New Rainmaker Review – The Ultimate WP Platform?

Product Name: New Rainmaker Platform

Product Owner: Copyblogger Media

Price: $95.00 per month/ $950.00 for one year

My Rating: 85/100 points – 4 stars

Trial: Yes, 14-day free trial

Support: Support Desk via email?


Remarkable Website – New Rainmaker Platform Will Help You Get There


Copyblogger Media & Founder Brian Clark introduced New Rainmaker Platform, a Content Management System (CMS), built on the WordPress foundation.

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New Rainmaker Platform Review

My Rating: 85/100 points – 4 stars




What Is New Rainmaker Platform?


The product is designed to help people build an online business without having to worry about all the “techie stuff” associated with building websites and/or eCommerce storefronts.

It uses WordPress and it’s powerful features, but integrated a “point-and-click” and “drag-and-drop” method for customization to match your vision.

This excerpt from the New Rainmaker FAQ section describes the product this way:


“Don’t be fooled by the simple, friendly interface of the Rainmaker Platform. Underneath it all is a powerful, high-performance sales and marketing engine that runs the tools you need to help you build and maintain a successful online business”.


Is New Rainmaker Platform Too Expensive


95.00 per month/$950.00 for one year seems, at first glance, a bit pricey. However, working with this all-in-one solution and using all the aspects it offers, you will find that New Rainmaker is indeed worth this kind of money.


What is included?


  • Access to the “Authority Forum”: This is not just a fancy name for something irrelevant. In fact, you do get access to an outstanding team of internet experts, Brian Clark assembled over the past years. Priceless!
  • Built-In Advanced Training: New Rainmaker comes with an assortment of built-in-trainings modules that will help you along the way in learning the ins-and-outs of the product.
  • First Class Support System: Need help wit something? There is a convenient and easy way to reach the support desk. A “Help” link, always present on your screen, will get you to a form to open a support ticket. Priceless!


new rainmaker review


Tell them what you need, and don’t be surprised if you get an answer within a couple of hours (although they will ask for a 24-hour response time). Priceless

I need to point out the importance of help & support in the online business. Even the most experienced internet marketers need some help every now and then. A first class help system from an expert forum will save you time and delivers the best results.

New Rainmaker does provide one of the best support systems I know of.


Is New Rainmaker Flexible?

With most eCommerce site builders like Volusion or Shopify, you are restricted to a particular type of website. You can build just one kind –a storefront, a regular site or a blog.

New Rainmaker is different. It allows you to be creative and build any kind of site you wish; even a combination of the afore mentioned.

I was impressed with the functionality of New Rainmaker in the eCommerce sector. Adding a new product, physical or digital, is truly “a piece of cake”, as they say.

Choosing the menu tab “Products” and clicking on “Create New Product”, you would enter the name, description and price; and that’s it. The system lets you set up discount codes, the use of coupons or recurring payments.


new rain maker review 2


Payment and money transfer options with Paypal, Stripe and are integrated in New Rainmaker, which makes it the perfect system for eCommerce.

The flexibility and ease of use is truly astonishing. Of course, there is a learning curve which is just normal and to be expected. However, New Rainmaker is easy to learn and the built-in guides are of great help.


Is New Rainmaker Without Any Flaws?


Nothing is perfect, and New Rainmaker is no exception to this rule. There are just a few things I see which should be changed or improved:


1) No Plugins:

New Rainmaker is built on top of WordPress but does not allow the use of any of the thousands of plugins, created by independent developers. This is a downside of this product and surprises me.

Plugins are an integral part of website functionality. WordPress, nor any other platform can provide the extra functions of plugins (you also could call them add-ons or apps).


new rainmaker review 4


I can understand the reasoning for making New Rainmaker a “closed platform”. Plugins can, and do sometimes, destroy some code or slow a site down and the makers of this product prefer not to have to deal with issues created by plugins.

We will have to wait and see how Brian Clark and his team will handle requests to add specific functionality.


2) Charges For Additional Website(s)

I was curious if a subscriber can have multiple websites and checked the FAQ section. Here is the answer to my question:


Q: How many sites are included in one Rainmaker account?

A: Your first website is included in the initial price. Each additional site is $75/month or $750/year.


I was shocked. Building multiple sites should not be like “buying a new product for each site at a discount of $20.00”. You can get first class hosting for as little as $10.00 a month.

I am a member of a program that cost me $47.00 per month, provides all the tools I need, 24/7 support and unlimited hosting for all of my sites (5 at this time). More about that in just a few moments.


3) No Training For Beginners

Rainmaker Platform is a remarkable product to build a website without having to know any of the techie stuff.

But a website alone does not make a business.

What about those folks starting from zero and don’t even know the difference between Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce? What about those people which are not familiar with Niche Marketing, Keywords, SEO et al?

They all would have to find information online or join another training program before being able to use New Rainmaker.


Is New Rainmaker Platform Perfect For Everybody?


New Rainmaker Platform is unique and different from any other program available. It is a remarkable product of the highest quality and performance.

It is a great product for people who already have knowledge and experience in the online business and don’t want to be bothered with the technical aspects of website building and maintenance.

A total newbie however, would not benefit greatly starting out with New Rainmaker unless seeking education and training some place else.

The easiest way to start your own online business is in Affiliate Marketing. You can choose any product or service you want to sell or promote, find plenty of merchants with affiliate programs and earn commissions.

If New Rainmaker would provide some basic training in affiliate marketing, I could call it the “almost perfect gateway” to a successful internet marketing business.

Then there is the issue of “MONEY”. The majority of people trying to start their own online business have a limited budget. Some still work a regular job, some are a stay-at-home-parent, yet others need to supplement their fixed income.

As I said earlier, $95.00 per month is a fair price for New Rainmaker and what it has to offer, but may be a bit to high for folks with a limited budget.


Conclusion to New Rainmaker Review


New Rainmaker Platform is not for everybody. It is a great product that deserves a rating of 85/100 points and 4 stars.


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