there, or learn to make money online. It is all updated and easy step by step lessons. Kyle, the owner and the community is very helpful and considerate to your needs as well. YOu can join for free and check it out if you want.

      ps. I’ve helped over one hundred members get there and start building their income from home!

  2. John

    Hi Rick. Unfortunately, there are not many programs out there worth the money the creators ask for. MLSP has only one purpose: To make Mr. Orlewicz rich.

    • Rick

      Thanks John.

      That is why I write reviews to show others that the programs in question they are searching for are either scams, not worth joining, too expensive, or perfectly legit! This one happens to be a very hard program to promote and make headway with as I gave it my all for ten full days. No breaks! 🙂 And I got nothing back from it other than my refunded payment of ten dollars for the ten day trial.

      I decided to write the review to see if I could keep others from spending all their hard earned money on it! $149 per month? WOW! And, Wealthy Affiliate has way more training and value! If you are looking for value and a way to learn to make money online let me recommend the #1 program Wealthy Affiliate!

      Now if you have marketing experience already you may want to go with Commission Miner! I’ve made over $2000 dollars in the last 6 weeks! Commission Miner has a several different ways to promote their program and inhouse products and you make recurring commissons and even use a two-tier auto pilot system for some of their products! Means you get paid and keep getting paid even after you stop working for the evening.

      You can go here to try it for free for 30 days. Bryan has been good about refunding anyone who decides that it is not for them. Heck, sign up under me and I can get you going on it as well. Commission Miner

      Let me know if I can help you in any other way brother.


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