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my six figure mentor review


What is Six Figure Mentor – Will it Work for You?

Ross will turn his back on you! After you pay SFM $4000.00! He did me…

My Review:

I ended up spending almost $6000.00 dollars trying to make money from Six Figure Mentors. I’m actually a pretty good marketer! Cost to sign up for the best chance of getting high ticket sales… $4000.00

I would advise to listen to what I’m saying here. As a past member who has quit after a full time effort of six months in 2014, I can not recommend them to anyone. But not to worry. There is a place that teaches you how to market products which does work and the cost is pennies compared to Stuarts program. Read the review I wrote for Wealthy Affiliate before you go. I write reviews and research online programs for a living now. I’m also an expert on what is working and what is not.

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassak are trying to turn the online digital world upside down. It appears suddenly they have created hundreds of new online bread winners who started from scratch! Make no mistake about it, my six figure mentors review will show you the kind of results you will achieve once you join. My name is Rick Bell and I even signed up to Six Figure Mentors to write this review for you. If you don’t have $4,000 dollars to invest online to promote them, than be smart and invest wisely by reading the #1 recommended review Wealthy Affiliate.


What is Six Figure Mentor or Mentors?

Stuart and Jay decided to partner together in 2010 to share their combined online methods And, in order to create an online program that will expand with time and remove us from our broken traditional economy where we are stuck as slaves, they designed the program around us. There product? A turnkey system (franchise like) Digital Business with Proven Automated System Software like no other on the planet. Or so they say. Or should we say a way to promote them while paying them for their program and training.

They have created a program which when learned will allow you to sell or promote any product you wish, or even someone else’s product, with the ease of buttering bread! And it also allows you to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and a internet connection. At least that is how easy they make it sound. I worked the program six months without any new sign ups and spent over $5700.00 trying!

my six figure mentor review



What Happened When I Joined?

Since I applied and became an active member I will give you the inside scoop. And believe me. This is totally from the inside. Because if I were not really a member I would not be able to tell you half of what you read here. I paid $39.00 to start the application and then told it would be $97 dollars per month. The upsells will get you though, the next one is to be an Elite member for $4000! Then there are 4 more levels going skyward to a $20,000.00 Black level!

In all honesty this is not the best training system on the market today. It is far better than many, but the price is crazy high! And I can say this as I’ve reviewed and researched over 200 online progams. I know everyone says theirs is the best, but I will guantee you as good as Six Figure Mentors is, no one starting out can afford the prices! It is only a over-customized online program.

Read Carefully…

If you’re here looking for a legitamate and highly profitable way to earn online from home using products you can be proud to promote, with no overhead, no bank loans well maybe a few bank loans to get you inside, no personal selling, and no MLM, then this review could be the most important one you’ve every read…


What is Six Figure Mentors? It is..


JUST ANOTHER WAY FOR THE FOUNDERS TO EARN MONEY AND FOR YOU TO SPEND YOURS! If you ask anyone what six figure mentors really is, and they are honest with you, they will tell you it is a program with Stuart and Jay who have a huge funnel to promote their high ticket lessons and training. Yet you cannot get anyone to sign up, not at $97 a month and $3500 to $10,000 buy in! Trust me!


SFM is NOT  just another lame ‘make money online’ thing…

               SFM is NOT  just another set of DVD’s to watch and wonder about…

         And, SFM is NOT  just more information leading you no where….


Who is The Six Figure Mentors For?


This program is for all who are new to internet marketing as well as the experienced internet marketer. And anyone in between who is wanting to work from home instead of commute an hour to two hours each day. This program is especially for those wanting to be their own boss and control their life! The SFM program allows you to start making revenue right away and they show you why marketing online is the new digital business lifestyle. 

Except you don’t start making money right away, even using what they call their perfect funnel system which promotes SFM. It does very badly at getting sign ups as it is way too expensive for the majority of people looking to earn money online.

Got ten to twenty thousand to invest? You could easily spend that there and still be looking for a way to earn income! It is the way Stuart and Jay have it set up. For big wheels in the industry which have one hundred grand to invest into a money system of theirs, promoting them.


