NEXT LEVEL Mastermind Review – The NLM (MLM) Nightmare


The Empower Network Is Dead – Long Live NEXT LEVEL Mastermind


Robert Service, the famous Yukon poet wrote: “The old gold rush town came tumbling down……..”,

and so did Empower Network, the largest illegal pyramid scheme ever on the Internet. Disguised as a “Blogging Platform”, EN is an MLM program where people make money by recruiting new members.

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It is illegal, or should be, because they are not selling a tangible product of value. Even Herbalife, one of the largest MLM companies in the world, is under investigation by the FDC (for more info about pyramid schemes click here).

EN is dead; it died in 2014 when recruiting new victims became almost impossible and the “upstream of money” dried out. Some of the folks on the very top of the pyramid made millions and parted from EN.


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Left behind were thousands and thousands of poor schmucks who fell for this scam and were not even able to recoup their “investments”.

But the spirit of EN seems to live on. Other entities popped up that using the remains of WN as platform for their schemes. “The Freedom Fighters”, “20 Minute Payday” and “Big Idea Mastermind” (promoted by Vitali “Vic” Stritzheus), are different MLM opportunities that popped up over the past year and are just about joining Empower Network.


next level mastermind review 1
The Young New Poor


NEXT LEVEL Mastermind Review

I am the owner of several websites and make money online. Always looking for income streams, I stumbled across Next Level and their program RE (myRErate).

Much to my surprise, their website is professionally designed with clear and precise information. There is none of the hype and exaggerated income projections, combined with the showing of yachts, expensive cars and a million dollar mansion usually found on most “make money online” websites.

Their concept is quite simple. You can make money by helping people save money on products and services they are already buying from other places.


The Three RE Products:


  • Electricity: A product everybody must have. RE has formed a partnership with AAC (America Approved Energy Services) and is able to offer electricity to residential and commercial users at lower cost.
  • Travel Arrangements: RE has an exclusive travel program affiliated with Archer Travel, Montrose CA to provide an all-around travel service
  • Capital for local businesses: You will be able to arrange and broker loans from as little as $2,500.00 up to $1,500.000. The money can be used for the purchase of real estate, commercial renovations and much more.

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empower networkRE Provides You With Two Websites


1) One site is designed for you to refer people to one of the three products described above

2) The second site is for you to refer to people who may be interested in joining you at RE. This helps you to build your own team of affiliates.

Everything looked on the up-and-up and I decided to join RE. The price is $49.95 and seemed not to high for what they offer. After filling out a short form and supplying your payment information, you will arrive at the other side.

You are greeted with a “Welcome Best Friend (BF)” page that will give you detailed contact info about your sponsor and certain team leaders. They also provide you with links to your websites and other stuff. Onward you go to “The Member Area” (click on image to enlarge)


next level mastermind review 2 

And this is where the nightmare started!


The Truth About NEXT LEVEL Mastermind


I will give you a very detailed report of what happened next. But before I do, allow me to explain briefly how the Next Level Mastermind/Empower Network Pyramid Scheme works (for details I refer you to my EN Review on my other site).


How Pyramid Schemes Work 

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The only way to make it in a pyramid scheme is to recruit new members to under you to join. You will get 100% of their entry fee and they will be place under you in your “down line” (this is why they should be illegal, read this for details)

next level mastermind review-empower network


There are different systems or “matrices”, but to keep it simple, EN choose a 5 level system and you can recruit as many new folks at the level you have paid in. Here are the five levels and the cost for each.


  • Level 1: $25.00 + $19.00 for Affiliate pack
  • Level 2: $25 + $100.00 they call it Inner Circle
  • Level 3: $25 + $600.00
  • Level 4: $25 + $1,597.00
  • Level 5: $25 + $5,097.00


In a pyramid scheme, the money flows up. Your level fee is the commission for the person that recruited you, you receive the fee from folks you recruit. Quite simple. But there is a little quirk to the system.

On level 1 you receive commissions from all the people you bring in. on the upper levels, however, you only receive commissions for every other recruit (1st, 3rd, 5th and so on).

What happened to money from the others? Well, that goes straight to the guys in the top of the pyramid. Swell, isn’t it? And now we find ourselves working for someone yet again!


Not Really!

Earn 100% Commissions – Affiliate Training

It is optional to be an affiliate of Empower Network – however you are looking to leverage the 100% commissions on such valuable products – its a no-brainer. I highly recommend you become a part of the affiliate program & then Start the affiliate training.


Then I got some Bonus Offers, which are more of Justin Beasley’s videos; this series is called “The Bootcamp“. No thanks.

Catherine lists a bunch of IMPORTANT links, all of them to some EN join-me- pages and, most importantly a “” link where you can create the nice KA-CHING sound.

Cat closes out the page with a REMINDER – see screenshot on the right.

What have I got myself into? I signed up to be a BF with RE and they don’t mention it nowhere. Maybe I go over to Facebook and see what’s going on there. Just follow me around, it will get very interesting, I promise!


Conclusion of my 2 Part NEXT LEVEL Mastermind Review


In all fairness, the RE program has some potential if you would want to go this route and build a business around the 3 products. It will take time, maybe a couple of years, to establish yourself as an authority in the markets, win the trust of potential customers and make decent money.

NEXT LEVEL Mastermind is a completely different story. The co-owners use Empower Network to create their own pyramid system the same way Vic Streizhus did with Big Idea Mastermind. I would not be surprised if good old Vic is also involved in NLM.

Is NEXT LEVEL Mastermind a Scam? Technically, it is not and I will not call it a scam outright. It is unethical, that’s for sure. Members are joining by the thousands (maybe) and realizing it is not a get rich quick scenario like they expected.

So the program is making money off unsuspecting signups by over advertising how much one can make. Isn’t that what scam programs do? They make their money like this also.

next level master mind review


When it comes to Internet Marketing you must never give in and never give up. Opportunity awaits you around the next corner! I had to review hundreds of programs before finding the one below that actually worked and was right for me.

You too, will need to find the right place. That right place could very well  be right beneath you! Did you read my recommended #1 program? Don’t skip it.


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