Over 40 With no College Degree-Not Needed

over 40 no college degree
What happens when you don’t finish? Or change your mind?

Why You do Not Need a College Education – Our Youth Have Little hope…

Play it safe and stay in school and work for 40 years! Pay back $30 to$50 thousand dollars in debt,while looking for work? Or do what I did. Create your own business online. If you are over 40 with no College Degree, you are going to be better off. Read my #1 recommended way to create wealth onlineWealthy Affiliate I help others create online business! 

Plenty of research now shows… If you are over 40 and have no college degree, you still have plenty of opportunities to command huge incomes. And, by not going to College it means you will not have to take the slow road to wealth.That 40 to 50 year journey of drudgery, working for others and being limited to 2 days off per week in exchange for giving up 5 days of your life. Things have changed. No longer do we need to depend on what was taught years ago. So, are you over 40 with no college degree? I can help.

Cheer up and read this article full through. Even if you are 50, 60, or even 75! Here online, age does not matter. You will now be able to work from home and create the success you would never achieve by going back to work for others.


Over 40 – No College? 

History paints a dim image of workers exchanging time for money in the rate of 5 working days which are 8 to 10 hours long and trading this for just two days off? That is a 5/2 deal. It’s why you see people out on Friday night living it up.

They are celebrating being off for two days! Cause they just slaved away for 5 of these, never to get them back. Who would normally want to make a deal where it is 5 days work in favor of a boss telling you what he wants, and just 2 days off in favor of you living it up? What a crock! You call this living the dream? We have been fooled since the turn of the century!

So, are you over 40 with no college degree? You don’t need one any longer, because… Society today is poised to have you fail in the long run of things. This is a long drawn out path that takes a slow and winding road to a life time of someone else calling the shots for you. What you need is a skill to make money, now. Forget spending the next 40 more years working your ass off for a two day vacation each week!

What good is being wealthy at age ninety? That’s what the government has us believing in, still. Today we have opportunities we never had before. But they don’t teach these in school. Read the #1 Review where thousands have already joined and changed their lifestyle to become their own boss while working from a laptop.Wealthy Affiliate. Forget college where you are locked into slavery for a half your younger life.


Having a College Degree After 40?

How limited are your choices going to be when you enter the work force, after college? 60 percent of college students cannot find work in their field after graduation.

So listen to what Steve Jobs said about college. Steve Jobs: “You need to follow your heart and intuition, and dropping out of college was the best thing I ever did.” But people will sell you on tradition, condition and hype. Mainly because they are on the internet promoting online college course, or even Harvard, or an ivy league university. 

Steve Jobs was one in very few people who was successful, they said? Of course we don’t hear about the millions that are successful everyday now do we. Only the ones who go public and have a need to. We do not hear from the creators behind the millions of products in the world. They are successful without the need to be heard from each day. In fact I am this type and if you read about me here you will see I changed many things in life which were holding me down.


over 40 no college education
How I kicked the Clock Habit. Tick-Tock

 College is Old School News & Now Bad News


“Your chances at survival are better going to college and getting a degree. “ This is a quote from someone chiming in to a question years ago. I found out later they went to college and are doing okay, but still working for someone else. But you see he says, “survival.” We don’t merely want to survive in life! HELLO! We want to live! It’s the very reason I am helping others change their future! My friend makes $1,600 per week blogging and all he did was join this program which taught him how in 3 weeks! Go Here Now & Read How!

Society has basically created a design to train us all to work for someone or some company needing workers. And this system was put into place years ago to help serve the economy. Mainly the people who had money. Without trained workers industrialist could not meet their status quo or expect to bring quality products to consumers on time. They built the school system to train us in order to have their business run smoothly.

You will also find the work force is made up of many younger workers. However, not a bad thing, just not good for us older people who are trying to find work.  They only hire younger grads now because of their youth. How as a company could you keep the expected work load  if your workers were 50 and 60 year old’s needing medical attention most the time. We all know we suffer from way more ailments and problems with health at later age. If I presently needed workers myself I would hire between the ages of 25 and 35.  So if I required you to have a college education and you did get one. Guess what? You would not be a contender, so you would lose out on millions of jobs starting out!


Listen to College Drop-Outs Speak Out


Listen to those that have beat the educational system even after failing dropping out of college. And, there are thousands of millionaires who have created plenty of success regardless of whether they went to college or dropped out. There are programs and products you can sell online each day and bundles of opportunities just by learning the skills of advertising online. Check this out.

 Read the Article

You see, making money has very little to do with college or learning algebra. How to make money is taught outside of schools, through seminars, groups, programs, online training, through guest speakers and others who will hand over the principles which worked and made them successful for a fraction of the cost of a college degree. This information is even now free on the internet. But, don’t waste precious time trying to find it all for free. It’s worth paying for to get the quick tips to success today. It’s all under one roof below, by clicking the Make Money image…

Over 40 no college degree
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Whether you are in college, taking college courses, or wanting to…when you get done with that…hang the diploma on the wall and get on the internet and find out how to create your wealth! Unless you just want to work for someone the rest of your life in an unstable environment and hope your job lasts till you retire.

