My Quick Rewards Review

Product: Quick Rewards Network

Product Creator: Dmitry Beker

Price: Free

Upsells: None

Ranking: 55/100


This Quick Rewards Network is a site that allows users to sign up free of charge and then earn money through a variety of activities. The main methods of earning are completing surveys and trial offers, visiting websites, and online shopping. While this Quick Rewards network review shows it is certainly not a scam, there are some things to be concerned about, especially if you might be thinking about trying to use this site to generate some real money.


quick rewards network

What Is My Quick Rewards Review?



The Quick Rewards Network review is an online website and network created by founder (and current owner) Dmitry Beker back in 2002. The fact that the site has been around this long in the online ‘make money’ space is impressive. The owner does still answer his own email and keeps an active role in the company; it appears they have a solid level of customer service, with a very respectable A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.


Is Quick Rewards Legit?



Yes, Quick Rewards is legit as far as the website goes. They do offer legitimate surveys and other offers that you can complete. In fact, they have a very good reputation and are know to make payouts in a timely manner. You will appreciate that there is no minimum needed for a cash out, unlike most other typical survey sites that require between $20 and $30.

Having said that, it is a little troubling that Quick Rewards Network suffers from most of the other typical survey site problems. For example, the surveys will take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to complete. The pay per survey is very low, ensuring you end up working at a lower than minimum wage rate. Plus, you have to spend time up front just to see if you qualify to take a survey. It can be a lot of work just to get yourself in front of the right offer.

Who Would Benefit From Quick Rewards?

My quick rewards network is legit

Someone who is patient and has a lot of time on their hands might benefit from the Quick Rewards program. They would need to be not worried about sitting through a number of qualification screenings before actually starting on a paying survey (this could be three or four screens for up to five offers). On the positive side, you would have a fair amount of variety here including visiting other sites, shopping, watching videos, etc… You earn points for all these activities which can later be turned into cash.


Is Quick Rewards A Scam?

No, Quick Rewards is not a scam. In fact, it is probably the most legitimate of all the survey sites and programs online right now. The theory behind the program is actually quite innovative, even if the practice is somewhat less appealing. They have an excellent reputation for making payouts and there is no minimum amount required. In other words, try it out with a survey or two and then take your $1 or $0.50 or whatever you made and transfer it to your PayPal account.


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Can You Make Money With Quick Rewards?


Don’t get your hopes up or book that ticket to Tahiti quite yet. You could make some small money with Quick Rewards, but the key word is small. We are talking anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per survey or offer. When cashing in points, each is worth about a penny, so you need to quite a bit to have any decent money.

This is the primary issue with survey sites. There really just isn’t a lot of money to go around. As long as you are not looking to this money for paying the bills, you might be OK. The key is proper expectations.


Should You Avoid Quick Rewards Surveys?



If you are after the promise of making decent money online, then avoid Quick Rewards surveys. It is just way too much work and effort for such an incredibly low reward. You would do much better to focus on one of our recommended opportunities.

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6 Responses

  1. Cathy

    Survey is a lengthy work to do online and like you said, they pay very little at the end of the day. I rather create my own website and drive my own traffic to generate a more long term income.

    • Rick

      You said it. I’ve used them for a time and tried to make income. Now I finally make income but at a real place called Wealthy Affiliate. thanks!

  2. Peter

    Hi Rick,
    I agree with you, the time it takes to complete the tasks means that you are working for next to nothing. It always surprises me how many people enjoy these sites and use them to earn a few dollars a month. Do they ever think of how much time they spend?
    Anyone who is not afraid of a bit of hard work and has a few hours a week to spare would be much better off starting a real online business.

    • Rick

      I think they would enjoy Wealthy Affiliate much more as there is real income here and not some $20 dollars a month coming in!
      Thanks for the comment. Lets get together for a coffee sometime!

  3. Bob

    Thanks for the review. This confirms everything that I’ve ever heard about these “online earnings” deals. Bottom line for me — An awful lot of time spent for very little return.

    • Rick

      You are welcome Bob. Thanks for the feedback. Very few of us have found the right program. I think that wealthy affiliate fits so many trying to make money online today. And they have the free sign up to help everyone out. You can check this program out to determine if it is a good fit or not.
      That is what I did a few years ago. And Now i’m making huge revenues I could not even of believed in back then!

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