Number One Way to Make Money With a Website – Start Here

Making money online is just a matter of first, believing you can. Knowing which direction you are going to go. And of course, learning a few important details from a top ranked site. Read the review… On the number one way to make money with a website. 


But before you build a website… Decide first what your website will be about. What is your niche? Do you like shoes, watches, makeup, rc cars, jewelry, health care, workout programs? Pick something you enjoy.

My number one pick this week for making money with your website is Affiliate Marketing. Using other peoples products to get started with, you can earn money fast. So get started with learning how to build a site in a few minutes. What area of expertise do you see yourself working in. What are your interests in life. Pick something you are familiar with and then get started.

First Watch How Easy It Is! 


Affiliate Marketing is the Number One Way To Earn Money With a Website

Affiliate marketing allows you to get going by promoting other peoples products. Like Amazon for instance. All you need is a website that has a review or two about a product that is highly sold and reviewed on Amazon, and you make money. You did see the Amazon Link, right? If you click on it, and then you were to purchase something from Amazon, I would get a commission. It’s that easy to get paid!

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to do this for free! Take a look inside before continuing the review. Wealthy Affiliate where I made money from day 6.

Again, using text links is how easy this all works! Did you click on the link? 

You will later be able to build a list, get more traffic by talking to people and even using, Go to webinars to teach and train others to do the same thing you are making money at. There is room for everyone and will be for years to come.

Most people fail or eventually quit because they try to do all this on their own, without help. And then after failing, they go around saying, “Making money online is too hard!” So the next guy hearing this never gets a chance or opportunity to try it for himself. You’ve just ruined someone’s opportunity of making money from home and forever set his life to a servitude mentality of working for someone and just making ends meet.


Writing Can Be Easy 

Most people, me included, started off by saying; I cannot write! Well, I believed this as well, and since have written over 300 posts/articles which have made me thousands of dollars online! And continue to make money long after they were written. Call it passive income.

Making money with a website was where I got started. I then started writing reviews and the more I wrote, the better I got. And I must say, it works. I later branched out in more areas of making money, Email Marketing, Solo Ads, My own Training.

Yet I have always kept my first website i created. This one you are on now. And, I still earn tons of revenue from it and hardly write an article any longer. Just when I get the urge. I even pay others to do the work for me.


Writing Reviews

People think writing reviews is hard work. When in reality it is fun and easy. Especially when you see you get commissions rolling in for these reviews. Sure, it takes a week or so to learn how, but you can easily start earning commissions almost the day you start! Especially using Affiliate Marketing. 

Find out how well I’m doing myself, here at the Profile of Mine. I’m ranked below 100 out of 250,000 members! I also teach others members how to create their website and get them to a good niche market, where they can make the most money.



People also find it much easier than they think, to Blog. When you just write what you feel like writing, things come natural. Usually writing first about your life and what you are going through is an easy way to get the feel of doing this. You tell your stories that people are drawn to.

They tune in and when they do, you are able to link to other products they can and will click on and purchase. This is why you blog. To promote your product, someone else’s or even a service or program you like. So it does work, and it’s easy.


A Niche Website is Fun

If someone shows you how to create your website, and you are able to follow their steps, what would be hard about it? People think creating a website is hard. But if you can butter toast, you can have your own website that makes you money! Later you will be able to put a sign in form and build a list to target even more traffic. You can use popupdomination as a next step.

In fact WordPress is what the norm is out there and it is as easy as peeling an Orange. WordPress is the number one way to navigate and ad plugins to your website. The free training at Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress in fact. Take a look at the lesson shown here on Creating a Website

I show you how to build your site and have it up and running in about 30 minutes.

The more difficult question people always have, is what should the website be about? It’s easy to get lost here so I recommend you read the lessons provided here: Getting Started


Read the Best Way Around Niches, (click here)

What will your business be? Where is their passion? What is your niche? Learn this by clicking the link above. This may be the most important area you decide on. There is no luck in picking a niche. It requires research.

If you have questions about anything I’ve written about here today, stop by below and leave a comment. I will definitely help you out, and even work with you on any help you need. You can always join a program that gives you two free websites and free hosting to get you going in the right direction. It’s a no brainer.

Hopefully the number one way to make money with a website has helped you to get going and take action. Before you go, click on the blue links in this article to learn more about creating your own business from home, using a website. Do not attempt starting a website without having someone help you. Save yourself time by getting a community of experts to help you out. Like the one at Wealthy Affiliate. 



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