My Mobile Money Pages Review

Product Name: My Mobile Money Pages

Product Creator: Andrew Davidson; Andrew Fox

Advertised Price: $39.95, down-sell to $29.95

Product Website:

Rating: 15/100


Are you ready for another over-hyped method for getting rich on the internet by simply pressing a few buttons? If you even believe that line, then I have a bridge to sell you…cheap! Sadly, this is the same, over-used hype that Andrew Fox (actually he goes by the name of Andrew Davidson in the sales video) is hoping you will fall for. One program that thousands join each year is Wealthy Affiliate.

My Mobile Money Pages is simply a product that allows users to create web sites optimized for mobile devices quickly and easily. I must admit, the sales video was pretty interesting, showing him creating a site in just about two minutes. At least the sales video was short, so you won’t have to sit through a ton of hype and false promises.


My Mobile Money Pages Review
My Mobile Money?

My Mobile Money Pages Review is Set to Help You


Essentially, this is a mobile site creation software. The whole idea behind this is that you can, just by pushing a few buttons, create yourself an entire website. Pretty cool, right? Well, the problem is the sites which are created do not really measure up to the standards of today’s internet. The sites produced are of rather poor quality and it is very difficult to see how anyone who should manage to wander onto your lonely little piece of the internet would actually order something from it.

I will add the fact that these sites do have a degree of mobile optimization. This is pretty much the only thing that saved it from a 0 rating. The whole ‘system’ consists of you just pushing a few buttons and then choosing a domain name. Presumably, the software goes out and conducts a search to determine if your chosen name is available and maybe even actually registers it.

My Mobile Money Pages Review is here

Is My Mobile Money Pages A Scam?


Pretty much, I would say yes, My Mobile Money Pages is a scam. At the very least it is designed in a very scammy way. For example, there is absolutely no training provided by this product. You do not learn anything about how to actually make a mobile optimized site, which would be a fantastic skill to have.

They just assume that people will be more excited about a push button internet marketing solution rather than actually learning how to do the work.


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No mention is made regarding how to get traffic to your sites. Rather than keep this a mystery, I will tell you their great traffic training secret. They want you to simply spam Facebook and any other social media site (at least until they ban your account and kick you off) with links to your poor quality mobile sites. Folks, this is just bad advice that has been proven time and again not to work.

On top of this, it doesn’t teach you anything about keywords or research. The software simply ‘intercepts’ keywords designed to get you traffic. Bad idea once again. Push button solutions simply don’t work.


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Too Much My Mobile Money Pages Hype:


There is a fair amount of hype in this. While it is certainly not as much that can be found in other similar products, the sales video is really vague about the whole thing. No actual definition of mobile money pages is ever given. You also hear talk about companies paying you to promote their sites, as if this is something revolutionary concept (it is the basis for affiliate marketing, which is how many legitimate internet marketers make a good part of their income).

Even the reviews they have listed on the sales page are full of hype. Of course, they all try and show just how ‘wonderful’ or ‘amazing’ this product is, but are very light on any amount of specifics or details. More than likely, these are simply affiliates writing fake reviews in an effort to fool the unsuspecting people into thinking this is a real product that real people are using to produce results.


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Final Verdict On My Mobile Money Pages Review:


You should avoid this product. It is aimed at newer and less experienced internet marketers, but even still it will end up causing more trouble than anything else. Instead of something promising push button solutions and easy, near-instant riches, pick a program with actual information and training that can help you to learn how to build a real business.

Anything less (like this My Mobile Money Pages review suggests) would really be a waste of precious time and money.


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Many times in life we sit around and wish and wonder. I did the same until I decided that my life needed some changes. Especially in the money department! So I climbed up out of PoorVille Town and started a program called Wealthy Affiliate. If you read the review here “my Wealthy Affiliate Review” I think you will be amazed.


Welcome to your new Life!


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  1. Paul

    Dear Rick,

    Thousands of thanks for the great review on My Mobile Money Pages. Your review contains loads of valuable information which provided enough information to analyse the product. Thanks for this useful review. Wishing you great success! Keep up the great work. I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

  2. Peter

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for pointing out this scam. These push button hyped-up systems never work. If you want to build something sustainable it will take time and effort. Wealthy Affiliate that you mention is a really awesome place to start to internet marketing business.

    • Rick

      Yep Peter.
      I don’t know why people just don’t seem smart enough to tell the difference. Well, I can’t so I see why! 🙂
      Thanks for the comment. Hope you are doing as well as I am at Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Vanessa

    Hi Rick,
    I hope people get to this review before they sign up for something like My Mobile Pages, as doing so can save them from spending their hard earned cash on something that does not work. It is so important to know what’s involved in having an online business, so that you can avoid the shams and find a legitimate opportunity. Thanks for putting this review out there.

    • Rick

      Yes we are in the business to help all who see us here. We direct traffic to the better programs and wish for this alone to be enough. However it is never enough as we need to reach more and more people.
      Once we set ourselves up to do campaigns such as this we see we are only scratching the surface. But let us carry on!
      Rick Bell

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