No Effort to the Effortless Web Cash Formula?

what is the effortless web cash formula Effortless Web Cash Formula eBook Promotion

By: Lauryn Herbert 

Cost $37 eBook (copy)

3 out of 10 Stars


Think again my friends. What seems easy to learn on the internet is usually someone trying to sell you a Hog! What is the Effortless Web Cash Formula? Only a copy of an eBook you will spend too much money marketing. If you are new to the internet try reading the top ranking review by clicking this link… 2 Free Websites and a FREE Online Business Course Starting From SCRATCH!


What is the Effortless Web Cash Formula About?

It is essentially Lauryn selling his eBook to you so that you can fail at reselling the copy writes. EWCF is not refundable! Stop!

warningWhy would you fail? You have no list, you have no website that is known. You are nobody anyone knows. You are a newbie wanting to make quick money on the web and that doesn’t work until you have learned the skills professional marketers are using themselves.

You have no way of getting traffic without paying for expensive solo ads. And also, marketing other peoples books, programs and material seldom works because of you not being the founder, owner or CEO.

You get This free eBook from Lauryn Herbert. Which costs you money. What you get for free is another long sales letter from him that he calls a free report. He spends half an hour and takes you through his sales page (Free REPORT) to explain to you how you’ve been given the copy writes to promote this free eBook and get 100 % of the profits. Only thing is it is not free.


effortless web cash formula with lauryn herbert

How Effortless Web Cash Formula Works

He targets huge lists of traffic he has built over time and thousands of people within his list get this same offer. He does a good job at making this seemingly Effortless system. Yet there is no such thing. But, many newbies buy into the hype. Spend the $37 dollars, and then he retargets you to buy other products.

Because, once a buyer always a buyer! So he basically lies to you about branding and not making more money off you. Hype don’t work my friends! Nor will you have much result marketing someone else’s free eBook! People are just not into buying opportunities like this if they know anything about online marketing.

Why would we get 100 percent of the profits? Because, he says he’s branding himself. Yes, to you.  In reality he basically makes his money as soon as you buy the book. No refunds. You pay the $37 dollars for a copy and are all set to sell it to others when you find out that…OMG…how am I going to sell this to others! He then sends you more products to buy.

You go on to try to sell the product without the knowledge of what it takes to sell online and find thousnds of potential customers or traffic to promote this product to. Catch is, you will fail. And due to this knowledge he already has, there is no refund. You will assume it is because of your lack of skill, not the eBook. So he gets to keep a good name, and he makes thousands from doing this over and over and over AGAIN.



Sure you will be excited about the free bonus material that he offers. Heck, if the eBook stood alone as a decent product, he would not need to further entice you with 17 More Offers! Problem is with the bonus material is that these are merely free stuff everyone can get their hands on already! These free offers are all over the internet and you can make you a library full of bits and pieces of what may work and what might not work.

what is the effortless web cash formula aboutREAD THE FINE PRINT INSIDE THE YELLOW HIGHLIGHT/NO REFUNDS!  Never purchase anything online that has a no refund policy! There is a reason behind these…..!!!!!


Proper Training That Works

Want to know the secret to making money online? It requires proper training. Learning proven techniques and skills that focus you and your work along the right path of what is proven to work. Get the Training First.

This means without the proper training you will fail repeatably each and every day until you learn how to promote products professionally. And it also means that you cannot sell an Effortless Web Cash Formula if you don’t know how. Beginners do not sell products, they fail trying. Read my #1 review on Wealthy Affiliate’s Proven Training Program and get started today with a real internet business.


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    Hi Charles
    Next time you write a review, at least get your facts right so your credibility is not damaged. Lauryn Herbert is a woman, not a man

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