Niche Profit Classroom Review – Is Niche Profit A Scam?


Niche Profit Classroom Review - Is Niche Profit A Scam?
Limited even though it appears busy.



Many people are looking to get rich online today. Or, certainly to at least make some extra income on the internet. And there are different types of income models that claim to show you exactly how to do this. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at this Niche Profit Classroom review in order to answer the question, is Niche Profit Classroom a scam?


What Is Niche Profit Classroom?


This is a course designed to provide you with an effective blueprint for making money online. But what is Niche Profit Classroom? It is a full course, housed within an online members areas, that provides you with all types of different training about how you can build these small little niche websites that are then able to produce income for you passively, around the clock.

The course itself has a number of elements. There are tons of different video trainings, along with some actual text. There are a number of marketing and site development tools that each have varying degrees of effectiveness. There is even a section full of what the owner and creator, Adam Short, calls niche ready businesses.


These are downloadable files which actually give you not only the actual website, but even a product and some sample emails that can be used to help build subscribers and aid future sales efforts. They also contain a number of already written articles that can be used in your site promotional strategy. Is Niche Profit Classroom a scam? With this level of training, it would seem like a decent program, but read on to find out for sure.

There are also actual examples of how to set up the pieces which will be needed to create your own niche sites. Does Niche Profit Classroom really work? If you follow these trainings, yes, you can indeed build your own niche sites fairly easily. Part of the program is something called Niche Profit 4.0 Press. This is a tool that actually creates your site for you. It is then hosted for you, once again under the auspices of the membership area.

Niche Profit Classroom Review - Is Niche Profit A Scam?
Anyone can do this online


The Niche Profit Classroom Price:


You should also be rather curious about the cost of Niche Profit Classroom. The training site does offer a $1 trial for 7 to 14 days. I think it depends on which link you used to find the site, since I have seen both one week and two week trials for this low price.

After your trial expires, the Niche Classroom Price will jump up to $67 per month. Yes, this is a monthly membership with the fee recurring every month. The site also has a number of upsells, which range from $147 to $247. These are mainly things you really don’t need like more access to supposedly more powerful tools and trainings.

To be perfectly honest with you, these upsells and downsells are really not worth your time or money. They are trying to give you low quality private label rights content that you will supposedly use as articles and even the basis for an ebook or other information product to sell on your new site.

The real problem here, aside from the content being low quality, is the fact that everyone else who has signed up for the program in the past years also has access to that exact content. You will need to completely re-write it on your own and make it unique in order to ensure your own Niche Profit Classroom login is something that won’t get you penalized in Google.


Niche Profit Classroom Scam:


While there is a lot of training here, the content is simply not up to current standards. Adam Short does update this from time to time, so a few years ago we saw the site go from Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 up to Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 and now even Niche Profit Classroom 5.0. However, there are still some questionable techniques advocated which might make you think this should be called the Niche Profit Scam.

Despite the huge amount of actual training, it can often be very one dimensional. Sadly, the Niche Profit Classroom scam only focuses on a single way to do something when there might be three or four (or more) legitimate methods that are sadly not covered at all.

There are also a number of methods and techniques that are outdated. A great example of this is the idea of posting many articles on article directory sites, which could end up getting your sites in trouble with Google. It also seems like the updates are uneven, with some of the training being redone and others left alone, even over several of such ‘updates.’



Niche Profit Classroom Review - Is Niche Profit A Scam?
A small profit of $1.98 is common in 30 days.

Is Niche Profit Classroom Legit


Then, we need to see if the price is worthwhile. To my way of thinking it really doesn’t matter that there is a LOT of training, if the quality is not present. For the most part, the quality of the training is just average, with many of the videos simply looking like slide presentations with a narrator (mostly Adam himself talking over a slide). Shelling out $67 each and every month is a high price to pay, especially considering that the information really isn’t updated very frequently. Is Niche Profit Classroom legit? Yes, but be very careful of obsolete tactics and techniques.

Personally, I think the way to handle this training is to find a link that gives you the $1, two-week free Niche Profit Classroom legit trial. Then, jump in there and soak up all of the training material that you possibly can. Honestly, this is a legitimate method for making money online, although it is certainly more difficult and requires more effort than affiliate marketing, which is my primary online income generator these days. Then, cancel before the trial ends so that your card is not charged the first $67 monthly fee.



Niche Profit Classroom Review - Is Niche Profit A Scam?
Normally it sounds too good to be true.



Niche Profit Classroom Reviews Of Support


One bright spot for the program is their online customer support. You will find a number of Niche Profit Classroom reviews stating how they were given prompt refunds and their issues were handled quickly and professionally. Having said that, the actual community of active customers for the program that really interact with each other on their forums may be rather small. I found it to be a pretty serious turn off seeing just how little recent activity there was on the forum.


Bottom Line – Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?


So, in the final analysis, is this program worth the money? Or is Niche Profit Classroom legit? While I do think it is legitimate in the sense of the company is not out to swindle your money, it is not the place I would recommend for anyone looking to really make money online.

The outdated techniques, high price tag, and infrequent updates just about ensure this one will be an uphill fight. Additionally, many of the tools are simply there in order to make it so that you will have a tough time walking away from the membership. For example, if you have built five or ten sites through their website builder (Niche Profit Press) that are also all hosted on their own servers, you need to either keep paying or lose all of that work.

My personal opinion is that you should look elsewhere to really start building your online fortune. There is a lot better training, that is much more up to date, in many other places. Our top recommendation is one such place. If you are interested in making a legitimate income online, without worrying about all the scams, check it out today.


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