Of course, where will you be later, if you do not have the money you need to retire? It will cost double or triple what you would expect now.You possibly won’t find a job out there with a degree in this economy anyway. Unless you are lucky. And you will be stuck working for someone just to make ends meet.



So, while you are doing that…get online and check out the opportunities here I’ve given you today. Several hundred ways to make money online. Several hundred ways to build a business and create wealth while you are going to school, or if you decide not to. Either way Internet Marketing Works! I have joined two programs that are cranking out thousands of new business owners every month, right here on this very page you can sign up too. Many are successful within 90 days! For the most part it takes a little longer, depending on how many hours you have to work on the internet. Also where your mind is. Are you willing to invest college money for real fortune and fame? Or are you conditioned to follow the masses and just get by each day? You have to decide this for yourself. 


Find a Working Money System


Do you even know what Internet Marketing is? Or Affiliate Marketing? OMG. If you don’t then please search these! Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to get online now and make money! it’s the best opportunity in human history.Everyone is doing this and most everyone is successful. They do dozens of different things in this area to make money. It’s not just one thing, that everyone is doing. The internet is Vast! And can accommodate a trillion more entrepreneurs, over the next 30 years!

You can start off just making a few extra dollars to spend on bills…or you can launch your own business and products! It is an incredible opportunity today and takes advantage of being able to get YOUR message out to millions. Unlike advertising from a brick and mortar business in a single location.

If you are over 40 with no college degree there is hope for you! There are thousands of programs that can get you started part time if you wish. Just be ware. Many people are taking advantage of the marketing rush and actually scamming many. You will need to get into the right place. Get the training you need. Because, without it you are going to be all over the place and fail to make very much money. Learn, as if you are in college!


over 40 no college degree
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Research and find something that you like doing!  I can even teach you how to build a list and send traffic to your product page. Or even tell you how to promote yourself and make huge monthly revenue providing people with legit answers and opportunities which will help them succeed! You need to find a problem others are having and give them a solution.

There are over 2 Billion people searching the internet daily for products and services you could be a part of. Heck, you could even create your own products to sell as many do each day. Sure there is lots of details and work involved in creating a product. 

 If you need money to live on now, sell other products already on the internet starting out. Its called Affiliate Marketing and it’s the easiest way to make money in the world! I found out about it and quit a $45,000 dollar a year truck driving job, in order to become my own boss. Even single I have limitless luxuries today and spare time to enjoy a life I never had before. So I quit a decent paying job, called myself retired at 56, and started working from home to build my business.


Here I am on the Fast Track of Success – (college drop out)

over 40 no college needed see picture
Here at my part time desk


Colleges are Waiting to Take Your Money!

Get away from history that does not work. Join me in my wealth building and success. I even mentor my new members for free. My time is valuable so do not take advantage of this. I am not here to give you your success but show you the road you need to be on. You will have to do the learning just like in college.

What Condition are You in?

We are conditioned from birth to work for others. Today it is time to break away from these old habits and thoughts. 


Draw a line in the sand and quit following the masses. Once you decide to become your own boss…You will have the opportunities you’ve never imagined in order to become wealthy beyond your current dreams of wealth. Pick up many skills along the way and then turn these into profits. Learn your niche market better than others have, and promote this knowledge to help others. I insist you step out of your comfort zone if you want to create wealth and abundance.

Please contact me below with any questions. I have helped many students start creating their own world of success, just by having them stop by and talk with me one on one. If you are seeking to be successful and position yourself being your own boss, follow the steps above and be prepared to have your whole life change in the next 90 days!


Conclusion to No College Needed

You are running out of time the longer you stay in a the mind-set you are in. Take action! Don’t put off learning new things… And don’t stop and give up. The world has changed and big corporations no longer meet the needs of workers today. Check out My Wealthy Affiliate Review to see if it is a good fit for you. It matters not that you are over 40, 50 or 60 with no college degree. You can create multiple streams of income at 85!. No more failure from being conditioned as we are. Take my challenge today. Become a part of the vast internet market and take advantage of creating yourself a new and wonderful life by working from home.

Seriously… No College Degree is not a setback, but a plus!

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  1. Jen

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the information you gave. I’m curious to how you became successful in a short time frame? Did you invest or have to take computer classes? Did you go to college?

    I’m really curious about what you would suggest to younger generations about college, since you don’t think
    older people over 40 should go.


    • Rick

      Jen I didn’t become successful right away. I searched long and hard to find out what works online. I am self taught as far as computer goes. And I still need lots of learning still. But I know I can get through most anything if I put my mind to it and search for the answers long enough. Yes I did go to college, and I must say it wasted my time as even then I didn’t have a direction I wanted to go, nor did I know what I wanted to do. I suggest the younger generation listen to my article or read it, called Over 40 no College Degree. They will find that there are many opportunities online that make many millions successful. There are millions getting out of college each year without the direction or path they need to know what or how to succeed. They could have been working on this instead of spending time at college. All you have to do is develop a skill that brings in money for you and your family!

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