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Product: Rewarding Ways

Rating: 10/100

Scam or Legit: Legit but lousy

Bottom Line: Not a good idea


 My Rewarding Ways-Review For Less!


 rewarding ways review


Can I earn money online with Rewarding Ways?  Read my Rewarding Ways Review and find out. In this article we review the Rewarding Ways program which claims you can earn money online. In this review we look to see if Rewarding Ways is legit or if this survey type program is a scam.


 What is Rewarding Ways?


Rewarding Ways is an online website run by 99 Ventures.  It offers a number of ways for people to earn money, or try to. The methods range from filling out surveys, and also promoting Rewarding Ways itself.

One signs up for their free membership. At least there is no cost to join. Then one can select from the choices and ways to earn money and see what happens. Below, there is an image showing the kind of money you can possibly earn by being an active Rewarding Ways member.



rewarding ways review
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The website explains that one can get paid instantly upon completion.  There is a minimal $1 in an account to be allowed to make withdraws.  See below for a precise account of what can happen with Rewarding Ways. 

Members are able to get their money via PayPal, Payza or Skril. 

International Offers.  Some of the offers available at Rewarding Ways are equally available to people in all nations.  However, international members located outside of the USA should be aware that their access to activities and site options will be limited by their location.  In some cases it may be frustrating.  

Maybe you have heard of ‘downlines’.   It is a term most known from the notorious MLM marketing schemes.  In this case it just means that you can make money by getting referrals to the site.   If this is your strong point, I mean a very strong point, then it might be a means of developing a long term secondary income. 


 rewarding ways review
Or maybe there really isn’t that many good ways to earn money here at Rewarding Ways.



Is Rewarding Ways a Scam?


No it is not a scam. But it definitely could pay a little better for the time you spend! For some, it may offer a good way to piddle around at home and earn a few dollars online. Perhaps if you like what it is you are doing and are going to do it anyway! You can earn enough to buy an ice cream cone or pair of socks each week with the few dollars you do earn.

Diverse ways to earn money at the same site.

The best thing about it, is that it is free to join.

When asked, most people do receive their pay as the site claims. 

The site has been online since 2010.  There are a few other sites run by the same organization.  SuperPay, Offer Nation and Click Fair are all run by the same people.  




There have been a lot of complaints about Rewarding Ways. 

While doing the research there were listings in a side bar on the upper right-hand side of the page sharing how much people were earning.  The largest amount was $10.  Most of the amounts were under $3 and just to be clear: the majority of the earnings went to one in the same person. 

Many offers available to the Americans are not accesssible to European members.

This is not the place to get rich. If you are wanting to make money online though, and lots of it, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

 So, when you ask “Can I earn money online with Rewarding Ways?” They can truthfully answer, “Some,” even when their results are shown as below. Click image to enlarge.



 rewarding ways review



Founders of Rewarding Ways


 99 Ventures LLC has a website so simple it is startling and suspicious.  They provide a London, England street address, an email address and a few links to their main sites.  For whatever reasons, I expected there to be a few pages about the business. 

The lack of information can suggest different things.  Big businesses often do not have “about me” pages.   Even so, two online searches and all I found was that the leaders of the organization are practically invisible.  

I felt not being able to get the identity of the owners and leaders was a natural and healthy cause for suspicion.

For instance, if one goes to one does not find an “About” page, but one can get this kind of information : Amazon & Jeff Bazos. Which lets you know how legit a place is on the internet today.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t wish to be a part of any organization led by shadow-figures.  If we cannot find out who exactly who is running the show, then better stay away.  I’ve written many reviews and when I ‘m lacking information for an online program review, normally the online program itself tends to be lacking as well. As in support, a credible following, a great community, and on the legal side of things, making money!

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 rewardingways...landing page


Over all:  Not a good way to make money online, unless you only need ten bucks a week! Doing online surveys has got to be the hardest longest work for someone else that pays absolutely the lowest amounts I’ve ever encountered.

Here is the link to their site: Rewarding Ways



You Can Earn Money Online Legit Programs Like Wealthy Affiliate


If you are looking for ways to earn money online, and need to earn a real income, then Rewarding Ways is probably not the solution for you. There are a few dozen programs we’ve researched during the past two years that will allow you this pleasure. One of these is the program thousands are using today to build a business online which earn them real revenue.


wealthy affiliate group


If you want to earn online, check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can sign up for free! Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review before giving up on an online business!

Be sure to drop us a comment to ask any questions about Rewarding Ways or  The Wealthy Affiliate Review.

To Your Online Success!



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  1. Sady Fernandez

    SCAM SITE!!!
    This company is blocked account with money and not paid money which your earned. My account is blocked without any reasons and explanations. My money is not paid and support don’t answer to my messages.

    • Rick

      You need to find real marketing skills and not just try to make money from some software that says you can. Most are scams and we try to help people and show this…By pointing them to a source where they have the ability to learn and grow. Go back to my website and read the #1 review on WA. It will help you get to the point of being able to make money online. No problem. Rick

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