Neucopia, Diamond or Dust?


Make sure you choose the right training program or you are wasting your time.
Make sure you choose the right training program or you are wasting your time.

We all want to make money on the internet. Why not? What have you got to lose? I recently had the opportunity to review the website wondering if it might just be the perfect business for me. What is Neucopia? As always, I was looking for that diamond. What I found instead was a big pile of dust.


My Neucopia Review:


On the banner of the web-page, right under the big word “Neucopia” was the phrase “Creating Abundance For Life”. My first question was “Exactly who are we creating this abundance for?” I could tell right away that it was not going to be me, and I could easily prove it with math.

The Neucopia web-page is a pleasant looking sight which is nice, and looks quite professional, which sucked me in as it was supposed to. It promised that anybody could join, which gave me that warm glow trusting that my credit score would not bar me from making internet millions, but the fact that they would let anybody join should have been my first clue.


If it sounds to good to be true....
If it sounds to good to be true….

I clicked on the tab for “Products”, and that is where it all started falling apart. The products page told me that they had two different membership levels. One cost $49.00 per month, and the “Premium Membership” cost $169.00 per month.

Of course the price tag for the premium membership had a bright orange banner across it claiming it was the “Best Value”. So I looked a little closer at these two membership levels still wondering what the actual PRODUCT was.


The Neucopia System Exposed:


The actual product, whether you choose the $49 level or the Premium $169 level is selling memberships which, of course, is what I was investigating buying. In other words. You pay your money and join, and then to make your money you con other people into also joining and you make money off their membership fees. That is a clear definition of the old Ponzi Scheme.

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So let’s just do the math:


Well, I want to try to do the math but right away there is a problem. At the premium level of $169.00, there is also a fee of $100.00 for the first month. The Neucopia web-page tells you this extra hundred bucks is for your website.

I started wondering about that. Why was it a hundred bucks for a website? There are dozens of completely legitimate businesses out there that will help you create a professional looking website for a lot less than a hundred bucks, some of them even free.

In fact, the website you are on right now while reading this review was created using WordPress, and it was a total cost of Zero Dollars ($0.00).


So let’s really do the math, The Neucopia Scam:


So I am going to do the math as if it was your second month because I do not want you to be confused about the extra hundred dollars to get the premium membership, but keep in mind that if you want the premium membership your first month cost you $269 not $169.

So for your second month your expenses are $169.00. That means Neucopia gets $169.00

Then, you must do whatever it takes to get your friends and family, or even total strangers to cough up their own money to join so you can make money, and that may cost you a few dollars in advertising. I know the first training video from Neucopia that I watched was all about advertising on FaceBook, and that ain’t free.

But let’s say that you eat the cost of advertising, and now you actually get some folks to also join. Well, guess what, the first two that join you get NO Commission for. None. Zilch. Nada.


The Neucopia Con


Which works well for the founder of Neucopia.  Not so well for everyone under him.
Which works well for the founder of Neucopia. Not so well for anyone under him.

But, of course Neucopia gets the two members who each join for $269.00 because it is their first month and they have to pay for their own website. So twice 269 is $538.00 which you add to the $169.00 you already paid for your own membership this month for a grand total of $707.00 to Neucopia’s bank account! And you have not made a penny yet.

 So let’s continue. Let’s say you actually get a third member to sign up during this month. O.K. They pay Neucopia $269.00. Utopia keeps the hundred bucks for the website and they pay you the $169.00. So their total is now a whopping $807.00 while you just got your first commission of the month.

But remember that you paid your own membership of $169.00 per month, so in reality, after this third person has signed up, you are now even at zero for the month. You will actually need at least one more person to sign up before you make your first dollar.

Now just to let the math do its thing, I am going to believe that you have actually gotten FOUR individuals to not only click on the link but also actually sign up and pay their $269.00.

Well, at that point Neucopia gets another hundred dollars bringing their total to $907.00 and you have now officially made some money. You now have $169.00 less whatever you spent on advertising.


But I Have Lots Of Friends


Don't pay more money then you make, ever!
Don’t pay more money then you make, ever!

But then the next month rolls around and you need to pay Neucopia another $169 to continue. I think we have answered the question about who the abundance is for.

Believe me, no matter how many family members you have or how many FaceBook friends you can count, you are going to find it practically impossible to get four foolish people to drop $269.00 any month let alone each month.

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Totally Diamonds–No Dust


Success comes in steps!
Success comes in steps!

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