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Online Profit Jobs Home Page







Product Name: Online Profit Jobs (OPJ)

Website: Online Profit Jobs

Price: OPJ Forwards to ($1 trial, then $27 per month)

Owners: Private Listing on Who Is Server

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Verdict: Read this article to find out what it’s all about!


What Is Online Profit Jobs?

Online Profit Jobs (OPJ) is a one-page website. Click on either of the buttons, and you will be taken to a vendor website for opinions. The idea being, if you purchase the product (opinion service), the owner of OPJ will get a percentage of the sale. This will all be clear after I go into more detail below.

This type of website is used to funnel traffic to what is known as an affiliate product. OPJ is the affiliate and the opinion website is the vendor. The opinion website will pay the owners of the OPJ website a commission for getting people to sign up to the vendor’s website (and pay). The OPJ website only exists to funnel the traffic. It has no other function. Home Page

The opinion service is called It uses to facilitate the sale and manage the affiliate relationships. This gives the vendor a payment processor as well as a platform to know how many sales are direct and how many are from affiliates.

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Pros vs. Cons


  • The gateway page is high quality. Of course, that’s no reason to buy a product.


  • There is no real product or service called Online Profit Jobs. When you hit on either button, you are funneled to an affiliate offer.
  • The concept of gateway pages is borderline black hat techniques. There is a reason why Google discourages (and even bans) these types of websites.
  • There is no terms of service or privacy policy listed on the page. Always suspect websites that don’t include at least one of these.


How To Make Money with Online Profit Jobs is a vendor who is making available a list of opinion websites. Customers who want to make money by giving their opinions would sign up to the website and pay the fee. Can someone make money with the opinion websites?

In short, it’s possible to make money with opinion websites. However, you have to be careful about what you are signing up for. Each opinion website will require a separate login. This means you’ll be bombarded with offers from these websites, plus, they will probably sell your email to other vendors.

The amount of money you make with opinion websites is usually not worth the trouble. Most of them require you to be an active member for a while before you start making anything resembling a decent amount of money. You won’t retire from this line of work, ever! Money Claims

The amounts that shows you (image above) making is laughable. On occasion, some of the opinion websites will throw you a bone and give you five dollars for a survey here or there. But, don’t expect that to happen too often.

Another consideration is can you find these opinion websites on your own? In other words, why do you need a service such as What value are they offering you other than to sell you a list of opinion websites? Many of them claim to add value by vetting the list, but that is highly unlikely. They will likely make the most money from other affiliates.

Whether is a scam is irrelevant for the purpose of this review. It’s about Online Profit Jobs. See my analysis of that next. Besides, if this offer doesn’t work out for the owners of OPJ, they will redirect the buttons on the page to some other offer. The term “Online Profit Jobs” is general enough to fit into just about any money-making scheme.


Who Needs Complaints!

You should be aware of some common complaints with opinion websites. First, the surveys often take a long time to complete. You can expect to spend about 15 minutes (in many cases more) for a measly payout of a few cents. If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll make five to ten cents per survey. But, there are plenty of survey sites that pay even less. Many of them give you points towards discounts or prizes. This is not exactly the way to financial freedom.

Second, you are giving up a fair amount of personal information with these surveys. In this age where privacy is becoming a thing of the past, this is a serious consideration. If these websites paid well for this information, it may give you more incentive to do it. But, for the measly amount of money, is it worth it?

You may be tempted to enter in junk answers. However, these survey sites test for this. They plant questions that specifically will trip you up if you lie. In other words, they will ask the same questions in different surveys. If you answer differently from the previous survey, you get flagged as lying. If you do this enough, they can ban you and you forfeit any earnings you may have accumulated.


Is Online Profit Jobs a Scam?

Online Profit Jobs is not a scam. But, it doesn’t offer any value. And, it’s borderline deceptive because there is no product or service called Online Profit Jobs.

With affiliate programs, the affiliate should offer something more than you can get from going directly to the vendor. Otherwise, why not just go to the vendor? Had OPJ given a rating on each of the opinion sites that are included with the service, or if they gave tips on how to make the most money from those opinion sites, these would be examples of adding value. The site as it exists is simply a gateway website, again, set up to funnel traffic to get a commission. Nothing else.

What the owners of OPJ will probably do is to use Pay Per Click (PPC) networks to send traffic to the main page. Owners of these types of gateway sites have the capability of swapping out other offers if they find the current one is not making them money. They simply find another affiliate program, change the web page wording, and test to see if the new affiliate product makes them money.


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