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Paid Cash Survey


Paid Cash Survey Online


Let me tell you right now why I’m here. It’s not to show you how to get paid cash for surveys online. I am giving you a list below of the best paying survey sites I’ve researched. But, I’m really here to help you break the habit of paid cash survey work! So that you stop spending your hours of clicking buttons for your nickels and dimes you earn each hour. Paid Cash Surveys, should be titled “Surveys that Sometimes Pay,” instead.

You definitely do not earn enough to enjoy life, as they do not provide real stable income. Read one last program review before you go.  My #1 Recommended Online Cash Making Program!

Cash Surveys should only use the word Cash or Paid, in them if you could really make CASH from them! I don’t know about you but I do not call spare change real cash! Many survey sites allow you to make fractions of pennies. And in my book pennies should never be called cash! That is basically third world standards to me and only if I were on the street and homeless would I ever attempt to earn enough through paid survey sites, for food. A order of fries, possibly! Then I would focus on real online work where I could start making a decent living.  


Paid Cash Survey

I’ve Researched Over 36 Survey Sites


And that is why I’m here talking with you now. I’ve researched over 36 different survey sites and I have written reviews on over a dozen of them of which I actually signed up for and tried myself. And if it you want the highest paying surveys, then I will give them to you.  But, if you are someone wanting to stick around and find a better road to earning money online, with little more effort, then let me help you with that as well.

Not sure where or when the hype started that it was so easy to make money online doing surveys, but I think it has to do with lazy people wanting to make money online by pushing and clicking on things, rather than having to think! And I’m sure Surveys are set up similar to gaming online. At least they appear to be more like playing a game. Who wouldn’t want to be able to earn money while playing games!

The problem with surveys is you can work yourself to death, spend hours and hours registering for products, ordering, getting referrals and even advertising just like others do online anyway, all while trying to earn the real money. The only difference is, you still have to think and work, somewhat, so why not earn a decent wage doing online marketing like everyone else? Have you not yet heard of Affiliate Marketing and how easy that is? Oh MY!

Are you doing surveys right now as we speak and earning $100,000 dollars per year? If so, than what I have is not for you. If not, then you are working very little and you are earning very little,  and probably working very little is what you want. Would you not be willing to work a little harder for a six figure income though?


Paid Cash Survey


Do You Earn $100,000 Dollar Per Year with Paid Surveys?


Tell me, if you were able to make $100,000 dollars per year starting tomorrow, would you be willing to work just a little harder, think a little more, and plan a few steps in advance?  Instead of aimlessly clicking on stuff that gives you tenths of pennies?

What I mean is are you willing to plan a few steps in advance, like create a website in 20 minutes, build content on it for two days, learn to generate traffic to your website over the next week, and then have people order and pay you for the product you are advertising? Even if it is someone else’s product? Would you be willing to work even a month with very little pay so that you could earn even more pay later without working at all? Free Cash?

My name is Rick Bell and if you’re still here you will want to know how I make so much more money while doing practically nothing. I help others get involved with this type of online work as well, so they can earn real cash online, too. No more nickels and dimes!

You can do the same thing as I do with a little extra work each day. And that is, make money each day earning recurring commissions. It means you no longer work for the money you now get, and each month you add to the balance so it becomes an even greater balance you get next month! The next thing you know you have thousands of dollars coming in every month and you are not even working for that money any longer! You have freed up your time to start making even more!


paid cash survey online

How to Earn Recurring Paid Cash


You see, you can do a little work and make a little money. But once you’ve made that money, you are going to have to keep doing more work to make even more money. And that is the problem with surveys, and many other types of online businesses. I’m here to show you how to really get ahead. So listen. If you want to change your earnings you first have to change what you are doing. You cannot make more by doing the same thing you are doing now. Stop Survey work! Did you read the number one review on working from home and earning real cash? Wealthy Affiliate.

In order to become successful like myself, you will first have to learn to do what I do. And you can start this first easy step by reading through the review about the program where I earn all my money each month every month. Even though I’m not doing any work to earn this money now. It flows in each month, even if you’re asleep or on vacation. So let me show you how you can do this as well.

Read the review for the program called Wealthy Affiliate. This program explains how you will be able to earn huge commissions by taking one step at a time. Just as easy as doing surveys, just follow the directions and start earning as if it were a survey site!


paid cash survey onlineList of 5 TopPaid Cash Survey Sites

Top 5 survey sites in the world in my opinion. Again, remember, some work for years to build up a bank of a few thousand dollars. If you can get away from doing surveys and follow me you can earn a few thousand each month.






Global Test Market






The list goes on and on and depending on how little work you want to do and how little pay you wish to receive, will determine just which survey program is for you. Remember the harder you work the more money you make. Even with surveys. When you are able to advertise professionlly to get more referrals, that is when you start making better money.


paid cash survey online


This type of work is called Affiliate Marketing basically. Offering up an advertisement for someone else’s survey and asking someone to join is the same thing I do, however I do not do surveys! I work from home and work when I wish and earn a full time income even while asleep I earn huge revenue!

Give it a college try. Step away from the chump-change you get doing surveys and the working hours on end for mere peanuts and join me as a legitamate entrepreneur! Start your new online business for real, now before you give up on life! You can even earn while you learn at Wealthy

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    • Rick

      Hi. I’m afraid that Paid Cash Survey is not my company. I’m merely a review writer and I do help people make money online. Did you see this? one of our students who is
      now earning over $6,500 dollars per month from a website! If you go to the Black Friday Post I have up for WA you can get in and learn how we do this kind of cash flow every month in just a few weeks!

      Piad surveys is not any money to consider and live on even. So don’t bother with that! I try to help people earn real money so they can have a quality life and go on vacations! just read the review for WA or scroll down when you are in review menu at top of site and click on Black Friday at Wealthy Affiliate! YOu will be glad you did. Hope this helps and you let me know when you are ready and I will personally give you my advise and tips I used to earn money online. Later!

  1. James

    You are so right Rick. Many people think they are going to get rich or even make ten dollars an hour! Doing surveys will not earn you enough to
    eat out once a week!

    I tried them myself and I don’t know what all the yelling is about, or why so many want to do this type of work! But I made pennies like you said.
    I’m going to sign up and look into the wealthy affiliate program you mention. I’m ready to try something to make real money like you



    • Rick

      Yep I just dont get why people are just wanting to answer personal questions all day for a few pennies! I’d rather make bank loads of money and do whatever else I had to do. Gee I wish they would tell me why they are so happy limiting themselves to poverty level incomes!

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