Support to Enjoy at SFM

Many programs online lack the support people need to be able to get questions answered and get the individual help they want and need starting out. SFM shows you how good their community is up front and just how much support you will get each day. However, I could hardly find a member there, until I was told to search Facebook!

Here are the Types of People Who Are Enjoying Freedom with this System


The Newbie

You are new to the internet but want to make money and possibly you’ve failed at it before. This program includes step by step instructions so anyone can succeed. You will learn what strategies work best and get real time results when applying them each day.

The Entrepreneur

You’ve already got a busines online but you are needing to learn how to get more traffic and increase your income, leads and sales. You want to make more money by working less, to gain the true freedom you deserve as an online entrepreneur.

The Marketer

You arleady earn good money online but you are wanting to take it to the next level. You know that to scale a business up even higher to earn more you will need a FAST system. Something that will leverage what you have, all the way to the very top of the world!

The Offline Business Owner

Those who already have a business structured but would like to take advantage of the internet to be able to start a business online. Utilizing the internet you realize if done correctly you can have multiple business ventures going at the same time. You also know it’s better to have several incomes streams working than having all your eggs in one basket.


Six Figure Mentors – Right Choice?

But whether SFM is a right choice for you…you will have to use your gut instinct. I myself signed up for it because it was just $39.95 to apply to see if I was a good fit for the program. They have a 30 day refund on it so whats the risk? There is none. I also joined in order to give my readers the ultimate review of the program itself. I of course have some affiliate marketing experience already as you may know. And the course,  my work is looking into many of the top programs on the internet today.


my six figure mentor review chart with information


4 Good Reasons why You Cannot do without SFM


Reason #1: Programs with Coaches and Mentors Change the Game

my six figure mentor review page


REASON #2: Training to Earn High Ticket Commissions!

There are plenty of vidoes, tutorials, training modules and guides to keep you expanding your business. In fact the live webinars each week are awesome and you will look forward to seeing these. Another thing you will enjoy is they have scheduled webinars and training all through the month so you have plenty of experts talking you through your goals. The training is also formatted so it is step by step and you cannot get to the next level until you have finished each module.

One aspect you will love, is they train you to use video marketing. It is definitely the way to go these days. If you don’t use it you are going to loose a lot of high ticket commissions SFM pays you. Here you can earn a $1000.00, $4,000.00 and $8,000.00 dollar commissions!  Makes sense! And I believe this is why the SFM system is far better than your many other programs. High ticket commissions put you in a different league.


There are 12 separate training categories within Six Figure Mentors platform. They consist of….

  • Getting Started
  • Building a Foundation
  • Start Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Forum Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • And all About WordPress


Categories Inside with Great Information

Each category has their own group of detailed specifics and are designed to spoon feed you from one to the next. 

They have your website already set up if you want to use one. Most like to blog and keep posting information along the way in which to entice others to come in and think about joining the program. After all, anyone who is writing about this program, is basically wanting you to join it. Normally!

This training platform not only teaches you to market their own products, but it teaches you to market your products as well. So all of you who have a product to market? This is your cue! Once you learn this laptop lifestyle you will be able to earn an income from anywhere in the world today. That’s right! Nothing can hold you back from you making money either selling your own products or selling some one else’s products for huge commissions.

Inside the Training Vault

six figure mentors


REASON #3: The much needed Icing on the Cake


Sure they make it all sound really good. And, the program fooled even me as I promoted it without luck for six straight months. No matter how good it sounds I talked to dozens of members not doing well at all voer these six months. Many quitting with me as we all figured out the key to success is not promoting someone selling high ticket items like Stuart says.

The course is set up with free software included. Normally a program will cost you monthly, while you then still have to pay for everything outside the course you need.. So in the Six Figure Mentors everything is included… website builder, free hosting, free graphic creator, free viral Reports, free tracking/masking and the list goes on. The SFM will continually increase your expectations as there seems to be more and more as you go through. In fact they are creating more software all the time, and it is forever expanding.

