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What is Niche Profit Course?

Niche Profit Course is a system designed to teach people how to make the best money they can working as online affiliates. Off line, this is called a sales job and the pay is commission only. The Niche Profit Course is led by Chris Guthrie. There is a section about him below. So continue reading my Niche Profit Course Review to understand just what it is.

The course is free or $10 to start. The course is designed as a set of modules, mini classes that describe different stages of the process.

There are 10 regular modules and 2 bonus modules.

Most of the instruction is packaged into a box kit, much like software sets.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee.




Is Niche Profit Course Legit?

Niche Profit Course claims to be either free or to cost just $10 to join but mainly it is dependent upon you spending $99. However, visitors are not told about that until near the end of a video in which the owner shows the guest that he has made a very middle-middle class level of income from his effort.

The modules are done in video format. They are presented by the owner of the site. Remeber though, making money with anything depends a great deal on how good the Curriculum is and how much time you invest.

Results do vary. There are multiple reasons ranging from how much money and time people put into it, whether or not they choose a niche based on the market or on their own interests and raw talent. Most industries have more and less talented workers and internet marketing is no exception. Those seeking to sell you on the hope and the product do not want to go into any of that and expect you to figure that out for yourself.




Niche Profit Course – scam?

Is the Niche Profit Course a scam? Like so many marketing programs both on and offline the answer is, not really but many who try it will feel as though it is. Most people looking for jobs prefer to just get paid when they work, but with commission only sales – which is what affiliate marketing really is, there is no security for the worker. If it works, then the sales person – in this case, the person who has completed the niche profit course, makes money. In some cases, the results will be profound.

Niche profit course


There are people who make a good living working in sales but most people are not nearly that good at it. For everyone who is not, it will end up feeling like a scam. It will be as bad as if it was. By that what I mean is that you spend your money and work – then you get nothing but the experience and a deeper feeling of financial insecurity instead of the security you were looking for.

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niche-profit-course-Chris Guthrie

Chris Guthrie is actually a powerful force in the area of internet marketing. He got into it while holding a day job but went at it with gusto in his free time. He is a talented marketing man, who has been working online for several years. He has numerous websites and maintains a blog and Twitter accounts which are fairly easy to find.

As an expert, Chris Guthrie is certainly respectable. Whether or not he also makes an excellent teacher is another matter entirely.

If you are really working on the Internet in 2015, chances are high that sooner or later you will come across Chris or his work.


If You Still Haven't Done It, Sign Up For Free At Wealthy Affiliate. Required For The Course.
If You Still Haven’t Done It, Sign Up For Free At Wealthy Affiliate. Required For The Course.

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