Niche Site Mentors Review

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Founder: Rick & John

Cost: FREE to JOIN

Special Coaching: Per Request


There are plenty of training programs out there, but they do not all include ONLY Niche Site Specialized Training. This Niche Site Mentors Review will help you understand more of why it is important to learn Niche Marketing in this day and age. NSM only offers this personal training for specific Niche marketing. Most courses that offer anything remotely similar to this also list training on many other subject matters. Not really qualifying you to understand the full scope of just one marketing strategy. Very few membership courses of this magnitude offer such specific value as Niche Site Mentors.


The Video Training – NSM

Niche Site Mentors has over 50 videos set up within a course of 5 modules which show students how to create a website from the very beginning and covers the advanced marketing skills to grow a Niche Business. Niche Marketing has been proven to be successful for most who use this type of money making.

The training covers such things as WordPress, Themes, Google Algorithms, Affiliates, and above all, the very steps and research needed to create a profitable Niche Business. NSM offers coaching as well as site building for those who are wanting a quick start to earning money online.

Each training video is over-the-shoulder type training that engages each step of the journey down to tiny details of which anyone can copy and emulate. Also the training is very detailed and there are bonuses that take the member on into more understanding of Niche Marketing and what they need to do to create a profitable business from home.

No more guess work or questions going unanswered.


Facebook Private Group

Niche Site Mentors offers their members a free Private Facebook group of which they can listen to others and even interact with like minded individuals who are going through the same training. So as to get the help they need and all to help them understand the business part of Niche Marketing basics. More advanced students will be able to help the newer students each day.

The best training platforms hold themselves accountable for helping as much as possible. The Facebook Private Group is designed to give the members extra help and interaction with the founders, Rick and John, as well.



The Pros at NSM. The reasons to join are many. The founders work with the new members until they don’t need any help any longer. No matter how long it takes they are there answering questions and helping new online marketers to learn and build a skill.

The cons are very few.

The Cons of this membership training site would be that most would be skeptical to believe that something could and actually does work so well, to help members build an online business from scratch. Cost of membership site, $67 per month is high, yet personal training is given to anyone who asks! It can also take up to six months to create a good income.

Depending all on, whether or not the niche picked is worthy of being monetized. A difficult thing to get right, no matter how well a person is trained. 

The Pros would be that the training is specialized and doesn’t include dozens of other skill sets to get side tracked with. In a way that is even better, not really a Con. As focus is very important. And learning something entirely is the only way to make it work here online.


NSM focuses on creating one niche type business. The Niche Marketing Business, and how to build a business from scratch with video’s is a great concept. And easy to understand.

Mentoring availability and coaching which is built into the program itself, is an even better idea. Each member can request their own sites built from scratch, receive specialized marketing help, and even coaching as a member of this course. The Facebook group will be essential in interaction of members and getting quick help when that is needed.

Also NSM has support access 24/7 which you don’t see with other training courses.

Although there are no guarantees with any training course on the internet, NSM has been designed to be hands on and to help each member as they progress through the course. Offering plenty of opportunity where there was very little before, in creating a Niche based website business, from scratch. 

NSM is very affordable training course where you can get inside the training and see if it is a good fit for you. See the sales page of what all you will get with this Niche Site Mentors Special Training Course. Check it out and tell a friend! You can earn money by promoting this as well.




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