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What is the Niche Flipper Program?


Product Name: Niche Flipper

Product Creator: Rene Gonzalez

Advertised Price: $27


Rating: 85/100


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Anyone who has started looking to try and make money online knows the vast majority of these products are geared at the IM, or internet marketing niche. In other words, some other internet marketing guru is trying to teach you how to make money by selling their informational program about how to make money online! Niche Flipper, created by a gentleman named Rene Gonzalez, is quite unique in that it is not aimed at this niche at all. Continue reading my Niche Flipper Review as you will be surprised.

Rene actually states bluntly up front that all of his money has been made in small niches, not the IM area. This is rather refreshing and sets us off on the right footing. I found his product to be very straight forward and without the typical hype and razzle dazzle seen by most other marketers.

The sales page doesn’t try and get you thinking about making millions. Nope, it simply outlines a solid plan for making some real money online. I like that. But what about the actual course itself…does it actually work?


Does Niche Flipper Have What It Takes?


The idea behind Niche Flipper is that there are more than one method for making money online. In fact, this is more than just a product, it is actually a system for creating an online business. Instead of just telling you to go out and create your own digital (information) products and throw them up for selling on your own website, Rene Gonzalez gives you a number of other options.

While you certainly can create your own digital products for sale (its a great business model after all), why not think about rehabbing existing websites, or finding other to sell your items through a system known as affiliate marketing? This course teaches you how. Plus, you will learn all about how to outsource work, making things go a lot faster.

Plenty of Information Overload

What Is Niche Flipper Really?


This course is a series of 10 very high quality videos plus an in depth pdf ebook file. They make a great combination, considering some people like reading more than watching videos and others enjoy the videos more than the written material. You will find the audio works very well in these trainings and the information provided is very valuable. Rene Gonzalez is also an excellent trainer, moving along at a comfortable pace, imparting a lot of knowledge (found myself learning a few things).

In this training, you will learn things ranging from researching to actually outsourcing work and getting your own websites up and running. Choosing a niche, identifying high profit and low competition markets are just the beginning. Then you will move on to analysis of your potential competitors, product creation, how to outsource work and finding affiliates to promote and sell your products and services.

Niche flipper review
All kinds of Training.

Is Niche Flipper A Scam?


The main question comes down to is Niche Flipper a scam? No, its not. In fact, building small niche websites is a great concept. I have often said myself that someone interested in building an online business would be very wise to stay away from the larger niches like IM…at least during the beginning stages of their career online.

This is a solid concept and Rene gives you a number of ways in which you can put this into practice and do very well. By the way, there is very little hype used and no up-sells. You are also not going to see any follow up emails trying to get you into another course filled with extra tools for an additional fee. No sales push…I like that, an honest marketer.




Niche Flipper:


Having said that, there are few words of caution about this program. While the information is solid and the concept legitimate, someone completely new to the world of making money on the internet might not be quite ready for the Niche Flipper. There are some higher level concepts and ideas discussed here, like making your own information products, running a PPC campaign or even building a website. Now, none of these are tremendous barriers (they can certainly be learned), but I would be doing you a disservice without mentioning this.

New online business builders must also understand this is a real business model. You will need to have an actual budget in order to really get started. Please don’t come into this thinking you can just simply click a few buttons and then just wait for the sales and money to start rolling in. Be ready to buy domains, spend the needed cash to build (or have built) the websites, run your PPC and other marketing campaigns, etc…

Another thing I found interesting was the omission of any instruction for selling websites. Not only is this a great business model, Mr. Gonzalez also directly alluded to it in the sales material. Personally, this is an area of interest and I would have loved to see a video or read a chapter about building a website for the intended purpose of selling it on a site like Flippa…would have also loved to have learned how to sell on Flippa. You can probably figure it out yourself, but still…a little disappointing.




Niche Flipper is a decent product. There is a lot of value here, especially for someone who has a little seasoning in online marketing and might be ready to take things in a different direction. Unfortunately, there were a few holes in the program such as not having any information about actually selling a website on some of the popular marketplaces like Flippa. There is also no type of community support. Although not a deal breaker, this would have been nice to see.

If this is the type of business model you might be interested, I recommend you get a bit of initial training in concepts such as PPC, website building (no need to get overly technical, though), and maybe even creating information products. Then, you might be ready for something like Niche Flipper.


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