One thing many do not know is they are continually upgrading their program and have for the last 3 years. It is evolving each day and when you become a member, you will also! What is better than getting in on the ground floor and reaping the rewards as they spend millions on new and improved training and techniques? It’s an Awesome place to be. Or so it seems.


REASON 4: Successful Members


Let me share with you some tips and my success to open your minds!

Well obviously outside of all the stuff I’ve talked about, the training, the support, etc…the success of other members here is important to you, and should be as well. If I see where others are successful in any program I understand something there is working. Even though these members are few and far between I was able to contact a couple who were earning lots of money using ppc. But then you can learn that at Bing!


I’m not sure whether I would recommend this program due to mainly the huge cost to join and maintain it.

How much Money Can You Make at SFM?

Their are members making amounts up to $3,000.00 monthly within their first year! Or so they say. Yet I never talked to any of these members! Some reach six figure incomes during their first year! Maybe that’s how the name came about. But I can tell you there are many members starting out earning $20, $50,$100 daily and barily covering their membership fee which is $97 each month.

Like they say, their is a proven system in place. It’s being used each day and it works each time. They teach you to market any product. Their products enable you to earn really high commissions. But, the cost is so high, it would be hard for you to promote their inhouse products as they start at$4000 and go up to $20,000.00 To promote these you would have to have a professional website and spend thousands in paid advertising!



Please allow Stuart Ross and Six Figure Mentors…to welcome you to a group you have possibly been hoping to join for many years but were not able to find. The good news is you can now join and be on your way to earning six figures with in the next year or two or three. They are looking for members to help grow their family business! And you are welcome to become a part of a community to enrich other members lives as well.

Conclusion to Six Figure Mentors…Ouch!

Unless you have $4000 dollars handy to make it to their Elite Silver Level which allows you to make 20@ commissions to sell their inhouse digital products, I would not recommend joining this program. It is without a doubt the highest priced online training program ever I’ve seen! Even my recommended program that does work is only $47 per month! Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do everything SFM teaches, yet you don’t have to worry about trying to sell a $97 dollar course to anyone! That way you can make money along the way to building your business and not go broke before you start making money.

However, if you are interested in getting the same training, and learning how to build a website and learn the skills of working online, still… A much better set up is Wealthy Affiliate. In comparing the two with one another Wealthy Affiliate which is FREE to join, has even more detailed and easy to follow lessons than SFM. You get two websites and hosting free for life! No cost!

Their community at Wealthy Affiliate is the best I’ve ever seen online. And they also have a program which you can promote WA itself. But the main reason to join WA is to learn marketing skills. Without these, you will never be able to earn money online. Trust me on that… I failed miserably ever before learning such skills!

Take a look at my #1 recommended program review, Wealthy Affiliate before you decide to give up on making money online. Their program is FREE to join and start learning. It may just be the very program you have been searching for. I cannot guarantee that it is the perfect fit for you, you will have to determine that. But in so doing, stay away from SFM.

Also if you get a chance, please leave a comment and let me know how I did on this SFM review. The SFM program is good, just way more than most can afford. So check out WA!








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  1. Vanessa

    Hi Rick,
    You’ve definitely piqued my interest with this review. I like the idea if having that support while starting something new and I am bookmarking this as you recommended, as I am definitely interested in getting involved in something like this.

    • Rick

      Yes the Six Figure Mentors has been a blessing to thousands of members who are now earning huge revenues while they enjoy a new lifestyle. There has been nothing like it I’ve seen before. So if you are interested in Six Figure Mentors just let me know and I will be glad to give you an inside view and my take on what they do and how well this program works.

  2. Samantha

    Hi Rick. I really like the fact that SFM has great support. I think I’ll join, but I just need to make sure I will get the support I need.

    Also, I read that there is a 30 day money back guarantee..I really like that.

    Actually, I think I’ve decided. 🙂 I will join. Thanks for the information.

    • Rick

      Thanks for responding. Yes many have worried about that as well. But trust me this is normal. Once you get in and see the support in action you will be amazed. I can show you some things to check on even
      before signing up. Since you contacted me on Skype rick.bell30 I sent you a long message and a link to where to go. I know this will help you so much!
      Glad to have you aboard!
      Rick Bell

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