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Hi, and welcome again to one of my review sites. Today we will be covering topics and strategies that relate to online and Internet affiliate marketing programs. The topic: No Website Millionaire is it a scam?

As you probably know, I take up many column inches each week shedding light on particular Internet programs and determining if they are legit or yet another scam.

On deck today: “No Website Millionaire” — one of the many programs produced annually by Travis Stephenson.


No Website Millionaire SCAM Review


no website millionaire scam reviewWell, you can probably tell right off by the title of this section my general ideas of No Website Millionaire System. So, I won’t hold the suspense. It is a scam, pure and simple. And I’ll get into the reasons why.

But first, let’s take a look at the man behind the program — Mr. Travis Stephenson. You may have heard of him before, and if so, it’s mostly likely through the other three or four products he turns out annually.

Already, this year, he’s produced two other scam products — EZ Cash Creator and Simple Cash Code.

All of them are outright scams, and Stephenson makes no bones about it in his promotional videos. He is going after the newbie (read “sucker” in Stephenson’s mind)


My No Website Millionaire Scam Review


Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what the No Website Millionaire scam is all about. First off, let’s look at what it falsely promises:

  • You’ll earn thousands of dollars overnight — That’s right, this is the first harbinger of nearly every Internet scam. Stephenson says all you have to do is to execute a few clicks and you are off and running. Hilariously, he even says he counted the clicks required, and the number is only 22 mouse clicks to set you up for long-term riches.
  • Outrageous Earnings — Yes, the earnings Stephenson promises you will make are truly outrageous — as in truly unbelievable. So what does any good Internet scam artist do when the earnings claims are unbelievable? Fake the earnings reports, of course.


is no website millionaire a scam


  • Fake Testimonials — This would actually be funny if it weren’t for the thousands of people Stephenson is ripping off as we speak. The testimonials from folks who’s lives were saved through No Website Millionaire are actually people Stephenson hired off of the website — a place where people hire out on the cheap to do virtually anything related to the web. From basic coding to apparently video testimonials. Price? $5.00 for a video testimonial. As the commercial says….“That’s Priceless.”


The No Website Millionaire Review


no website millionaire reviewI would make an attempt to explain my No Website Millionaire Review but there is really not a whole lot to explain other than the fact it is a scam from the get-go and a nothing more than a pyramid scheme in the end.

But let me stick to the basics. Evidently this fiverr guy was paid 5 dollars to do a testimonial. Can you say cheating? Why would you need to pay someone to comment?

First, the program starts off at a reasonable price of $49.00. If it were a legitimate program, then this would be more than a fair price for something that will educate you and send you down the road to earning real money online.

It is not, however! Pay the $49 and you’ve only opened the door to myriad appeals for you to open your wallet. There are no ends to the seeming upsells, cross-deals and affiliate baits with No Website Millionaire.


Here’s how it goes:

  • Upsell #1 — $49 sounds like a great entry price, but wait! As soon as you pay that, you are immediately hit with a $197 on-time upsell for access to Stephenson’s campaigns
  • Upsell #2 — At the same time you, are given another upsell of $297 for the use of “Automated Traffic System” — a system from Anthony Morrison from which Stephenson is collecting affiliate commissions.
  • Upsell #3 — The opening video instructs you to “activate an account” with Pure Leverage — another shady product and pyramid scheme from Joel Therion. And, of course, “activating an account” is code for another fee — a recurring fee of $25 per month in this case.
  • Upsell #4 — I know this is getting hilarious at this point, but video #3 in Stephenson’s instruction points you to some alleged traffic building tool called “ClickMagic”. It’s another upsell on the PureLeverage website — again where he gets affiliate commissions — for another $40 EACH month.
  • Upsell #5 — As if you aren’t dying from laughter or potential bankruptcy at this point, Travis Stephenson urges you to take a 2-hour break, sit back and get ready for his next upsell. This time it is Instant Access To His Level For $197!!


no website millionaire scam review


There is no real end to the money you can spend/waste with No Website Millionaire. I mentioned above that it is essentially a pyramid scheme. And if you are unlucky enough to have spent all of your hard-earned money on Stephenson’s upgrades, then you will discover that there is really nothing but hot air at the end of the deal.

— In order to recoup the nearly $600 you have spent so far, your only real option at this point is to either walk away from the debt or recruit others under you to pay off your losses. — Stephenson now asks you to pay $39.00 per month for a “lead pages” account through (yet again Pure Leverage — his affiliate source)


The Bottom Line On No Website Millionaire Special


There is no special!!! If you’ve read the above paragraphs, there are many variables to the No Millionaire Website scam. Is it legit or is it a scam? A scam indeed. I suggest that you stay away from it and any other similar rip-offs.

Why don’t you take a look how my #1 recommendation compares to No Website Millionaire before you leave.



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To Your Success


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  1. Jaybii Kazi

    It boggles my mind on how crazy some of these scams are. Thanks for reviewing this Rick. I’ve seen a lot of people use Fiverr for testimonials. Honestly, I think even the people offering such services on Fiverr are shady. Anyways, great informative site you got running here. Cheers!

    • Rick

      Yes I have to agree with that! I don’t understand how these people get away with it. I know we try to help them avoid signing up, but by the time they see the review on these programs they are looking at it to find out later, which is too later, because they are checking to see if anything or anyone else has filed a complaint like they are wanting to do now. I just wish there was some way to catch these frauds!
      Rick Bell

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